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It seems that many republicans in D.C. believe that Ryancare/RINOcare HAD to be offered and ALLOWED to fail at being passed so that Obamacare could continue on it’s course into Implosion and Oblivion.

Their reasoning is this: By allowing it’s continued existence, all those liberals who still support Obamacare at this time will eventually SEE and maybe even experience the effects of it’s eventual implosion, and will then have to ADMIT that Obamacare actually WAS bad…with the Democrat Party ending up “looking bad” and the Republican Party “looking good”.

Sounds pretty weak to me.

First of all, while I understand the “chess moves” in this little political game of theirs, I am thoroughly disgusted with ANYONE willing to allow Obamacare to carry on ‘as usual’ and implode under it’s own lousy design just to prove a point to a liberal base that probably will never truly understand exactly how bad Obamacare is, even if it implodes directly under their feet.

Remember, this liberal base is made up of those people who wear pussy hats and vagina costumes, believe that rioting and beating people up is a legal form of protesting, want to keep our borders open, want sanctuary cities to exist, willingly promote the “virtues” of Socialism and Communism Theory while never having had to actually LIVE under Socialism/Communism, and have no idea of what’s actually going on in Europe right now.

Does anyone REALLY believe those people are going to smarten up regarding Obamacare, once it implodes?  Not me.

Secondly, I’m sick and tired of the political games always being played at our expense.
Yes…at OUR expense. Because while this political healthcare game is going on, WE are still the ones who are suffering under the huge monetary millstone that WE must pay: monthly premiums that exceed many peoples’ rents and/or mortgages, and deductibles that are so far beyond most of our reach that we might as well have NO deductibles.
Personally, I don’t care if the liberals “get it” or not.  Nor do I care which Party gets to blame the other.  I BLAME BOTH PARTIES for stringing this millstone around OUR neck! The Democrats couldn’t have passed Obamacare without the help of the Republicans, and the Republicans couldn’t have passed Obamacare without the help of the Democrats.
Even if Ryancare WAS a calculated game, do the Republicans think we have forgotten that THEY, TOO, voted to pass this Obamacare monstrosity without reading it ?!

Do the Republicans think we have forgotten that ONLY FOUR OR FIVE “representatives” from BOTH sides of the aisle did NOT vote for this albatross?!

Game or no game, the Republicans are far from innocent since they helped create this healthcare mess.

Worst yet, they are allowing us to continue suffering under its’ weight while they “prove” something to people who couldn’t care less about facts.

If they do NOT “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare immediately, I believe this whole game of theirs is going to backfire on them, come 2018 and 2020…and deservedly so.

Obamacare needs to be immediately repealed, and our federal government needs to butt out of our healthcare management since it does NOT have the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to control this part of our lives.
Our healthcare is a States’ Rights issue and needs to be governed by Supply and Demand : with pre-existing conditions being covered, and with NO IMAGINARY BOUNDARIES put on us again by the insurance companies to keep us from choosing any plan we want anywhere in this country.
ONLY when all insurance companies are FORCED to compete against one another for our business will our costs decrease and the quality of our plans improve.
It’s just plain ol’ Commonsense…something D.C. either lacks or is choosing to ignore.

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