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ICBM on MONTANA HIGHWAY: Russian Military Expert Says “Drop Nuclear Bomb on Yellowstone & America Ceases to Exist!”

A most neglected story! No one else is talking about it! Is Russia so frustrated they are considering a nuclear strike in against the US in Yellowstone? To strike against such vulnerable targets at the Yellowstone Super Volcano or San Andreas fault? Or both?

Today Confirmed by Joint Chiefs of Staff High-Security Evaluations Action Officer (Ret.):

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Last Friday a Russian diplomat said Russia is preparing for war with America! He sounded the alarm America’s ruling class wants war with Russia! Russia is preparing for war and it is confirmed!

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Please see this shocking video:

This cargo was delivered into Yellowstone Nat. Park in late 1990s under Clinton. It went through the West Gate and disappeared from anybody’s sight.

It was done at a slack time. We ain’t blowing smoke. Click here for real shocking video!

This appears to be a Russian missile because they once used corrugated aluminum to strengthen their ICBM casings, making them lighter, and thus able to boost a larger and or heavier payload,  than with a smooth-sided and resultant heavier casing.

The current deceptive Russian threat is that a missile will be dropped on Yellowstone. But it is already pre-positioned! In keeping with long-term Russian pre-positioning strategy!

For years, the globalist strategy has been for the two nationalist superpowers to cancel each other out, paving the way for the internationalist New World Order. Will President Trump stop this in time?

There is also one inside Peters Mountain, but exact type or “model” of this missile is unknown. The silo was poured in 2008 210 feet deep by a Ruckersville Concrete Company with MIKE HOTEL driving the truck.

A Grubbe Contractors Delivery Team, a crane company,  outta Rising Sun, MD, lowered the IRBM/ICBM into the silo atop Peters Mountain, @ 3200 Peters Mountain Rd, in the Fall of 2009. The summit of the mountain at that point is 1820 feet MSL. Googling the address, 10 years ago, produced a nonexistent address for in “Rivanna”. A search now vaguely puts a marker pin at the end of a dead-end road “In Gordonsville, VA.”

The driver for the Wide Load CrewCab pickup, almost incredulously, related the missile “planting” to “Juliet Delta” at the Hardees in Gordensville, VA, the same day.

Mr. President! Last Friday the Russian diplomat said Russia is preparing for war with America! No one is reporting it! He sounded the alarm America’s ruling class wants war with Russia! Russia is preparing for war and it is confirmed!

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