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All the illegals that are not committing illegal criminal acts to raise money will self deport.

Sound crazy to you? Of course it does!  But it can work if the congress wants.  Very simply pass a law that all employers must use E-Verify to screen their employees.  Expand E-Verify to include all Social Security Records.  If a person has deceased, their number needs to be retired for some period of time before it is re-issued.  If they are not old enough to work that number is flagged as well.  If they are retired, that number is flagged also.  If the employer uses contractors, the employer is responsible for ensuring that all the contract employees have been screened.

Now for the nuts and bolts… There at 1,000,000,000 possible social security numbers. A database of that size is relatively small compared to some of the databases out there.  The Social Security Administration already maintains that database any way.  Employers must have social security numbers for their employees.  If an employer is required to Verify the employees against that database and cannot employ someone who doesn’t pass the verification then illegals (who can’t pass the test or who have fake social security numbers, or are committing identity theft and fraud) will not be employed.  What will they do for living expenses?  Go home to where they came from!  If there are multiple entries for location of work (e.g. California and New York at the same time), then the employees are provided time to resolve the problem before they are no longer able to work.  If they are unlawfully terminated, then they can seek redress through the court system. The ones that cannot resolve the issue must be fired!  What will they do for living expenses?  Go back to whence they came.

Now what if the employer refuses to cooperate?   Or the employer hires illegal immigrants anyway?  Well the following penalties could apply… First offense: $1,000 fine for each illegal worker and being put on an automatic audit list at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for years to come.  Second offense:  $10,000 fine for each employee in the company including legal employees and audit every year as long as the company is in business and audit of each officer or principle in the company yearly for 10 years.  This would prevent them from just closing the company and re-emerging under another name.  Third offense:  Forfeiture of all company assets and the company is liquidated under the organized crime statutes and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) statutes.  Any person in a company convicted under any of these scenarios would be noted and any company they show up as a principle or employee of would be subject to immediate audits.

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Within the IRS, any company that does not certify compliance with E-Verify for every employee and/or if their deduction for employee salaries and wages is out of line with industry norms, the company must be audited and the deduction not allowed. This would add significant tax collections to the treasury annually.

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The way to remove the criminal element is for another time.

Any further thoughts?

Now, let me introduce myself. I am conservative, Eagle Scout, Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks (actually a Major University) with a degree in Economics and a retired Military Officer.  If you like my writing and ideas, look me up on my new facebook page. Or you can write me at [email protected]

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