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Today is a potpourri day. I have so many thoughts running through my mind, and I just want to share them with you.

First off, I thank Dolly Parton for admonishing Elizabeth Warren for using her song without permission. Warren seems to jump on everybody’s bandwagon without permission. The Native Americans were quick to shake her off their shoulders, and now I would suggest she not “mess with Dolly”.

I expect next she will claim African American blood. After all, she has mostly white faces in her rallies, so she may try that to attract the Black community.

This “Beto” character from Texas is a masquerade parade in progress. Another Obama. He has done nothing during his time in Congress; has done less for his constituents at home and wouldn’t be able to speak if you tied his hands behind his back; and when he does speak, he doesn’t say much that the average American is interested in. It appears to me he ‘has much to say about nothing’.

Then we have that “foul-mouthed” person from Michigan. Her rages remind me of a Professional Football Line Tackler yelling to motivate his team. She seems to care more about bad-mouthing our President than accommodating her constituents.

And her co-Hort from Minnesota who tries to speak with an intelligent rant about things she hasn’t had the life to experience seems to portray a High School cheerleader complaining because her team lost to the #1 guys in the County. Too bad she can’t accept that her team is on the bottom of the rankings.

Now, I can only laugh about the “Spartacus” guy from New Jersey. He is uncomfortable, it appears, in doing what his ‘handlers’ tell him. And then he stumbles through trying to incorporate his own thoughts. My main laugh is about the purported “arranged” marriage that has hit the Media reports. What in the World is this? Of course, needing an arrangement to Marry does not surprise me, but what is so important to this young man that he needs a wife at his side.

Kamala Harris of California is like a Mexican Jumping Bean on a Trampoline. Each day seems to bring a new incident from her past Political endeavors. Perhaps the Media should stick to just one. They bury so much with each new story. Either way, she is just another lying Liberal mouth from California, with no true set of policies.

Bernie Sanders; now there is a discussion in progress. Many times, I like Bernie, but many times I chuckle watching him. An old-time New Yorker, trying to impress the voters that he is a tried and true Vermont Liberal. But don’t remind him he took a powder from the last Presidential race at the urging of Hillary Clinton. I wonder if that new third vacation home was an unwelcome public disclosure or just a coincidence. Sometimes Bernie makes sense, and sometimes I think he needs a new calculator. As a professional, long time Politician, he doesn’t seem to have a grasp on the true Economics of this very large complicated Nation,.

Vice President Joe Biden is a day late and a dollar short. His time has passed, and his views are so wide-spread I can’t honestly follow his thinking. I don’t think he himself can at times.

It’s impossible for me to cover all the Democratic candidates at this time, so I will wrap up today with a few words on “Grandma + Grandpa” Liberal Democrats. Of course, I speak of “Chuckie and Nancy”, also known as Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, respectfully. These two have made their presence known around the Halls of Congress for so long they have lost their punch. (maybe some of their marbles too). They change their belief’s so often they remind me of a color-blind Chameleon. Most of the Democratic House does not seem to care what they are saying, and the new ‘young-uns’ are rebelling like a horde of teenagers just informed they must remove all earrings, tattoos, and dungarees with knee holes.

The Republican share of our Government has its own idiosyncratic problems. However, I can relate more to them, as I believe that Capitalism is, so far, the best we can handle for now. My main complaint is that the system brings out the worse in Humankind; that being greed and selfishness. But then, is that not a Universal trait around the World? Perhaps we should all step back and take stock of ourselves.

Our Constitutional Republic is one terrific Governmental system that seems to hold true to the values and principals we all hold dear. We just have to get ourselves under control.

Put aside the insecurities that push us to the divisions and the rampant public violence that we are witnessing on our Campus’s and streets today. It may be past time for all to grow up, show the maturity and wisdom of our Founders, and push forward for the true and great World we can make. A World of individual Nations, working together, without self-interest and greed.

And let us maintain the ability to defend ourselves from those who, through their jealousy and inability to improve themselves, due to laziness and impatience, would try to harm us and destroy our Nation and others; and thereby step in and reap the rewards that we have worked so hard to achieve.
God Bless America and all who defend and enjoy her Freedoms & Liberties.

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