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As I listen to President Trump on his action of signing the current omnibus bill, I am left with no other conclusion than he is really not as strong a leader as many seem to believe him to be. He signed this terrible bill for all the wrong reasons and lamented its exclusion of terrible other items, like DACA, but nowhere did he castigate these do-nothing “leaders” for adding a bad gun control act called “NICS”; this bill is all smoke and mirrors and the 33 miles of added funding for border fencing is just that – a fence, not a wall.
This bill continues to fund Planned Parenthood too. — Oh — And Sanctuary Cities Too.
Really? What happened to all Trump’s talk about “defunding” sanctuary cities???
And how many more times are we going to provide border wall funding only to see a lesser plan offered and implemented for less money and the appropriated money simply disappear??? Into someone’s pockets???
Trump should have refused to sign this bill and let the chips fall where they may. He may know construction and big business, but he’s terrible when it comes to policy on funding government and many other items.
Whose side is the GOP really on and when are they going to start keeping their promises? This is not REPRESENTATION.
Trump says he’ll “Never Sign Another Bill Like This One” … Wanna Bet???
If this is what we are paying for folks, You’d be better off to break out the axes, knives and pitchforks on the front steps of the Capitol Building in DC and have a good tar and feather party for the criminal pigs and traitors to their oaths to the Constitution and America.
Trump called this a matter of national security because of the military spending involved, which is just a damn lie. If this bill wasn’t passed, the military wouldn’t have been in any danger of ceasing operations and it’s asinine to even hint at such. The real national security issue at hand is that this takes us one step closer to another massive economic collapse, greater than 1929 or 2008 either one. What are they going to do when this actually happens, because they refuse to control the federal government’s out-of-control spending???
Daniel Horowitz of ‘Conservative Review’ writes: “Taken in totality, this bill validates, legitimizes, and codifies the world view of the Democrats, only with slightly less enthusiasm. Which is why the Democrats are crushing Republicans in turnout so far this election season. This bill will essentially end Republican control of Congress.”
This bill is conclusive evidence that House and Senate Republicans are whistling by the political graveyard, because they seem to be unaware that the content and means they used to pass this bill will turn off their base.
This is the bottom line: If you are a conservative voter and your party just passed a bill that funds a number of liberal priorities while busting the budget, would you bother to knock on doors for them this fall? Nope.
 If this is what they call “Representation”, I say no thanks. We’re better off without them. It’s time to abandon both parties and vote for only those common sense, conservative and honorable Statesmen, who we have yet to find and who will adhere to the nation’s Founding Principles, the Constitution and those things in our historical beginnings that are proven to work to build great prosperity and greater liberty for all. This doesn’t bode well for the future of America. It appears conservative values are dead in our government, as all the GOP pays them lip service and then promptly ignore them in their votes. This is pushing middle America into an untenable position where I see a real necessity for a rebellion at some point in the not too distant future, unless Americans start electing real conservative Constitutional minded Statesmen of honor, who will restore America under the Original Intent of Our Founders.

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