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“Killing a Kafir [a non-Muslim] who is fighting you is okay.  Killing a Kafir for any reason—you can say—it is okay, even if there is no reason for it.  You can poison, ambush, and kill non-believers.  You must have [sic] a stand with your heart, with your tongue, with your money, with your hand, with your sword, with your Kalashnikov.  Don’t ask shall I do this, just do it!”  —Abu Hamza al-Masri, Ex-Imam of Finsbury Park Mosque, London

“I asked [Ali], ‘What is on this paper?’  He replied, ‘The legal regulations of Diya [blood-money] and the [ransom for] releasing of the captives, and the judgment that no Muslim should be killed in Qisas [equal punishment] for killing a Kafir [an unbeliever].’”  —Sahih Bukhari: 83:50

Dhimmitude: Christians & Jews under Islam

Dhimmi is an Arab-Muslim word for a Christian or Jew surrendering to Sharia Law, under the dominion of Islam.  (Only Christians and Jews, as People of the Book, can be Dhimmis; all other Kafirs—non-Muslims—must convert or die.)  Dhimmitude is considered a pre-Islamic state of being, so Dhimmis are considered semi-slaves—slaves without owners, having no legal rights, who may be killed at the caprice of any Muslim.  Self-defense against a Muslim is punishable by death.  Despite being allowed to keep their Judeo-Christian beliefs, Dhimmis must never pronounce those beliefs publicly or teach them to others, even their children; nor are Dhimmis allowed to speak about Islam.  Dhimmis may not use sidewalks or Muslim-exclusive facilities, and Dhimmis must live in the worst housing available in the worst areas of town.  Dhimmis may not ring bells or repair churches or temples.  Dhimmis must clearly mark themselves, in order to invite Muslim bullying, which is encouraged by Muslim authorities to incentivize conversion to Islam.  For example, Christians may be required to sport special rope-belts and haircuts with an uneven cut to the bangs, while Jews may be required to wear yellow patches on the fronts and backs of their garments, to ensure identification while coming or going.  (Indeed, it was the Mufti of Jerusalem, given sanctuary by Hitler, who suggested Hitler use yellow Stars of David to mark Jews.)

The Clinton Plan: Enabling the Sharia

Since Hillary Clinton plans to bring fundamentalist Muslims by the millions to America (she admits to wanting at least 5.5 million), the effect size of her immigration policy would prove catastrophic.  Dhimmitude, under a Sharia-compliant Clinton Administration, would change American life dramatically.

The significant change in the size of the Muslim vote sponsored by a Clinton Administration would make the Islamic community the swing-vote that every politician would have to have to court.  This would incentivize politicians to comply with Sharia Law to get elected.  And slowly, but surely, the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution—all of them antithetical to Islam—would be entirely replaced by the Sharia; equal protection for women, gays, and non-Muslims would be a thing of the past.

Because Clinton promises to bring millions of doctrinaire Muslims, she already bows to the Sharia.  Clinton is a Dhimmi who is submitting to Islamic supremacism, which means she is anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-self-defense rights (for non-Muslims), and anti-children’s rights (since, under the Sharia, sex with nine-year-olds is allowed, as is murdering one’s own children to save face).

Still Free, My Day Begins

Currently, I am not a Dhimmi, and America is free from being governed by the overweening institution of Sharia-based principles.  I am still at liberty to live a happy life.  But the Sharia, if it were ever to take root here, would change my life and the lives of all my countrymen forever, and it would be nothing less than horrible.

I awoke one weekend morning, without being imposed upon by having to hear the Muslim Call to Prayer on a public loudspeaker.  Nor did I hear it four more times that day.  I put on my favorite tee-shirt, bearing the picture of an unveiled, long-legged woman, baring legs and arms, sitting in a martini glass.  But under the Sharia, this kind of whimsical fun is verboten.  Artwork depicting people is prohibited.  The woman on the shirt does not cover her entire body.  And alcohol is banned under Islam, so the martini glass would probably insult Muslims.

