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Fraudulent conservatives and Republican RINO’s have at long last revealed their true liberal colors as Congressional Republicans have reached an agreement on the 1-trillion dollar spending bill to fund government operations for the next 4 months. The agreement is a sharp repudiation of President Trump’s proposal to cut $1.2 billion from the federal budget in the current fiscal year.

While approving a budget that includes significant funds to Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, and all variety of government waste, Republicans who control both the House and Senate have rejected President Trump’s budget proposals by rejecting his proposed cuts to a wide variety of federal programs and have refused to fund the southern border wall with Mexico.

The rubber has met the road and Republicans have proven themselves to be part of our national problem and not the solution – President Trump has been stabbed in the back by his supposed Republican allies.

The now-approved budget includes, among other government abuses and spending inefficiencies:

  1. 120 million dollars to Barack Obama’s Precision Medical Initiative
  2. 110 million dollars to Barack Obama’s BRAIN Initiative
  3. Protects Planned Parenthood from the Trump administration’s proposed funding cuts
  4. 295 million dollars to Puerto Rico’s Medicaid program

The spending agreement is a firm repudiation of the Trump administration’s vision of a much leaner federal research program. Despite the President’s attempts to reduce government wast, Republican Congress had claimed Trump was unreasonable in requesting a $1.2 billion cut within a budget Congress had largely negotiated before the 2016 presidential election. As they put it when he proposed the cuts and as they have now proven: “It’s not going to happen.”

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