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All hail, the all-powerful state, step out of line and expect to be ground up and spit out.  This is the common thread found in all big governments, regardless of how a single party gains control of a government, they all evolve into a heavy-handed police state with a total disregard for the people’s rights.

Any property owner that has had to deal with an arrogant, small-minded, over controlling city or county council has received a good dose of a big brother socialist style of government. This is what happens when individuals who have a total disregard for the law or careless as to how their actions affect other people are in charge, much like a Home Owners Association. What is amazing that anyone with half an ounce of sense would think that type of gigantic, all-powerful, monolithic government run by small-minded bureaucrats is a good idea. Virtually all socialist governments have proven to be a disaster, many have started with all kinds of great promises and lofty ideas of everyone is now equal and everything will be free. The leaders of the socialist governments know that socialism doesn’t work, regardless of what they preach, socialism is a tool they use to control the people, not to govern.

Every time we have a tragedy involving a firearm, we hear the wails and cries to ban guns generated from the usual suspects on the left. Totally ignoring an individual’s responsibility for their own actions, the blame for the tragedy always falls on an inanimate piece of machinery. As with any shooting tragedy, the left wants to capitalize on the event in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where a local government employee using 2 pistols, murdered 12 co-workers in the city municipal building.

The Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, most noted for appearing in blackface for his college yearbook, has called the state legislature into session to ban assault weapons. Someone should enlighten the Governor that pistols were used in the shooting and actual assault weapons are already illegal as they are a submachine gun with a full automatic firing mode and require special licensing through BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) to own.

Their target is the AR-15, the AR does not stand for assault rifle as many believe, it’s a semi-automatic firearm that was made of space-age materials by the Armalite Corp as the Armalite Rifle Model 15. Designed by Eugene Stoner for the civilian market, it was adopted by the military and modified for automatic fire as the M-16 Rifle. As before, the left isn’t interested in the facts or reality, they want their utopian fantasy world of a Socialist Government. In order to impose their draconian rules of a socialist single-party government, the public must be disarmed, so they can’t fight back.

The Founding Fathers understood the danger of an out of control government that seeks total control over of the people. This is why it was stated that our rights come from God and not man, and as God-given Rights found in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, man cannot take your Rights away. The Second Amendment was designed to protect the people from their own out of control government, when the people are armed you have freedom when the government has all the arms you have tyranny.

If there was ever a perfect example of socialism, try Venezuela, after Hugo Chavez took power in 1999, the people of that country surrendered their firearms, losing their ability to fight back. From there it went downhill to today with Chavez’s successor Nickolas Maduro who runs Venezuela as a total military dictatorship which is in a state of collapse. The regime is held together with Russian and Cuban military guards and the assistance of China and Iran, at some point it will fall in on itself.

The people who hold these leftist views do not tolerate any disagreement are called extremists for a reason, in many cases, they cannot even carry on a simple discussion on an issue without screaming or resorting to violence if they start losing the argument. These are the type of people who want to take over the United States, and it’s not a stretch to imagine prison and re-education camps for those who disagree with a U.S. Socialist government. 2020 Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell (D-Ca) is calling for firearms to be turned in and wants to imprison those who refuse to turn in their firearms. It looks like Rep. Swalwell has studied the actions of Adolph Hitler, the question is what other tactics of Hitler and his NAZI’s does Rep. Swalwell want to use.

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