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On Hillary:

It only takes a few fools or corrupt people to destroy something good. Hillary Clinton is close to the top of the list, but look at all government employees. We are dealing with levels of security clearance to private dealing of individuals.

Is there a difference between a government and private server getting hacked. or the information just being sent out?  The information that  Hillary originates will not be marked classified or confidential she makes the determination. How do you check to see if there are any ties with the Clinton Foundation? What was the security clearance of all the people of her personal staff?

At the size of  all the congressional staffs and committees. are there two or three that will leak information? All people who have access to security and private information should keep their mouths shut unless it has dangerous implications for the country. If I a common citizen know it  a terrorist will know it. The impact of the President, cabinet member, congressman is greater the main street America.

On Congres:

Congress needs to know the details of all legislation in hopes of making good laws. Laws be executive order should be at a minimum. After the President is over rule by the Supreme Court, all similar laws should be defunded.  Is there a difference between an illegal and a refugee committing  a crime or spreading TB?


Auditors and inspector generals as much as they can be a pain in the backside, congress should listen to them.  There are the people who might find the targeting of certain groups. They are the ones to see if the outcome of the law is meeting its purpose and just find errors.

On the Supreme Court:

To me the Supreme  Court had the wrong perspective on over ruling Texas on abortion. They chose convenience over  safety. In another situation an outpatient service did not have the needed medical equipment for an unexpected  emergency. The life of the woman can now be more in danger.

On Law Enforcement and Security:

All law enforcement should be involved in security.  Gun free zones are death zones. No guns does not prevent a hostage crisis.  I don’t plan on committing a crime, but I live in an area where conceal carry could be common. These are both men and women who hunt and are marksman. Some say one should prove need. Going to church, into a restaurant or a bar is not dangerous?  People in congress should be under the same rules for weapons, they should have no more right to security then the common person.

What are the guides in surveillance, probable cause, due process.? Expect little privacy. It is what is done with the information that is of importance . What one hears is confidential unless  an immediate threat is made concerning life or property. Otherwise no short cuts for search warrants.

Most crimes are bad, but those in the upper levels of government have the highest impact. Crimes at this level will at least affect the pocket book i  higher cost. It is a crime to hide the facts just to protect ones ideology.


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