Under the Sharia, I would have to dress according to the fatwas—or religious rulings—of the local mufti—a Muslim cleric learned in Islamic Law.  (Jews would likely have to wear Stars of David front and back, while Christians would shave a patch of hair back from the hairline and wear a rope belt.)  I would groom myself right-to-left, as Muhammad did, don my shirt right-sleeve-first, my pants right-leg-first, and my socks and shoes right-to-left as well.

Leaving My Apartment

Leaving my apartment was effortless, since the door can be locked, and I am not forbidden to fix it if it falls into disrepair.  I went by car to brunch, since I am not banned from driving.  After parking, I was able to walk safely to a diner, since I am not banned from using sidewalks.  Thus, I was able to avoid walking in the mud after the recent rainfall, and I was likewise able to avoid being pushed into the mud or physically accosted by a Muslim enforcing a sidewalk ban for Kafirs.


At brunch, I ordered food that I like.  Without respecting Muslim rules of halal, I could order bacon and a mimosa to go with my eggs.  Also, I was not compelled to eat with my right hand only.  And I was free to say a non-Islamic blessing over the food, which would incite violence in the apartheid world of Islam.

Musical Entertainment

I attended a performance of South Pacific, feeling grateful that I am free to enjoy a musical that is banned by the Sharia.  Islam only allows approved religious music that is performed by a man.  The costumes in the play allowed the women to bare their arms and legs and to go unveiled.  And the play was about accepting human differences, which is problematic in the supremacist world of Islam that teaches mandatory discrimination against Kafirs.

Going to the Restroom

After the play, I was able to use the restroom, according to my own custom, rather than following the dictates of Muhammad, which—since there is no expectation of privacy under the Sharia—would have meant following rules: 1) urinate sitting down, making sure one’s rear is not facing Mecca; 2) after defecating, begin cleaning by wiping three times (front-to-back on the right side, front-to-back on the left, and front-to-back touching the anus and both sides at the same time), then continue wiping until clean, ending on an odd-numbered stroke; 3) utilize only the left hand (since the right hand is for eating).

The Market

I shopped for groceries where I wanted and bought the beer, wine, and meat products I desired.  Under the Sharia, I would have had to shop at inferior markets subject to food shortages and a lack of freshness in whatever could be found.

Arriving Home

Arriving home, I experienced no worries that traveling Muslims might demand I put them up for the night and feed them without compensation.  I was not concerned that accidentally offending a Muslim guest might cause me to lose my job.  And, further, I did not worry that an offended Muslim might overturn furniture or shatter plates and glasses, and that I would have to endure it without complaint.  Because America offers equal protection to all, I do not worry about the unpleasantness, at present, of an apartheid legal system of Muslim supremacy that encourages mistreatment of non-Muslims.


I discovered my uncashed paycheck in my pocket, while changing into my pajamas.  What was not listed on the paystub was withholding for the jizya tax, Islam’s 50% tax on Dhimmis that would immediately reduce my pay to half that of a Muslim doing the same work.  I made a note to deposit the check on Monday, and I will be allowed to make that deposit into an unsegregated bank account, the same as anyone else.

Life under Islamic Apartheid

What is written about Sharia apartheid in this article is not exhaustive in scope, but merely a taste of the considerations about how life for non-Muslims would be unfavorably impacted, if Islam were ever to hold sway in America.  With the election of a Muslim mayor in London, ads featuring pretty, unveiled women are disappearing; and there is a movement to ban dogs in public, according to the Sharia.

Life can never improve for Dhimmis under Islam.  Things can only worsen, for Muslims will always feel offended by non-Muslims, since Allah has told Muslims that Kafirs rejoice whenever misfortune befalls any Muslim.  In Koran 3:120, the following is written about Kafirs: “If good befalls you, it grieves them, and if an evil afflicts you, they rejoice at it.”

Dr. Paul Revere


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