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Apparently, the die has been cast and the Rubicon has been crossed.   Listening to Hillaryites and Trumpazoids, both of their candidates are now the nominees of their respective parties.  Of course, we know this is not true.  Both candidates must survive their respective conventions before being given the mantel of power.  Just try telling their supporters that, I dare you.

It is at these times that we need to remove ourselves from the mayhem of elections and slide down the pole further into insanity.  We do this because, after wallowing in the mud of insanity, we can recharge ourselves to climb back into the world of mayhem.

Today’s insanity takes place in the state of Alaska, where a so-called “transgender”, a male who identifies as a female is causing an uproar in Alaskan State Women’s Track competition.

Naataphon “Ice” Wangyot, or Katherine Ice, as he is sometimes called, placed third and fifth in two races he/she competed in.  This caused an immediate backlash from the parents of biological girls and other sources.  The main argument seems to be that men have a physical advantage over women.  Men who have not begun the transition through hormone replacement still maintain the testosterone and muscle mass of a male.  And yes, that would give them a slight advantage.

Alright, first, let’s ignore the obvious: Wangyot was good, but not good enough to compete with boys, so he decided to “identify” as a girl, knowing he could probably do a lot better, which, given his finishes, he did.

Here is the confusing part: for years we have been told by the feminists of this world that anything a man can do a woman can do better.  There are women in all kinds of physical activities including sports and the military.  The female heroes of the feminist movement are those that use the liberal judicial and political systems to create loopholes that allow them to interject themselves into what was once a “male-dominated” arena.

One would think that, looking back on their struggle, the girls in Alaska would applaud Wangyot as being a pioneer in the transgender movement by exploiting the new identity politics.  (Remember, we only have to identify with a particular group to be a part of it .)  The problem is that they are not.  Many of the girls and their parents are crying out about the “unfair advantage”.  I wonder what they would say if their daughters were running track meets against boys.  Would they still cry about an unfair advantage?

This is the slippery slope many of us have been talking about for a long time.  Once one group is let in, then every other group that erroneously believes that it is being discriminated against, also has to be let in.

We know return back to the mayhem of the political election…


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