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Lady Justice has been artificially inseminated with liberal rhetoric. We have heard the fetus’s rhythmic heart beat out war threats against all unborn infants. We have heard the demands that funds go to help mother’s carry out an infanticide against their own children… rather than towards supporting the American veterans who have given their lives to make this a free country… given their lives to assure us that in America we still have the right to choose.

We have been reassured by kind hearted liberals that our moral beliefs are just projections of our homophobic, Islamophobic right wing refugee hating culture. We have been called out as laymen when it comes to compassion and told that if we would only leave morality issues to non-Conservative professionals, a better knowing, peace loving, globalistic empire awaits us. If we would just roll over and ignore jihadists who torture others around the world… try not to think about how we were attacked on our own soil on 9/11, and buy the fact that aborting America’s babies is best for our nations children… then everything would be fine. Just lay still and they will get the doctor.

George Washington said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” And that’s where we were for a season.
But seasons only last for a reason. When the American people cried out to the Lord to be delivered from the cloying wickedness upon the land, He answered.

Like He always does, He answered. He pulled the hearts of the American people out of the liberal fire. And what liberals thought was a smoldering ember grew into an elephant and then.. the elephant TRUMPeted.

Have you noticed that this article is jam packed with its’ own rhetoric? Do I do this because I want to fall under the hypnotic entanglement of hypocrisy as I call others out for what I do myself? I hope not. The purpose of this article is not to involve myself in identity politics but rather to examine the rhetoric of those who wield it to take away the rights of the unborn, encourage perversity, and make death threats against the God placed positioning of the President of the United States. Do I support this President because I am a white racist supremacist who wants the US to deny entrance to hurting refugees? Not so much… I know enough about history to acknowledge that Hitler and his troops weren’t too fond of Jews like me.

I challenge the rhetoric of the left because they have stolen our words… stolen our voices and I believe the elephant has more to say. We are PRO-CHOICE! That is our word! We are the ones who don’t burn our country’s flag because we believe the American lives that paid for freedom of voice actually mean something. We believe that our veterans ought be taken care of rather than sacrificed on the altar of liberal’s next egotistical selfie taking, baby killing, fund stealing fraud.

We CHOOSE to stand with the statue of Liberty as she welcomes refugees to our great big SAFE country. We choose the protective measures of immigrant vetting to protect not only our families, but also to protect refugees around the world who will be in need of a terrorist free country. We choose to see America become great again rather than support politically high activists who are looking for their next fix to see America hate again.

We renounce your cardboard platforms of left wing ideologies that somehow turn heroes into villains and terrorists into victims. We refuse to shoot the drug of liberalism into our veins and become a people without the right to CHOOSE conscience.

We are a PRO-CHOICE people… we’re taking our signs back… and we extend an invitation for you to march with us.


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