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Over the weekend, several people in France were taken into custody because of involvement in planned terrorist attacks in Paris. The intelligence communities in Europe, Israel and in the United States received tremendous amounts of warnings regarding imminent threats on cities in western Europe that are targets before the Christmas season, during the Christmas season, and right into the New Year!


We aren’t just talking about an isolated terror attack, we’re talking about the injection of millions of new Muslims in Europe. We’re talking about a religious war in Europe right now. The State Dept. just issued a warning either not to go to those places or to exercise extreme caution! This impending Religious War is ignored by mainstream media! Now is the time to forewarn friends, family, armed forces personnel, embassy workers, educators and contacts in Europe!


The targets are the Christmas markets in the European cities. Markets where they sell Christmas trinkets and Christmas ornaments, frequented by children and elderly. And where they sell Christmas punch, the warm alcoholic beverages to which Europeans are traditionally accustomed.


“We’re bracing toward something very, very big,” reveals researcher Amir Tsarfati. “Some of the security agencies already approached the merchants in those markets and asked they please try to hide crosses and figures of Jesus and maybe those Nativity sets, because that offends the Muslims. Even the drinking of the alcohol punch is going to offend them.”  Statues surrounding and within Europe’s churches, religious and cultural heritage sites, are also at risk!


It’s not just a terror attack. It’s something much bigger. We see something extraordinary in Europe right now. It’s a religious war. A flood of Muslim immigrants, the high Muslim birth rate, the proxy role to de-stabilize and de-nationalize for globalists, and an obsessive quest for an Islamic Eurabia contribute to this arising Religious War!


Muslim institutions are taking over in Europe what used to be Christian, reports Tsarfati. In the Netherlands, in just one county, out of 270 churches, 250 are now either active mosques or are shut down. The fact that churches are turning into mosques has occurred in history many, many times and now we see it again!


In Manchester, England, we see Methodist and Anglican churches desecrated into mosques! Marseilles, France, already has 73 mosques so far! This is all just the beginning of a very, very aggressive way of the Muslim presence in Europe.


“Two vectors are operating right now in Europe,” warns Tsarfati. “We see the very strong Islamic vector and a very strong liberal vector. The Islamic vector wants to impose its religion in Europe. The liberal vector wants to erase its religion from Europe, saying Christianity shouldn’t be emphasized. Indeed, in Norway they are thinking about removing their cross from the flag. The neo-liberals want to destroy all religious symbols – while the very strong Islamic presence is taking over.” That is a recipe for a weak Europe as judicial supremacists in Europe want to get rid of all religious symbolism, as enemies of both Islam and Christianity.


Again, what is happening now in Europe is so big that security agencies already approached merchants in markets of European cities and asked they “Please try to hide crosses and figures of Jesus and maybe those Nativity sets, because that offends the Muslims.” The Moor’s return to make ruins of the Christian faith is at hand!


Cruelly demonstrated through the centuries and now in the 21st century, all Muslims are iconoclasts. To them –  as Islam aggressively threatens and imposes its will against traditional Christians of all ages – religious imagery of God, Christ, saint, or even crosses are idolatrous and assumed to contradict God’s command against “making graven images.” But Muslims overlook God’s commanding Moses to make religious statues in Exodus.


For many centuries up to today, traditional Christians insist: “We don’t worship statues or icons. We venerate them, just as we venerate the flag of our nation or a photo of our parents.” Saint John of Damascus stated that rejecting icons of Christ was a rejection of his humanity. It was a form of the Monophysite heresy. To have right theology, one needs images of the humanity of Christ.  Over a billion Christians wholeheartedly believe this.


Catholic and Orthodox Christianity celebrates theology and devotion through art, though wrongly accused of “idolatry.” Their veneration (not adoration) of holy images is solidly based in the Christology of the early Church. The Council of Nicea II in 787 AD validated the veneration (not adoration or worship) of artistic images.


But unlike the Beatles, aggressive Islam now in Europe refuses to sing “Let It Be.” Rather, as major security agencies now warn across Europe, a major Religious War across Europe is imminent and only days away. It is a cowardly Islamic strategy – to destroy and steal European property and land – intended before President-elect Trump is sworn into office in January, 2017.


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