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False allegations based on the false premise that Russia altered the election for president is the driving force behind Obama Democrat’s attacks on Trump.

Following accusations by Obama operatives in Congress that Sessions spoke with Russians during the campaign Trump’s attorney general recused himself from the congressional investigation into Russia election tampering.  Once again a Trump administration official, who is being attacked on the basis of the false premise that Russia changed the outcome of the presidential election, chose the wrong response.  Letting Democrats set the narrative on the basis of a lie that even Barack Obama called false is a stupid way to do business.  This is playing right into the hands of the Left that wants to prevent Trump from making any progress to undo the damage they have done to America.  When Republicans play the Democrat’s games like this it’s like looking into the eyes of Medusa.

Deconstructing the Fake News Attack on Attorney General Sessions

Democrats calling for Sessions to step down or be impeached are bluffing in their effort to collect another head to mount on their wall as a trophy of their progress in isolating and taking down Trump.  The AG should not be submitting to their will, but counterattack them for the liars and hypocrites they are and take no prisoners.  Democrats are making it a crime for any Republican to have talked to any Russians that they decide to make an enemy of the people.  They were all thrilled when Obama made deals with Iran before being elected in 2008, and the result of that deal is that Iran now has the money and fissionable material with which to make their nuclear weapons.  As Obama works from his home in Washington setting up these media frauds as well as instigating riots, no one in the Trump administration is acting on investigations of Obama, Hillary, Schumer, and all the rest of the Democrats who continue to work with Islamists and Mexicans to bring terrorists, drugs, and illegals into our country.

If every Senator that met with Russians was fired there’d be no one in Congress

Mexican president vows to keep flooding USA with leeches, criminals, and drugs

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