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The New York Giants stand shoulder to shoulder to salute the flag during the National Anthem showing they stand with America against the haters.

Football players are not paid to think, but if they think they will have fans who will tolerate their disrespecting the flag, the country, the police, and them, then they had better think again.  Most Americans are patriots, especially those who work hard and spend their hard-earned money to go see football games and be entertained.  Republicans breed patriots as well as jobs.  It’s Democrats who breed America haters and welfare parasites.  If black players think they can use the NFL stage to echo the Obama meme that “America is a racist nation” to spit on patriots, the police, and the country that is paying them millions of dollars to play a game then they should start looking for another line of work.

Lowly players like Kaepernick and the five Rams who came onto the field mimicking the “hands up don’t shoot” lie have neither cause nor justification to declare that “they is oh-pressed.”  Conservatives understand what ignorant liberals are trying to say.  They think they are protesting racism, but they are not.  BLM terrorist rioters continue to claim Michael Brown was murdered despite all evidence proving their “hands up don’t shoot” tale is an utter lie.

[Author’s note: When you don’t know the facts you are ignorant.  When you know the facts yet deny them you are stupid.  But when you know the facts and speak the opposite then you are a deceiver.]

The problem with liberals is that they are listening to all the wrong people, focusing on all the wrong things, and refusing to accept the right things.  The result is that no one is addressing the underlying problems of the poor economy and lack of job opportunities being caused by Democrats controlling the government.  Instead of addressing black crime that is out of control, Democrats want to instigate more restrictions on police for extremely rare incidents.  This doesn’t make citizens safer, but is intended only to make criminals safer and thereby exacerbate rather than alleviate the problems in American society.

Instead of improving racial strife in America, Obama has done the opposite.  Where fifty years ago the country stopped southern oppression and lynchings of blacks thanks to MLK’s peaceful resistance, Democrats are now encouraging the murders of police as racists when 99.99% of them are anything but!  All of the incidents Democrats have used to smear police the past few years have been police rightfully defending themselves against violent criminals.  The extremely rare times that have not been the case those police have been prosecuted.  All of the riots and all the destruction done by BLM terrorists have all been over the former incidents, which is why they have become known as a criminal advocacy terrorist hate group.

Regardless, the NFL, or any sports venue, or any other entertainment venue, is not the place where employees should vent their opinion and bring dishonor on their profession.  Yes, this happens on an almost daily basis in Hollywood, and they pay the price in fans who don’t buy movie tickets.  The sports owners will not be happy if they lose revenue because some of their employees decide on their own to behave like asses.  Don’t be surprised if the owners come out and command their players to stand shoulder to shoulder for the national anthem with hands over hearts, unless they are like Mark Cuban and are all in with Hillary Democrats and hating America.  The NFL denied the Cowboys the right to honor the fallen Dallas police officers.  Don’t think there will not be repercussions for this as well.

Limbaugh’s message to NFL players


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