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No topic raises more controversy than the ones directed at the Second Amendment. Some is negative and some is favorable. But, why the controversy? The fact that everyday common folk can if they desire own firearms to defend themselves and or provide wild game to their families is a tradition that spans the ages. Every person desires protection whether that is from a locked door or a firearm on the premise. Everyone desires to provide for their family or extended family. The number one problem is to confuse the intent of the second amendment as an amendment that specifically protects ones ability to hunt. In fact the Second Amendment was not really intended for that purpose. Most folks do not know that when Paul Revere made his famous ride announcing the British were coming. One of the things the British were planning on doing was to take all the guns away from the colonists. In those days a gun was a very valuable tool of protection and Colonists needed that warning so they could secure their guns. In those days the Second Amendment was written for the explicit point of being able to protect yourself even from a Tyrannical government gone wrong.

Today those who oppose the need for the Second Amendment base this on the fact that they believe this would never happen in today’s society of well educated folks. Then as it would be along comes elements of society or even of government that counter that theory with real hard statistics of mayhem and murder. As in Isis and Drug Cartels, Gang activity and government agencies taking guns away from law abiding citizens during Hurricane Katrina aftermath and thus leaving those folks vulnerable to gangs of thugs. It is indeed a basic need and right to feel secure in your person and personal possessions. And whatever the bad element might meet you with at your door to take away your security is exactly what you should be able to own and use in a counter defense of the same. So, even an automatic weapon should be allowed with magazine clips that hold multiple rounds of ammunition.

2nd AmendmentBut why all the opposition which would seem to most folks a reasonable response? I believe it is based on a fear of firearms in general. Now do not get me wrong firearms are a tool that is dangerous to the point of taking away life and /or livelihood.  Lots of tools have that capability. Cars in an intoxicated persons hands is a  potential lethal weapon. But no one fears cars. Why not? To some degree I think this is because there is a tremendous effort to educate everyone on how to properly operate a car and the laws that were developed to keep folks safe concerning cars. In other words education decreases the fears and decreases the miss-use of motor vehicles. There was a time when gun safety was taught in our High Schools. Yes, guns were brought to school and folks were taught how to use them, how to respect them, how to take care of them, how to store them and what laws applied to their use. I really never witnessed this but history tells us this did happen. I am sure it was the case when my grandparents were attending high school.

I have a confession to make I was incredibly fearful of guns and opposed to anything guns when I was younger. I had a classmate whose Mother was accidentally killed when her husband was cleaning his hunting rifle. Obviously, a care taking rule had been broken and this was the result. Perhaps he had never been taught in school like his parents were. Or he was in a hurry and forgot he had not unloaded. Or forgot to check the chamber. I always taught my children whatever you fear you need to educate yourself on. For knowledge gives a person a sense of control over the situation and this sense of control is the power one needs to overcome fears.

I took my own advice and I attended a gun safety class recently. I recommend this to everyone whether you are going to own a gun or not. They usually have a gun you can borrow for the class. The instructors are well trained and follow a curriculum approved by most of the States in America. Often the instructors are law officers themselves.  They teach you the terms used to describe the basic parts of a gun and actions the gun is capable of.  They show you how to check the chamber every time you pick up a gun even if you just laid it down for a second and know it is empty. Check it again. These are good practices to develop. They inform you that you are never to put your finger on the trigger unless you are intending to fire the gun. They help you determine if you are right or left eye dominant and how to site in your target. How to make sure there is nothing between you and the target and even beyond the target that you might harm if you fired that gun. It was a day full of teaching and I passed all the requirements and no longer am so afraid of guns.

I guess in conclusion I really think gun safety should be taught in schools again just like driving then after folks have more knowledge make an informed decision. Your personal decisions on whether you want one or need one. I even think if you make the decision late in life to learn about guns like I did, then taking a class is essential.  Do it to empower yourself and to help you have intelligent conversations about guns and gun use.


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