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Everywhere I go people tell me I need to respect the religions of others. Doesn’t matter what the history books say about their religion or what their own texts say about their religion. I read about how Islam threatened the entire world and how it was the Western European conversion to Christianity which saved the continent (most of it) from the Islamic hordes and then I see Europeans leaders letting these same types of people displace them in their own country and I think perhaps we’ve gone a bit too far with this respecting other religions nonsense.

It is nonsense, isn’t it? Are we to respect Satanists or Pastafarians? What if someone created a religion that glorifies the torture and execution of children? Do we respect them too? Oddly enough several groups around the globe have glorified this exact same thing. So clearly there must be some limits on which “religions” should be respected and which should be condemned.

But what about MY religion? In a world of cultural appropriation and respect for all, why is my religion not deserving of at least the same respect as anyone else’s.

Example: Christmas

When I worked in the investment world most of the people I worked with were either Jewish or Italian. I was the token employee (German/Irish). It wasn’t that I wasn’t any good at my job I was much better than most I just wasn’t Jewish or Italian so of course there was a ceiling I wasn’t allowed to breach. I digress. The point I wanted to make here is that most of the Jews put Christmas trees in their home during my holiday season. If that isn’t cultural appropriation I don’t know what is. In fact, the Jewish C.E.O. had 3, yes 3 Christmas trees in his home every year one of them was in the garage to greet them when they arrived home. All of them were completely decorated.

People have turned my most important religious holiday into a caravel. Since when is it ok to mock another religion by turning it into an event of gluttony and greed? These things have nothing to do with Christmas. Yet I am expected to accept these things, no embrace them but if a Muslim is offended by a drawing of the person they claim is Gods only prophet, it is perfectly fine for one of them to go on a killing spree. We are told a few nutcases don’t represent an entire religion (mostly by people who don’t understand the Koran). When one of my brothers flips out the entire White race and Christianity is to blame.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It is a recognition of the birth of Gods only begotten son. The tribute was given to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men who understood that the birth of the child would give them tidings of great joy in a world of barbarians has somehow been twisted into a “who can I impress” and “what am I going to get” circus. I see homes covered in lights to celebrate but I don’t see many crucifixes or manger scenes on their front lawns and my guess is very few of those lit up house occupiers will be going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve this year.

Is this what passes for respect for my religion?

If you’re going to mock my religion then you really can’t complain when I mock yours or your lack of one. Perhaps if you are so compelled to celebrate my religion you might want to reconsider your position and let Christ into your heart.

I’ll tell you one thing, I won’t be celebrating your religion because I’m not a hypocrite and I certainly won’t be trying to turn your religion into a circus.

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