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The International Banker

Kings and dictators, czars and presidents, shoguns and emperors, all of the “powerful” were engaged in the grand and glorious work of war, conquest, dominion and force. There was no time to think of gold, money or prosperity. There would be plenty of time to think of that when there is peace. So, while they were thinking of glory, they let others think of prosperity.

And that gave the private banker another window of opportunity. “Gee, war and conquest costs a lot. Governments have the riches of their nations in their power. They can charge taxes to collect any debt they incur. Why am I fiddling with private loans when governments have all of the population under their thumb?”

And so he started to lend to nations, and since he was accustomed to fiddling and playing, he started to finance wars. He carefully studied the financial situation of both sides to determine the maximum he could extract in a war that he started, developed, financed, collected and cashed. He decided how many should die and who should win.

And, he risked nothing. In each war, when he financed armaments, clothes, and all the other “goods for destruction” for both sides, he got guarantees from both sides that the winner would pay the loser’s loan.

The banker was a great observer and always had many ideas. When the community was at peace, he observed “Well if all the producers love to start from nothing, work all their lives, fail then start again, and are proud of their resilience, then I will give them an opportunity to do this many times just by raising and lowering the fraction on the reserve.”

With countries he observed “Well, since all the political and military powers, all these dictators, kings, czars and presidents like war so much that they are willing to risk their sovereignty and independence of their country for it, I’ll help them start wars so they can be entertained and I can gather the wealth from both sides.”

“They do what they like — war and glory — I do what I like — lend them money so that they can do what they like. Then I can take their riches afterwards. Both of us get what we want.” In the immortal words of Cheryl Crowe, ‘If it makes you happy, well it can’t be that bad. If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad.’


War is Good Business, For Me

“War entertains them, and it looks like they don’t care who they fight, as long as they are fighting. That has a few advantages for me. I can choose the countries that should fight to get the most gain for me and start the war. It’s pretty easy, actually. If they are predisposed to fight, they’ll fight for whatever internal or external cause.

External causes could be differences in “ideologies” or natural resources, or commerce or borders or territory or maritime resources. There are many ways, and the politicians can always find a cause for war when I show them the “financial benefits” and sweeten the deal with greed and money for their pockets.

And, if I can’t find a sufficiently belligerent cause outside the country, I can find or make it inside. There could be disparity in wealth — too many poor and a few rich. That always prepares the way for a ‘class struggle’.

I’d say internecine war, but to each his own ‘vision of glory.’ Maybe the country even has a central national bank I can acquire. I don’t care, as long as I lend to both sides and both sides pay. I can make sure that happens in the loan agreement saying ‘The winner must pay the losers debts.'”

Now things are “better”

Yesssss. Now the banker no longer has to risk even 1%. (Well, did you think anything would get better for the debtor? No. That’s a Hell No. The private central banker has NO incentive to better the debtor’s life. The ONLY incentive the system provides is more windows of opportunity to squeeze more values out of more people.)

Nowadays they just create money as they create the loan. The debtors down payment is the reserve used to buy the whole asset and the mortgage payments are income for me. And for countries, we make each person an asset. “Every citizen is given a number (the red number on the Birth Certificate) and each live birth is valued at from 650,000 to 750,000 Federal Reserve dollars in collateral from the Fed.” (

Each birth certificate makes an indentured servant for the Fed. The money is created by the debt. Bankers call it “primacy of debt”. The idea is to have enough fractional reserve in the the whole banking system so that they can “prove” that they can circulate the quantity of money to cover it. And that process is carefully monitored and improved to insure that some instruments and loans can use very small fractions in their fractional reserve).

Short term instruments, like checkbooks, have much larger reserves than long term debt like cds or bonds. Checkbooks may have a 10% fraction in their fractional reserves, but long term bonds may have less than 1%. So, that means that if they buy bonds, they can increase the money they create with that monetary base by 100 times or more, but if they sell bonds, they can reduce the money in circulation by the amount for which bonds are sold times 100 or more.(Buying bonds reduces the bonds in circulation and increases the money. Selling bonds increases the bonds in circulation and reduces the money.)


“Primacy of debt”

“Primacy of debt” means that Until the loan is made, the money does not even exist. When you put a mortgage on your house, compromise a friend to cosign your note, or sell your firstborn son to indentured slavery to receive the loan, you received money that the bank emitted with your loan as “primacy of debt”. In other words, your loan created the money you got from your banker. It was easier for the banker to make the money than a counterfeiter. He didn’t even have to dirty his hands on messy presses.

