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The media, which has become the propaganda arm of the progressive left, and the progressive left itself have this basket they have labeled Alt right.

Many people have said that they don’t even know what that means. I said that, too, at first. Then I thought, “Yeah! I do know what that means. It is a basket in which they put any idea that is too radically different from their thought processes and their agenda. A currently popular term is “conflation”

As such, white supremacy groups like Vanguard America and the KKK, neo-nazis, and other assorted hate groups are lumped in with other such labeled folks as they have labeled “white nationalists” (a term I have questions with as I am definitly a nationalist, as I believe in the sovreignty of the USA, and, I just happen to be white). Unfortunately in this lump are placed Constitutional conservatives. As a personal reponse to their Alt- right label, I have been calling them the Control- left because they think they must be, and should be, in control.

The absolute majority of Constitutional conservatives believe that we are all Americans first and this should come before personal identity of this minority group or that minority group.

If you display a swastika, you’re no friend of mine. My dad fought against that in WWII. If you’re a communist, I grew up in the era when that was Public Enemy #1. If you think one race is superior to another, I got nothing for ya. All I got are the scars where I had to get 17 stitches because of my involvement in the Civil Rights movement. I have a thank you note from Coretta Scott King for the poem I wrote and sent after Dr. King’s assassination.

Most Americans love this country and lead their own lives in peace, contrary to the “division” pundits and the decriers of “institutional racism.” This constant screed, I believe, is geared to stir up the wacky fringes on both sides of the spectrum. It seems to be suceeding as Charlottesville would indicate. Rumors of “civil war” abound, but, believe me, it will be quite uncivil if allowd to happen.

Trump’s remarks were right on the mark because all this atrocious behavior fueled by hatred must be condemned, whichever side it comes from. Everyone is rushing to condemn the “Alt-right” I is the theme that fills the hollow echo tank. Trump’s comments are lie-mongered because he would not lay the blame on just one side, as it should be. There is a line that, whosoever crosses it, should be heeld accountable, regardless.

At no time, regardless of the unlawful and hateful actions of hate groups and racists and neo-nazis like BLM or antifa has there been condemnation. Rather, the opposite. Va. Governor MacAuliffe, when asked directly is he would disavow antifa, he refused, as just one of the most recent examples .

“The Silent Majority” may be a hackneyed old term, but there are a majority of people out there who are quietly going about their life loving their country and their neighbor. The great majority of decent everyday folks, both Republican and Democrat, who are not represented by what happened in either Charlottesville or Portland, but instead, despise it.

You will not hear this, though, from our media. They, in their bubble-wrap cocoons are too busy trumpeting their progressive, divisive garbage. The golden shrine of ratings must have their bloody sacrifices and nothing sells stories like sensationalism. The extremes are flaunted, the fringe is made mainstream, and our true voice is stilled.

I have no magic formula or potion to fix this other than my continuing love for both my country and my fellow man. All I can do is pray that the voice of the common American comes to be heard loud and clear.

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