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The Borders of the United States consist of 1,989 with Mexico, 5,525 with Canada, and over 95,000 miles of shoreline. To legally enter the USA, foreign nationals and commerce alike, must come through a Port of Entry and be inspected.   Foreign nationals and commerce must meet specific guidelines, regulations, and laws, to be admitted into the US and for the purpose stated. If not, the foreign nationals can either be refused admittance or deported if they violate the terms of admission, and the commerce can be seized and destroyed.

Unfortunately, our borders are exploited everyday, by foreign nationals and traffickers of illegal commerce. The numbers of illegal aliens continues to increase and are now at the point of inundation.   This is proven by the Department of Homeland Security reprioritizing which illegal aliens get deported and who doesn’t. Because of the vast numbers of illegal aliens, an illegal must commit and be convicted of a horrendous crime. Even aliens with outstanding Orders of Deportation are no longer pursued, unless they are a serious threat. This is where we are at with the Obama Administration.

But, you know this, right?   A great deal of discussion has arisen with the ever increasing epidemic of Heroin addiction and overdose, leading to thousands of deaths in America every year. Who is responsible?

Prior to Obama, from 2001 to 2008, the average number of Heroin deaths was about 2300 per year. In 2009, deaths went to 3,200, by 2014 deaths have more than tripled to over 10,000 per year. The other point that is notable, is during that same time frame, the Asian heroin supply market was replaced by the Mexican heroin supply line.   Up until 2010, heroin was generally from southeast Asia, Afghanistan in particular. However by 2014, the heroin market and production has completely been overtaken by the Mexican cartels. How? Our lax immigration enforcement laws, lax border security, and Sanctuary Cities, their enablers, all of which point directly to the Obama doctrine. Sanctuary cities have created safe zones from which foreign national drug traffickers can conduct business.

cdc-us-overdose-deaths-2014_jr-5So, how do the drugs get into the US…rather obvious answer, but let’s dig into it a bit. From Mexico, they have established pipelines, routes and methods…this is abundantly obvious from the saturation of heroin available throughout the USA and the dirt cheap prices. The Border Patrol discovers tunnels almost weekly, and usually by accident so it is not known how much illicit narcotics, illegal aliens or other nefarious commerce, have transited through these clandestine tunnels. Another method is right through a port of entry.   If the United States was to properly inspect each and every vehicle that crosses through our port of entries, Canada and Mexico would scream bloody murder because of the traffic tie ups and the “affront’ to our neighbors to dare to inspect vehicles entering our country. It has already happened..   So the US takes the posture to randomly select a vehicle to search, either with gamma ray or other detection methods. An agreement was signed years ago to fast track commercial vehicle inspections under an “honor” system. We are fools to subscribe to any ‘Honor” system, much like the “Visa Waiver”…they are routinely exploited.

Another common method of bringing narcotics and contraband into the US, is body carry through the remote regions of our borders.   Encounter 15 or so illegals, with 80 pound back packs full of narcotics is not uncommon.   Thing is, those are the ones that were caught…on average, for every illegal caught by the Border Patrol, 5 got away. But that is if they are aggressively working the border, unfortunately this is not the case. We have over 18,000 border patrol agents, but by design, the administration has encumbered their ability to be in the field with.   Prior to the inception of the Department of Homeland Security, an agent could completely process an alien with an Arrest Report, Charging Documents, Detention, and Bond paperwork, within an hour. Now, it takes nearly an entire shift. So for every agent tied up processing illegal aliens with the new regulations, is less protection for our border. If a shift gets a smuggling load of 10 or so aliens, there will be few if any agents left to protect our border.

In summation, there is endless supply of proof that our borders are not secure, immigration violations are not being enforced, and Americans are being killed everyday by the corruption of failed policies and political indifference.   This Presidential election will either make or break this country for generations to come. If our borders are not secured and if our government continues to look the other way on immigration violations, the Nation built by our Founding Fathers and the sacrifice of those who protect this country, will cease to exist.


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