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You know I really get a kick out of these democrats. We complain about excess government spending on programs government should not be spending a dime on and they get all indignant. It is almost like violating their Koran.

The NEA, PBS, Planned Parenthood all of them are sacred. They retort with “well the NEA is ONLY .004% of the budget which is 22 cents to every family a month.” But PBS is another XX% and PP is XXX% and this other program is just XXXX% eventually a family has to ask, WHERE THE HELL IS OUR %%%? Then the libs complain about the billions oil companies make every year, but that’s really ONLY 3% profit per gallon of gas while government is confiscating 15% per gallon at the pump! Programs like the NRA don’t get a dime of government money when they provide education, cheaply I might add, to these dumb asses who don’t know how to handle a gun and it could result in fewer firearms accidents. There is a program for government which would put these anti-gun nut cases in their place and do some good. Very much unlike federal funding pictures of a crucifix in a glass of pee.

The republicans take over and we get a POTUS who is a business man of action and his HUD director finds $500 billion (yes with a B) in fraud and waste in his third month of directorship. More government waste and skimming while democrats were asking for more money, for what, to skim and line their own pockets? Democrats are terrified at the thought of being found out. They have been the ruling party so long they honestly believe it is their destiny to rule and enrich themselves at our expense. The republicans have been the minority so long they truly are afraid to win, but Mr. Trump is showing them how it’s done.

Rush Limbaugh made an interesting analogy yesterday. He likened the liberals to radical islamists. It is the most accurate description of the democrat party I have ever heard and don’t think beheadings are off the table for them. Radical Imam Schumer tries to do it to Mr. Trump every single day! I’m sure you have noticed how EVERYTHING is a complete affront to their cannon. Everything is a break in 230 years of democratic sharia law. Using the “nuclear option” for the confirmation of Gorsuch is blowing up tradition and their Koran. A flat out black hearted lie. Dingy Harry Reid, the previous Imam started it when G W Bush was president in order to load the courts with more radical liberal judges. Now it is blasphemy to use it right back. Imagine my surprise when McConnell went ahead to confirm him. Who suddenly grew a pair?

Republican “law makers” are also afraid of the media. I often ask why? Even if the conservatives put forward the most benign program the press would rake them over the coals. It doesn’t matter what it is. It is a republican program, it MUST be bad.  Enter Donald J. Trump. A man unafraid of the press, democrats, the boogey man, simply unafraid and he calls them on it. He has blasted, demolished and degraded the lib-sharia based press. The road has been paved to destroy the liberal press. The republicans of both houses should be slamming the press like there’s no tomorrow. Take the fight to THEM!

I am waiting for these spineless congressmen to ask Mr. Trump “What should we do Godfather?” And suddenly Trump leaps from his chair, smacks them collectively across the face and shouts “You can start acting like a man!”

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