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Is there NO shame now in the Republican Party, or the lack thereof? I have been a conservative all my life and I vote republican with the party. Sometimes I do not like the person but I take the road to support the conservative party in the republican races, putting my personal differences aside. I am wondering just how long the party can survive with many of the so-called republican turn coats, supporting the democrats and their liberal, money grubbing practices. The liberals have destroyed this country, caused more jobs to leave for other countries, raising the national debt to more than all the debt in the last fifty years. How much more destruction must occur before the republican party members decide to get back to their senses, work together for the betterment of the party and the nation. Perhaps they want some of the corrupt money and the under-table deals to go to their own person foundation, such as the Clinton’s foundation, that has prospered so well in the past 20 years.

As a Republican, I am now ashamed of many of the so-called leaders of who say they are Republicans. A true Republican, a real conservative does not turn his back on the party, even though he does not see eye to eye with the party and its elected candidates of whom the Republican Party voters chose! Unfortunately, today’s politicians and leaders voted into office by the people, forget who pays their salaries, their expenses, the big luxury automobiles they drive. Once voted into office, many of the Republicans, are so-called Republicans of today’s political scene, adopt their own agenda and the only fighting that they do is for their own betterment, and the sweetheart deals that line their pockets, bank accounts, as well as their prestige in the eye of public including in the chambers of the White House!

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are now showing their true colors and their lack of responsibility,and their inability as representatives. After all, they were voted into office by the people of the United States of America. It is now more important to fit in with the “ Good old boys, “ rather than to stand up and do the job they were voted into office to do. They need to work to earn the generous salaries and benefits that comes with being voted to represent the people that pay them. If you are voted into office by the people, then by God stand up and do your job, the job that you are paid to do and do the job to the best of your ability!

There are a large number of so-called Republicans serving in the house and the Senate that should be fired due to incompetence as well as insubordination! Many of these representatives seem to have forgotten who the “ Boss “ is and will be for the duration of their term in office. Perhaps the threat of impeachment has been diminished to a degree where there is no fear, no repercussions or accountabilities. In today’s political arena, integrity, trust and responsibility is no more than a metaphor!

Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Kasich and many, many more are shining examples of irresponsibility, fundamental failure, showing themselves to the voters as self-serving Washington insider politicians. When politicians become too comfortable in their job as a politician/representative of the people,  there is an imminent need for term limits. Consequently, these term limitations are so afar, the Washington insiders, and career politicians, fear not! It is now a scarce repercussion for dereliction of duty by any politician in today’s political climate.

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, the Democratic Party was known as the party of the people. The Democratic Party was the largest political party in the United States. With the coming of the 1960s, and the election of John F. Kennedy, the last of the true democrats, the nature of the Democratic Party began to see unhealthy changes as the liberals sought to gain control. With the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic Party began moving to the left, abandoning its stance as the party of the people. In the years that followed and to present day, the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class people of America, becoming a party most akin to socialism. Over the years since this event was born and the media became more and more dominant, the two major parties, Democrat and Republican bore new identities. The Republican Party began moving more in the direction of the common people, the working class people of the United States, while the Democratic Party moved to the left, bringing about the liberal existence that it displays in today’s political arena. The Republican Party is the conservative party, the conservative party that supports the conservative agenda of the working class in today’s United States of America.

The news media, CBS, NBC, ABC, along with their affiliates, alone with publications such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other newspaper publications have developed their own agenda, “Play for pay,” in essence, you pay, we play. The astronomical amounts of money filtered into the pockets of these entities unfairly bias the voters, therefore, urging them to vote in favor of the corrupt medias pay and we play candidate. With millions coming into the medias coffers, voters see the ads then vote accordingly. Over the last three decades, the Democrats have had their cake and eat it too scenario, of which is most prominent in today’s political arena, it is now pro quote, therefore allowing the contributors, the millionaires, the billionaires to reap the benefits as their liberal candidate is voted into office! PEOPLE, WE MUST STAND UNANIMOUSLY, WE MUST BRING THIS PRACTICE TO A PERMANENT halt!!! We the people, must go to the polls and vote for what is good for the United States of America! We must vote out and stop the agenda that has taken command in US politics of today!



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