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If you listen to the mainstream media what happened today when Paul Ryans health care bill was withdrawn by the White House was some kind of failure. This is just one more example of how the press is a bunch of clueless morons. Ryans bill had to fail and it was designed to fail.

Back in 2009 when the ACA was passed into law I told people that the program would implode on its own and all we had to do was wait it out and I was right. Obamacare was a disaster from day one and left to its own devices it will implode and that is why it must be allowed to do so.

Let’s say Ryans bill had passed. No matter how good a bill Dick Morris (former political adviser to President Bill Clinton) claims it to be, the problem is that without letting the ACA implode on its own, the Democrat party would try to use Ryans bill against the administration and the GOP by making the claim that everything would have been much better under Obama Care and that Trump and the GOP rushed a bad bill through congress. I call it the unicorns and rainbows syndrome.

Now bear in mind, as many of you probably noticed already progressives and many centrists don’t exactly spend much time doing research or crunching numbers. To the people who know how bad Obama Care is it is a pink elephant but the percentage of people who know this for certain is actually very small. Many, especially those on the left are a plastic ring short of a six pack. They have to see for themselves that Obama Care is a failure and the only way for that to happen is to let it fail.

Not all of the ACA has been implemented and it was specifically delayed so that the Democrats could blame the Republicans for their failure. So what Trump and the GOP need to do is to allow it to be fully implemented and implode so that people can see for themselves how absolutely horrible it actually is, and then Trump and the GOP ride in on their white horses and save the day. And make no mistake Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are in on this too.

Mark my words when the right time comes the ACA will be repealed and Trump will see that the nation gets a healthcare plan that makes sense.

Our new president is a very smart man who knows exactly what he is doing. Have faith my friends.

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