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Get off your “duff” people! Start getting involved with your Government, or there will be no Government. I speak mostly to the Liberal Democrats and their followers that have been disrupting the process since Donald Trump was elected.

President Trump is not a bad man. He may be somewhat gruff, and he may not be the polished Politician we are used to; but those polished Politicians are the ones that got us where we are today. And that, in my opinion, is not good.

For years, the Democratic Party has been slowly evolving into the monster that threatens our Republic today. This agenda has been fostered by many outside of our borders that are pushing for “one world order”. That is not what or who we are. We are a Democratic Republic with rights and freedoms as no other Country or Nation has. That is why so many try to come here. They are encouraged by the anti-Trump forces, as they (anti-Trumpers) know that President Trump is trying to make our Government, once again, “..for the people and by the people.. “; and thereby he will “drain the swamp”, and get the trash out of Washington, D.C., our Capital.
The Democratic Party has been anti-Black, and anti-religious for decades, and they have been hiding it well. But this past National Election, the one they thought they had “in the bag”, has been a smack in the face to them. They must have done something to the voting process that gave them such confidence. That is obvious by the tremendous response to the loss. How it worked out, I don’t know. And I won’t ask. Sometimes you have to get in the gutter with the rats, or fight fire with fire. If that’s what happened I will not complain or criticize.

But it appears that the anti-Trump folks (mostly Liberal Democrats) are using the lives of would-be Immigrants to further their cause. Promising these people the world if they just sneak over our border!

Well, this latest chicanery will not work. God help us if it does; and God help us if it gets violent. I trust the Administration, the Military, and the Border Patrol, to handle the situation as best as anyone can.

I also pray for the Local leaders in California that are not giving in to the Liberal factions out there. What a mess they are making of that once beautiful State.

Let us hope and pray also, that our State Government (New York) does not go that way. I believe those in Albany are trying; but I also believe there are those that are fighting them.

My friends, this is a time to pray; a time to get involved somehow; a time to save our Republic.

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