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If it were not for the ACLU we believe the American Association of Psychiatric Physicians would declare Russiaphobia, RP, “A treatable mental illness first gaining public attention with the ravings of US Republican Senator Joe McCarthy after World War II and the threats from the Communist countries of the Soviet Union.

RP appeared to have died with Senator McCarthy, and ironically he was dead on right!  Every person he identified as a Communist was and some were of the dangerous sort.  Nonetheless, Rushaphobia has recently popped up in the Democratic Party, probably as a consequence of their spending so much time in cemeteries seeking voters. The Democratic Party is neither democratic nor a party since the 2016 election thus is has become fertile soil for such neuroses since the party is very weak and even more corrupt.

RP can be treated with the strongest laxative known to medical science, the laboratory acid-base indicator, Phenolphthalein famously used by bartenders in 30’s black and white movies to eliminate obnoxious customers with a “Mickey.” In clinical use three drops of Phenolthalien are added to two ounces of fruit juice to be swallowed in a single gulp. The patient is quickly put on a commode where he will experience a profound elimination in exactly three minutes. A seat belt, or attendant assistance, is recommended. Patients speak of seeing flashing lights, hearing ringing doorbells while feeling great vibrations.

The affliction is also in the literature as “Shit-For-Brains Syndrome” and is found in the active files of the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, public employee unions, Ivy League college Faculty Lounges and classrooms, Ph.D.s with delusions of adequacy complicated by Know-It-All, KIA, syndromes.

Sadly, the treatment no longer works in the academic class since Federal funding commandeered education: The Professor/Teacher Class is no longer treatable. Tragically, it has gone so far physical science faculties now believe trace gases control the atmosphere.

The affliction has spread to Professors of Social Studies, Womens Studies, Transgender Studies, Faggot Studies, Beastiality Studies, Political Science and law schools with the affliction vector, “We produce more graduates than there are jobs, ha, ha, ha!” the syndrome appears and confirms as a commitment to liberalism, socialism, and “white privilege” guilt, even for Orientals, Polynesians or Blacks.” Russiaphobia is not treatable under ObamaCare.

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