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The feckless Republican establishment is the best friend Democrats ever had.  Ever.  From Paul Ryan to Mitch McConnell to Mitt Romney, and the un-estimable followers of the high-kicking, Hillary-loving #NeverTrumpettes.

If you’re a Trump supporter, just remember these same people sought to steal the nomination to deny the candidate thirteen million voters chose to lead the GOP.  The GOPes wanted to steal the nomination and deny Trump because “they” disagreed with our choice.  Only Jeb! was good enough, and he lost in a sleepwalk.

It’s our fault, and we must be punished.

For a time, social media presented us with an idea about how to stop our disenfranchisement.  It presented us with our only option in that event: Write in Donald Trump’s name into every line on the election ballot. From POTUS, to Congress, to all the way down to county commissioner and even dog catcher.

Fortunately, we weren’t faced with that option because Trump overwhelmed his opposition and today has 1500 plus pledged delegates.

But, don’t think for a moment the #NeverTrumpers are finished.  Here and there, a few of them are saying it’s unconstitutional for a state to legally require a Trump delegate to vote for Trump on the first ballot. The #NeverTrumpers are telling anyone who will listen they don’t have to vote the way their state’s voters did.  In other words, they can still steal the election for Jeb!

Most people, however, don’t want to deny voters the right to choose their candidate, and come July, Trump will be nominated on the first ballot.

However, the #NeverTrumpers will not stop backstabbing the nominee of their party.  They will do whatever they can to sabotage Trump just as they did Sarah Palin in 2008.  When Trump defeats the Democrat nominee in November, these same high-kickers will sonorously explain why the EC electors are not bound to vote for the winner of the Electoral College.  They’ll give us a history lesson about the EC being set up for just such an occasion as Trump’s election.

If you are a Trump voter, what can you do to punish the Establishment that is determined to punish you for voting the “wrong” way?

There are many Republicans down ballot.  House members, Senators, members of state legislatures, and others.  There is no reason any of the candidates have to be supported.  Even if it means losing Congress. But, then, since 2010, what have the Republicans in Congress done for us?  Nothing.  They’ve licked the hand of the president and looked the other way every time he did something extra-constitutional. Except at election time, of course, when they trothed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to oppose Obama at every turn.  Then, just as before, they became Obama’s supporters and apologists.

Let’s take Paul Ryan as the perfect example.

Ryan (1st CD-Wis.) is the Speaker of the House.  He’s also an open-borders supporter, as well as a defender of Obama’s radical immigration plot.  He would not be Speaker unless John Boehner resigned from the House, and Boehner wasn’t about to resign without his chosen successor in place.

I suggest as many Trump voters as possible hold their noses and vote for Ryan’s opponent this November (assuming he isn’t Cantored in the meantime).  If you’re going to have a representative that supports Obama’s agenda anyway, why not vote for the real Democrat instead of the Democrat wannabee?

Oh, I know, you #NeverTrumpers will say, “But, Ryan is a Trump supporter.”  That is true in exactly the same way her friends supported Typhoid Mary.  From afar.  Ryan doesn’t like Trump and has made no bones about it.  Trump voters, you have it in your power to retire Ryan and a few other #NeverTrumpers, especially in the U.S. Senate.  We can’t retire Senator Flake from Arizona until 2018, but we certainly can retire John McCain this year.

And, it won’t take a lot of votes to do it.  John McCain finds himself in the same position as the late Arlen Specter (Specter the Defector) in Pennsylvania.  Specter switched parties to avoid losing the GOP nomination because the Republican electorate had become toxic to his future.  He lost, anyway, but the fact that he screwed the base so loudly and so often in the past made him realize he was toast if he remained a GOPe.  Now, Republican Pat Toomey has Arlen’s seat.

The #NeverTrumpers will be outraged, of course, but who besides the Establishment cares a Whig what they think?  They have pledged to vote for Hillary in one form or another.

They’re just like our Tory neighbors of a couple of centuries past.  They loved to cry, “God save the King” while the lobsterbacks ran roughshod over the people, and the Tories excoriated their opponents as a bunch of mindless Yankee Doodles.  Today’s version of the Tories now cry, “God save the Establishment” and oppose the revolution occurring in their midst just as their forefathers did.

But, history is about to repeat itself.  Jefferson warned this day would come when government grew too large and became tyrannical.  That was when the people would rise up and take back their government from the tyrants who would rule over us.

The Constitution begins, “We the People,” not “We the political establishment.”

The Tories among us forgot that lesson.  It’s time to teach them a lesson they’ll always remember.

The Republican Party can survive without the establishment, but the establishment cannot survive without the base.

Donald Trump, win or lose, has exposed the Tories in all their red-coated splendor.  We know now who are the Americans and who are the globalists intent on destroying our sovereignty in favor of a North American Union.  We now know who favors importing a foreign occupation army to deny We the People our Second Amendment rights.

The establishment declared war on the base.  This year, may the base return the favor.


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