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Does it seem to anyone that Donald Trump is fighting the same nemesis as during his run for president?  Lets take a look and see who they are:

MAIN STREAM MEDIA – they’re in DENIAL – Fear mongering is a great tool for them and the Democrats.  At every  turn they spew their hateful and strongly partisan venom.  Every time they mention Donald Trump it’s to point out some manner of, usually false, information.  The New York Times, et al.  they seem to relish in their lies.  Her belief was that they paid too much attention to Trump.

BARACK OBAMA – he’s in DENIAL- Gave a backhanded compliment to Trump and at the same time cast a negative remark.  Barack Obama is the first president while still in office campaigned for his party’s nominee. She says he didn’t do it more forcefully and frequently.  He wasted no time advising our allies what a Trump administration will do to their country’s relations with the US.  He seems to enjoy putting down our country.  All over Europe and the U.N. he points out what is wrong with America and who’s to blame.

HILLARY CLINTON – she’s in psychotic DENIAL –  She tries to blame others for her inadequacies, FBI director James Comey, the Media, president Obama, and her staff.  All she has to do is look in the mirror to see who was at fault.  It never crossed her mind that she was at fault.  All the scandals, money from foreign countries, giving Russia 20% interest in a uranium mine, and this is the big one, her constant Lies, her conceited and patronizing manner.  Giving press conferences made no sense to her since she was going to be president anyway.

DEMOCRATS – in total DENIAL – their belief that Trump would go down in flames at the inception of his run and Hillary will be a lock for the presidency.  She blamed them for not campaigning hard enough.

DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS – Hillary is still in DENIAL – blames them for the violent protests and criminal behavior.  Trump supporters must have beaten themselves, overturned cars and set them on fire, property damage to stores, overturned police cars, assaulting people, and much more.  Overwhelming evidence it was Clinton supporters that were the criminals doesn’t seem to matter.

Hillary Clinton relied too much on the media and became too confident.  All the polls showed her leading, unfortunately they were pro-Clinton pollsters.  When the debacle with the FBI’s probe into her illicit emails, she just brushed it off. When FBI director enumerated her criminal activities and said that ‘no criminal attorney’ would take the case.

Loretta Lynch, AG after meeting with Bill Clinton said she would take the advice of the FBI to prosecute or not.  It was not the FBI who was to determine that.  It was Loretta Lynch’s decision!  Comey was the sacrificial lamb.  He compounded this by re-opening her email scandal because of new emails.  It only took them just one day to pronounce there was nothing to investigate.

What amazes me is that 60 million people voted for her.  After all her wrongdoing they still wanted her to win because they hated Trump so much.  She wanted to flood our country with Muslims and dismantle the Bill of Rights.  The First amendment would go because free speech and freedom of religion had no place in our country.  The Second amendment would have to be totally destroyed.  As the saying goes, ‘the First amendment is there because of the Second’.  Rational people prevailed and voted for Trump.

Hillary couldn’t take the loss and neither her the paid rioters.  But our country is still as our Founding Fathers designed it.


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