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While it is almost painful to watch the social-terrorism of the Democratic Party’s destructive and violent activism, it is plain to see that they have drank from the old stagnant leftist-revolutionary Kool-Aid of the worst anti-Christian philosophers in modern history. As they routinely take to the streets with acts of hostility and intolerance towards their fellow citizens, they are convincing no-one of their ostensible brand of self-righteousness. Pretending to be compassionate caring people, while destroying their neighbor’s businesses and communities, it has become clear they are anything but understanding, kind and humane. It is to their collective shame that they display no real discernment about the superficial nature of their own deeply held beliefs and their own malicious and vengeful reactions to the President elect.

The left no longer displays any real use for humanity or transcendent values, as they have become immersed in neo-totalitarianism and the return to “mobocracy” for their nihilistic-styled praxis. In their envious, hate-filled delusional logic, if civil-government won’t enforce their ill-fated political agenda, they will cause chaos everywhere, until communities capitulate to their demands for civil-government to “turn stones into bread.” Their public push for democratic-socialism is revealing the inherent violence and fascism that always accompany socialist-driven movements as a component built-in to their worldview philosophy. Because socialists and their various movements always fancy themselves as the ‘great liberators’ of their time, violence eventually becomes a justifiable means to change society.

But, no-longer do “the people” care to see their society and culture infiltrated with these destructive violent movements. Nor with the increasingly hostile-driven ideologies that promote lawlessness, hatred for goodness, divisiveness, and the promotion of evil values. The people have had enough of the repeated failures of the utopian ideologies that have degraded the Western-World for the past several decades. The people are again taking steps to push-back against liberalism’s repeated failures. For too many years Christians have witnessed the destruction and decay ‘liberalism’ brought to many mainline Christian churches; and they don’t want to see that pattern continue to utterly destroy its communities and the nation as well.

As John Lennon summed it up in the Beatles song, “Revolution,” a song about the 1960’s revolution;

“You say you want a revolution Well you know, we all wanna change the world…

But when you talk about destruction Don’t you know that you can count me out…

You ask me for a contribution… But if you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell you is brother you have to wait…

You tell me it’s the institution Well you know, you better free your mind instead…”

[excerpt from ‘The Beatles’ (White Album) 1968]

Former President Barak Obama, who outwardly appears very dignified and polite, was in reality, very profane in his policies, interactions, and fallacious rhetoric; a typical wolf in sheep’s clothing. Obama, routinely issued Executive Orders enacting anti-biblical perversities while proclaiming, “because it’s the right thing to do.” This was very much in the spirit of the Roman Emperor, Caligula, who engaged in deliberate perversities while claiming constitutional grounds for his actions.

As an archetypal leftist, Obama does not believe in America’s true basis for freedom, the Freedom of Religion. By his own words he believes in an alternate form, which he calls, ‘freedom of worship.’ Freedom of Religion in America originally meant the freedom of churches and individuals to express their beliefs freely and publicly without restrictions from civil-government. Today, on the other hand, leftist-liberals like Barak Obama, believe in a limited fascist-version of the ‘separation of church and state’ (barrowed from the communists); or as Obama describes it; the ‘Freedom of Worship.’ What this means to ‘leftists’ is that the people have the freedom to worship within the walls of their churches, synagogues, or mosques; but, they must not express themselves religiously in public or in public affairs. For leftist-liberals, this especially applies to orthodox or traditional Christianity, which they regard as the leading cause of evil in the world.

For leftist-liberals, the Christian proclamation about Jesus being ‘the way,’ along with the righteousness and morality of the Christian gospel message is just too repugnant and judgmental to be talked about in public. Liberals are often somewhat tolerant of nominal liberal-Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam – but a publicly vocal traditional Christian community is not to be tolerated in leftist-liberal America. And the really-demented leftists, believe that traditional Christianity is not only more dangerous than Islam, but even more threatening than Islamic-terrorism!