The Federal Reserve Bank, the World’s Largest, Privately Owned Central Bank

Look at your dollar. It doesn’t say legal tender or have a government signature. It says Federal Reserve NOTE. The Federal Reserve, private bank, lent us the money. Do you know that the constitution says that only the US Government has the right to issue money? You really should look up the history (including all the wars and murders) of how private central banking came about in the US. Fascinating history.

If the US Government doesn’t authorize every dollar (if there is a private central bank that emits money and the reserve is less than 100%), the money is based on air and whim, on the confidence we have in our bank and banking system. Now the money is not even backed by 10% of value, or even 0% of law.

However, each loan you take out will be backed to the penny of the “stated value” by your mortgages, liens, guarantees, guarantors, and promises to pay which far exceed 100% of real value for the loan you get. And it makes banks useless as financial advisors because of the conflict of interest. Clients must turn in their property to the lender if they default on the mortgage.

Anyone who has the power to emit money based on fractional reserves or with “primacy of debt” can conspire with others to raise the fraction to reduce the quantity of money, the quantity of business, the quantity of work and the quantity of prosperity by means of a 3 word memorandum — “Raise Reserves 5%”

If they lower the fractional reserve rate they can advertise their “generosity” by easing credit restrictions, so that businesses can again get loans to buy, manufacture, distribute and employ. In all this process, the prosperity and real values created by the industrialists, commerce and industry is completely controlled by the private bankers.

For bankers, producers are the seed, their effort is the growth and their wealth is the crop to be harvested. They give us water and fertilizer when they reduce the reserve and want us to grow. Then when they feel we are big enough to harvest, they raise the reserve and harvest our wealth, by calling the loans, getting the deeds we mortgaged, collecting the chattel we let them lien — and this is true for us individually, for our neighborhood, for our community, for our state, for our country and for our world.

We should really consider taking our world back.


The Concert of the Money Accordion

We dance to the banker’s accordion like a monkey to the grind of the organ grinder. We work our ass off to become wealthy when the accordion is filled with air as the fraction of the reserve gets smaller, just so that the banker can harvest our wealth and we can be poor again, just as soon as he raises the fraction in the fractional reserve.

Without his loans made mostly of air, we don’t have the money to produce, manufacture, construct or employ. After the banker has received enough deeds and property and caused enough misery to fulfill his most sadistic desires, then he will fill up the money accordion with air once again, creating “prosperity” and letting him unload the values we worked so hard to earn just so the banker can sell these at top prices. It’s the cacophonous symphony called “the business cycle.”

It ain’t up to you. It’s their song, their accordion, their power to make you dance their tune. Power over the lives of more people than the most totalitarian government or the world’s biggest business.

To Summarize: A Bankers “Thoughts”

A banker risks nothing, puts a stated value on that nothing, calls that nothing money then lends it for liens on real property, goods and services in excess of the “face value” lent.

The quantity of that nothing is backed up by a fractional reserve system which has no basis in law, ethics, logic or value. If you’re the banker, you can raise the fraction whenever you want, and when you do, business owners have to cut supplies, layoff employees and liquidate inventory at a loss to pay you off. After the banker cuts the rails, he watches the train wreck like a scripted movie. In the worse case (for debtors) businesses will give the bankers their factories, stores and shops. They steal the effort of producers lives with the “magic” of fractional reserves. All because bankers have the “legal right” to call loans, and raise interest rates. Even though the money they lend is made of — nothing.

Now you know how bankers think. I warned you, you may not like it. If you work in a bank and thought you were going to debunk me, tough. What I say isn’t based on power, prestige or money — that’s their thing, not mine. I’m asking you to prove, or disprove what I say. And, if you have, you, too, are probably pissed for the time you wasted buying into the bullshit that you can fulfill your dreams with borrowed money instead of exchanging values.

You, also probably risked real values by borrowing while they risked nothing. If you work in a bank and are not the owner, you probably didn’t even know you were party to the practice. If you are the owner of a small independent bank and you thought you were doing a community service, don’t despair.


What They’ve Done to Ruin Us Can Be Used to Save Us

What’s broke about the monetary system is that it’s debt based, uses fractional reserves and that it’s privately owned. , has another section, a sound monetary plan to fix the problem. I will continue to post so that you can see the contents here, but if you are in a hurry, go to . The international bankers may make you feel feckless right now, but read on, they have actually solved the problem for us, if we do what they do and not what they say. The solution is a sound, legal, simple, honest monetary plan that brings lasting prosperity to all. And the government can begin to implement it now.


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