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Most every child at one time or another has had his feelings hurt,  This last sentence probably was offensive to some little girl who noticed I said his instead of her.

This concrete observation was at one time explained as convention to use one pronoun to include both genders.  Then this explanation got lost because a loud noise was made ( as distinguished from a sound argument ) giving weight to a child’s cry on intolerance to the adult’s explanation of why we use one gender ( for economy ) and when this convention is known and understood it is not a slight of anyone.  I am offended that this convention has been dropped and my feelings have been hurt but since I don’t get enough press, I suffer.

Many people are very sensitive about their religious beliefs and respond vehemently to accusations that they are un-Christian or un-Muslim or un-Whatever.  They consider a criticism to be an act of intolerance.  Why if you criticized them as being intolerant they might excommunicate you, blow you up or simply shun you.  This to me is offensive behavior but since I am in the minority of one I am discriminated against and I suffer.

Being sensitive is being aware of another’s feelings .  But what if the other’s feelings are misguided, mistaken or just plain outright wrong?  Let’s take an example.  A criminal may feel he is entitled to something that he doesn’t own ( which is usually the case ) and rob a house of it’s contents.  Should we be sensitive to his evil feelings or should they be considered inappropriate and irrelevant to the actions he has taken?  I feel he should be punished for his bad behavior, but I take a very intolerant view of criminality and since that isn’t politically correct, I suffer.

If I put up a picture in an art gallery and that picture was ugly and several critics ( what in a world of sensitivity are we doing with critics? ) denounced it as ugly would that not be insensitive and downright intolerant?  Would I be justified in organizing a mob of sympathizers to riot and chant the indignity I had experienced?  Not as an individual but were I a group it might work.  Meanwhile I suffer.

And suppose I were a woman and because I couldn’t be hired as a Chippendale dancer should I not cry discrimination?  What have they got that I don’t?  Where is this world of equality promised by the egalitarians?  I thought about applying to Hooters just to prove a point ( no pun intended ) but being only a small fish in a big swamp I voted against it.  I’ll just suffer.

Meanwhile nations of the world via their political “leadership” band together to protect human rights and include violators in their membership.  Is this not intolerant ?  Not in the evading world we live in where threats by nations are responded to with attempts to mollify their temper tantrums with that soothing cream of foreign bribes ( oops that should have been called aid – less offensive.)  Soldiers from my country are sent to win a war and instead they are painting houses, distributing food and doing what I thought was the job of the Peace Corps.  Where is our War Corps?  Isn’t that what we need to shape up the enemy?  They want to kill us and we should be sensitive to the killers after we capture them?  I am very insensitive when it comes to punishing  our soldiers for “mistreating” prisoners who if released would go right back to killing / beheading.  They’re lucky we tolerate them as prisoners at all.  Meanwhile I watch this injustice with shame for our apologetic attitude and , you guessed it , I suffer.

Political  correctness, like social justice, contains an unnecessary modifier.  To be correct you don’t need politics to enter in.  And to be just you don’t need a social perspective.  For if these concepts can’t stand on their own without modifying their meaning , what happens to justice and correctness?  This is insensitive to those of us who are more concerned with justice and correctness than some convoluted juxtaposition of their meaning corrupted by undefined adjectives. The suffering I endure over this matter alone would fill a pot hole in Fort Smith.

Speaking of politics, what about the feelings of the wealthy who are lambasted daily by rich Senators and Congressmen ( and women) for receiving money back from a Congress that treats every dollar it gets with the respect a dog gives a fire hydrant.  I really feel insensitive toward hypocrites who promise fiscal responsibility and deliver more pork than a nymphomaniac sow.  But does my sensitivity get any recognition?  Not on your p.c. life.  I suffer.

And finally we must at least mention the sensitivity of the animal kingdom.  I have a hunting dog that is daily bemoaning the mistreatment of his brethren in the United King-dumb where foxes can enjoy their life undisturbed, but fox hounds have to daily restrain their natural impulse to chase the little red vixens.  My sensitivity for the  fox hound is ignored in the country where they taught him to do what he does best ,whetted his appetite for the sport and then told him ( and maybe her ) to sit in the kennel and forget about his/her hopes and dreams.  At least the prisoners in Gitmo have dolts championing their cause.  I ,along with the fox hound, endure an insensitivity of feelings that needs the addressing of academia and Congress to get back on track with a sensitivity for what really matters and not some trumped up special interest group whining they are being picked on. What really matters, you ask?  How about being sensitive to truth?  Isn’t that worth a little suffering?

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