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Rush Limbaugh is not happy with the GOP’s rhetoric on the possibility of an impending shutdown.

On Thursday’s episode of his radio show, Limbaugh argued that after years of the GOP minority being blamed for intransigence and previous shutdowns, the GOP should be preparing to hang this possible shutdown around the neck of the Democrat Party.

In the case of this wall business, the only thing about it that bothers me folks, is the ‘government shutdown’ aspect. I want the Democrats shut down once and for all on this. I want them eating this. And I want all kinds of horrible-tasting stuff on it when they swallow it. I want this ‘government shutdown’ stuff rammed in every orifice of theirs whether you can see it or not. And I want them to eat it, I want them to chew it, and I want them to swallow it. And I don’t want them to ever regurgitate it.

I am so sick and tired of this. It is one of the biggest lies, one of the biggest misrepresentations, one of the biggest… tricks that the Republicans have ever fallen for..

The government never totaly shuts down. If it did no one would ever notice unless the media was out there whining about it.

Rush is right!

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