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Once upon a time, this writer was opposed to mandated military service for high-school graduates (note: an idea a bit popular in the Reagan era and beyond), but has begun to think such may be a good idea, given how so many social institutions e.g., family, Church, schools, boy-scouts, girl scouts, etc. are doing such a poor job of producing a plethora of adults of moral character¹ i.e., individuals ordered in such a way as to eschew behaviors formerly considered vice (note: they are still vices, but this culture – the culture-of-death – extols vice, and impugns virtue…), and seek behaviors formerly viewed as virtuous… Moreover, a Professor Allen Shoaf – in a blog-post he titled: “No Child Left a Mind” (Professor Shoaf formerly posted blogs at the discontinued blog clearinghouse complained about the fragility of youths today; he claimed a number of students became apoplectic and broke-down (cried) when given assignments e.g., writing term papers… We have encountered a number of “snowflakes,” and considered how boot camp may prove edifying for these particular youths…

¹ We do not argue that the U. S. Military – structured as it presently is – can inculcate moral virtue, but it may engender physical, emotional and mental toughness… Hedonism is just as ubiquitous in the Military as in the wide culture.

Professor Shoaf blamed George W. Bush’s educational program for this new emerging phenomena – let us call it, by borrowing from vernacular – the ‘snowflake-syndrome.’ We did not agree with professor Shoaf’s suggested etiology (causes as to why his – Shoaf’s – students are so namby-pamby) regarding the development of brittle youths, nor do we think that one could claim that the prevalence of delicate souls is confined to youths; this culture has been hot-bedding wimps for a couple generations now – witness it even realized its first POTUS in electing Obama… Anecdotally – we think mental/emotional frailty is prevalent singularly among the young, but we also have witnessed its evidence among other age brackets… So we do not dispute that an alteration in the mental/emotional ruggedness of people may predominate among youths… And it is the youth that is to replace us elderly; thus in the interest of ‘securing’ “the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” we think it prudent to inculcate a bit of John Wayne in our youths…

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Of course – as we noted above –  any remnant immunity that the United States Armed Forces enjoyed from decadent cultural trends was systematically eliminated by President Obama who seemed to be driven to make perverse everything in his reach (Obama’s view of the world – as all ideologues i.e., social-political Leftists – is principally in diametric opposition to a view circumscribed by objective moral principles; Obama – as something of a Nietzschean [ditto the social-political Left] – embraces evil as good², and views good contemptuously, as evil…). Thus, we feared that the United States Military may have received its mortal blow from the policies of the former President and Demon-in-Chief and wondered if any benefit may be derived by the youths undergoing the rigors of boot-camp… In discussing the matter with a number of recently discharged vets, and a number of current active duty personnel, POTUS Trump’s administration is in the process of again making rigorous³” what was made sensitive and PC by Obama…

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² Good we will define as final-cause i.e., the end/goal/purpose for which God intended a thing/entity to find its completion/perfection; Obama – as Nietzsche and Satanists – seek to invert the natural order…

³ In fairness – Obama’s policies did not make the Military displace moral virtue with vice; vice has animated the Military – and the culture wide – for quite some time; Obama just seemed intent upon normalizing and protecting perversity. Unfortunately, “re-corking the bottle” on homosexuality and the advance of LGBQT agenda in the Armed Services will be awfully difficult for POTUS Trump to do, if it can be done ate all, given the courts and the culture…

Boot-camp – formerly – not only was utilized to force recruits to accomplish many, many menial tasks quickly, and with an unreasonable degree precision/perfection – while simultaneously being chided and harangued and being given lessons in “French” (whereby mental/emotional weaknesses are exposed); this was an attempt to weed out or separate the stable from unstable… And of course boot-camp aimed at establishing a baseline of physical fitness (The U.S. Navy was big on marching, marching, marching everywhere at various paces); those which needed to lose weight were placed on a calorie limiting diet, those that were too thin generally gained weight; this writer was amazed that he gained 10 lbs during boot-camp (having weighed 155 as an 18-year-old); must have been all of the marching… Additionally, boot-camp would separate its ‘inmates’ from their beloved social-media (we checked, no phones!). So if boot-camp is as it formerly was, the benefit to its participants may be immeasurable, but likely it would produce better socially adjusted individuals. And as we have stated we were worried that Obama’s changes in the Military may have had long-term consequences; one wondered whether a benefit could be derived by the participant and for society.

As a consequence, we spoke to a number of fellow vets (much younger than us) – whom recently left the military (those to which we spoke claimed they left because Obama’s policies vis-à-vis the military, but also because they expected Hillary to become POTUS), and they have spoken to friends – or relatives – still in the service over the course of the last year. These individuals claim things are reverting back to the pre-Obama rigor. Additionally, we called the local recruiters (Navy, Army, Marines, and Air-Force), and they assured me that boot-camp was returning to its insensitive imperiously demanding days of yore.

We must acknowledge that Military service does not, and cannot, fully order the human-breast in self-possession i.e., in moral virtue, but it may well address the seeming growth and prevalence of ‘wimptatude’ (we borrow from Arnie) among American youths. Thus, we think that for the health and well-being of children matriculating to become adults (i.e., self-sufficient, self-motivated and self-limiting individuals), and for our Nation (which will benefit from a systematic bit of infusion of the Spirit-of-John-Wayne) we believe that a minimum mandated obligated service may be just the ticket…

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