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Everyone expected the Attorney General Jeff Sessions was going to be all action when the Trump Administration stepped into the White House, well surprise, surprise, Jeff Session is not only no action, but he is Missing In Action.  Barely in the seat long enough to warm it up, Sessions recused himself in the so-called Russian Collusion Probe, turning the job over to Assistant Director Rod Rosenstein.  This wasn’t a recusal, as much as it was an abdication as well as a duck and cover.

This makes one wonder if this was planned or someone got to sessions, maybe this was the safety net the insiders of the Dept. of Justice and the F.B.I. needed to protect themselves in their effort to sink Trump.  Rod Rosenstein is the ultimate fox in the Hen House considering his involvement in setting up some of the FISA Court investigations into the fictional Russia collusion case and in creating the so-called special prosecutor or should we say special persecutor who is trying to manufacture a crime.

Jeff Sessions was the key to draining the swamp, with this man of so much advertised integrity hiding, it is assured that the swamp has nothing to worry about.  Sessions has all but guaranteed that the denizens of the swamp are still a protected species.

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