Beginning in 1947, as a result of the Everson v. Board of Education decision, new laws emerged restricting certain rights and freedoms for religious practice in America. As such, the federal government began intruding on what was previously acceptable religious practice in American communities. (This created a new “religious-authority” which was previously prohibited). The Everson v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision in effect subverted the original intent of the Constitution’s Establishment Clause. In an unprecedented jerry-rigging of the Constitution, the 1947 Supreme Court subverted the original meaning of the Constitution by ‘incorporating’ the 1st Amendment religious clause into the 14th Amendment “due process” clause (this in itself was an unconstitutional act); thus, creating opportunity for federal-overreach into the states regarding religion. This was an overwhelming, overbearing unconstitutional power-play by the Supreme Court of that era. The decision thus allowed the targeting of parochial schools as being outside the realm of standard community activities. This restricted churches and certain community organizations from receiving and participating in community services afforded to the rest of the community, because they were ‘religious’ in nature. Today, this has long become accepted policy. But, it was not the original intent of the 1st Amendment religious clause, and was not practiced for 160 years prior to 1947, since the signing of the Constitution, or prior.

As a result of the nefarious Everson v. Board of Education decision, later courts went on to further rule against pre-existing laws requiring prayer in public education, of Bi­ble reading and the posting of the Ten Command­ments in the public schools, and the teaching of any morals or values gleaned from the Bible. From that time on, any hint of Christianity then became the target of exclusion from public education; which then became a liberal-jihad against any expression of Christianity on any public property, period.

A few years later, in 1954, Senator Lyndon B. Johnson (later, president; 1963-69) got an amendment bill passed restricting non-profits, including churches and religious organizations from speaking-out in favor of political candidates. Johnson’s bill was not a stand-alone bill, but was amended to the federal tax code 501(c)3. Johnson’s purpose in this was to silence certain anti-communist groups who were campaigning against him. Since its passage, Democrats have used this law to intimidate and silence conservative churches and religious organizations from speaking out against anti-Christian leftist policies. To their discredit, many conservative church pastors have obeyed these laws and some even convinced themselves that politics and government were outside Christ’s authority, and therefore Christians should not be involved. Contrarily, leftist-liberal churches and organizations have been able to operate freely and without impunity from the civil-government in election campaigns, since they typically back the democratic party.

The combined impact of these laws since the 1950’s, on traditional churches and the culture has been overwhelmingly destructive. It will likely take decades to restore and reconstruct the damage done to American culture and its progress. Likewise, the promotion of President Barak Obama’s recent destructive and malicious “Freedom of Worship,” concept, along with his other more direct assaults on Christianity,1 may have further repercussions for the future of the ‘Freedom of Religion’ if justice is not soon administered. It is also worth noting that under the Obama Regime, religious freedom has declined more than any other time in American history according to a 2012 Pew Research study.2 Both Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have publicly expressed their desire for the federal-government to force churches to change their beliefs about abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and other matters.

Both, the Everson/Board of Education decision and the Johnson Amendment are long overdue for being reviewed and reexamined; as well as the subsequent laws put in place as a result of implementing those laws. Time is long overdue to restore America’s true ‘religious freedom’ as intended by America’s architects. President Trump has taken a first-step with an executive order rolling back the Johnson Amendment. But this could be undone by a future president. Congress needs to write legislation to amend the Johnson Amendment and secure Trump’s rollback with a properly written legislative bill. Let’s vigorously support the restoration of America’s true basis for freedom, the Freedom of Religion. And let us prayerfully discern and challenge those forces which attempt to undermine and subvert the Christian principles that helped shape the American Revolution.


“The highest glory of the (American) Revolution was that it united in one indissoluble bond the principles of Christianity and the principles of civil government.” (John Quincy Adams)

  2. See “Sidebar: Situation in the United States” in the Pew Research Center’s September 2012 report “Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion.”

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