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Rush Limbaugh has spent more than 2 decades as the most important voice in conservative media, in recent years he has been supplanted by the rise of online conservatives and by conservative pundits on television. While Rush, can no longer claim to dominate the conservative media space, he still holds much influence among grassroots conservatives who have learned to trust his opinion. On a recent episode of his show he remarked at how surprising it was that Bill O’Reilly’s career collapsed so suddenly…

Why did The New York Times break the story? Out of the blue they want to do a story on O’Reilly and Fox. Where’d this come from? Nothing just comes out of the ether folks…

The reason that is starts in The New York Times is important is the corporate intrigue that is also behind this.

I don’t work there so I guess there is not any quicksand– but there is a battle for power going on there between sons of Ruprt Murdoch and Rupert. And they are not conservatives. In fact, they are, what is the generation before millennials? X? One of the their wives works for the Clinton Global Initiative… And the fact that the story ran on The New York Times was such a profound shock, sadness, and embarrassment that they had to do something.

That is why the fact that is started on The New York Times is crucial. The Times is not just appearing out of nothing… How long did it take before you started hearing about massive advertiser defections, massive — just a day, right? You think that was natural?

This was a campaign, folks. Even after all this time, these campaigns are not immediately spotted for what they are. Therefore, people are not able to deal with them…

Fox is not going to be the way it is for long. There is a massive –shakeup coming, and it is generational. It is generational and political. It is like anything else, nothing ever is constantly the same, there is change everywhere. But it has been amazingly easy to sit from a distance and watch this, how easy it appears that this massive and rapid transformation is occurring.

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