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Wrote this note to a Catholic group (this writer is a member) – a few years back – in an attempt to sober them up regarding the “lateness of the day” i.e., eschatology i.e., the end of the age; the meeting was contentious…

Hi All!
I want to open by apologizing to you, for not allowing you to clearly articulate your position regarding Islam. In the short note which follows I hope to relate my concern with the Church, the culture, the Church’s refusal to address the ubiquitous Western cultural moral decay and its vulnerability/susceptibility; this concern was partially expressed/addressed in an essay titled: “Chestertonian Heresy, American Jurisprudence and the end of Western Culture” which I sent to you all earlier today, as I published it on my blog… When discussing Islam yesterday – I made some mention of Islam’s founder, Mohammed, but you – as a group – cut me off, as you made comments regarding the founder of Christianity (i.e., Jesus Christ)… Contrasting these founders is relevant, and reveals much…

Jesus Christ – if one contemplates and juxtaposes Mohammed with the Lord, one will note them as in diametric opposition. It seems that – historians report that Mohammed took notes from Satan (remembering Mohammed thought he wrestled with the devil) – in the desert – following his wrestling match (being told by his “lieutenants” that his grappling was ‘with the angel Gabriel,’ rather than Lucifer) and becoming his (Lucifer’s) student, advocate and founder of what would then seem to be Satan’s religion, since – according to Mohammed – it was Satan/Lucifer that described the religion of Islam to Mohammed… Those which observed Mohammed – while in, and on the occasion of his trances – would later correct Mohammed regarding his “mistaken” wrestling opponent… Jesus too contended with Satan in the desert, but Jesus rejects, defeats Satan and refuses the “throne” (earthly conquest) which Satan offers; instead, Jesus chooses to do his Father’s Will, which requires his sacrifice, and death on the Cross… Mohammed seems to have accepted Satan’s offer, but was to come to believe – through his lieutenants/acolytes – it was God’s messenger, the angel Gabriel…

We could develop the contrasts between the founders and the faiths, but we only desire to point to the God concept which is descriptive of Allah; Muslim’s hold that Allah’s will may be separated – or in contradiction with – the good, and the true i.e., Allah is not bound – like Yahweh – by the good or by any of his own laws e.g., Qur’an 5:64 states: “The Jews say: ‘Allah’s hand is chained.’ May their own hands be chained! May they be cursed for what they say! By no means. His hands are both outstretched: He bestows as He will

Thus, Allah is not bound by anything like the good, the truth or by logical consistency. Allah is not rational; moreover, Muslim clerics seem quite gleeful in the irrationality which emanates from the Qur’an; it makes Muslims unapproachable on a rational/reasonable ground i.e., one has about the same chance of reasoning your way out of a hungry lion’s den, as you have of convincing a true follower of the prophet Mohammed that – as an infidel – you should not be murdered once the worldwide caliphate arrives and the Jizya tax is repealed…

In the discussion/argument yesterday I would have added a number of salient points to my comments, if time and the group’s members had permitted; because I fear that we are – in fact – welcoming to our Nation an invasion force thinking that – because most Muslims ‘appear’ open to domestication – that it is moral and just to defend, and promote their entry into the USA; thinking it bigotry to oppose their welcome.

During the Republican Primary campaign I favored Rick Santorum because he most soberly and succinctly addressed the followers of Islam; Santorum noted that Islam is a religion, and ideology and a political movement which aims at worldwide dominance; Santorum further states when a good i.e., devout Muslim, must choose to obey the United States Constitution or the teachings of Islam, he must follow Islam, or else he/she may be viewed by Allah as an apostate or infidel… Presently, Muslims represent roughly 1% of the U.S population; should that number swell to say 5% (roughly 16.5 million) or 10% (roughly 33 million), and the peaceful Muslims turn upon this Nation…? Wouldn’t Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese Emperor Hirohito have liked their odds – against the United States – if 5-10% of our populace were zealots (with a death-wish) of German, Italian, and Japanese heritage/nationality?

The following begins with a note* excerpted from Chestertonian Heresy, American Jurisprudence, and the end of Western Culture; we include the note here because it is apropos.

* The immigration is ongoing, when sufficient numbers have entered our borders – we look to European Nations and history as a guide to “see” the future, if our Country’s path be not altered – the passive campaign˜ of peaceful Muslims will give way to the active demands for greater accommodation of their particular religious lifestyle – including Sharia Law; as the moral and spiritual decline of the United States continues apace (since Christian Churches, to include the Catholic Church – have largely amended Christ’s teaching so as to accommodate – rather than render anything, but tepid criticism the culture-of-death) coupled with the attendant decay of the family… Note that the peaceful Muslims will be not only be instructed by Muslim clerics to join the radical element in Jihad, they will see the measured responses of Government as weakness and think their best interest lays with those sure of their purpose i.e., the radical Jihadists.
˜ Such wording intimates a conscious strategy, but we argue the peaceful Muslims likely have no intention of joining the radicals; however, once radicals Muslims – sufficient in numbers – emerge in a Nation cowed (i.e., fearfulness would be displayed by organs of Government which would act to placate/mollify these radicals, and such actions may in the short-term work…), by these radicals – in their zealotry/fanaticism – then joining the Jihad may become irresistible…”

Additional points, all which militate against any long-term peaceful coexistence with Islam:
1.) The very, practiced ritual life of Muslims is rather militaristic (e.g., to the prayer rugs…); in the United States Military drill and ceremony were instituted by Eric von Steuben – at the behest of George Washington; Washington recognized the need for his Army to be disciplined. Muslims are disciplined, via their faith.

2.) Islam cannot coexist in a pluralistic and immoral culture like that of the United States or the West; they will either surrender their faith to the culture of death (as most of us Christians have…), or they will sequester themselves away from us infidels with dissolute lifestyles. Muslims know most professed Christians – in the West – are not really Christians because they understand faith as action; just like early Christians understood! Such an understanding of the Christian faith animates those (Catholics, and other Christians denominations) which are being martyred today – in the non-Western countries. Muslims look at Christians, which engage in the same actions, advocacies, and lifestyles as non-Christians, and know them as apostates to their avowed faith. Muslims will not tolerate the cultural influence upon their faith community and will sequester themselves, but eventually, they will confront this culture, and when they do, they will have increased their number significantly and insinuated (embedded) themselves within our institutions so as to prevent their easy extraction.

3.) Because Christianity – to include Catholicism – has decided to follow a path which seems emotionally appealing to the big-hearted (This is the learn Jesus, Love Jesus, and Live Jesus crowd… A “personal relationship with Jesus crowd”… Is their Jesus the Jesus of the gospel? Or is it the Jesus remaining after they have edited difficult passages from Scripture?), we expect the Church, the family, the society and the culture to continue along the path toward dissolution, making itself more susceptible to being bullied into submission.

4.) We mentioned previously, but one ought to reflect for a moment what response We The People may be able to muster to institutions which favor Islam’s advance while placing legal impediments in the path of those Catholics and Christians which attempt to recover moral culture; thus a certain legal/institutional inhibition is imposed upon Christians, but Islam is covertly – even overtly – promoted in our Nation. Such is occurring today, and such is expected to continue…

5.) We suggest that is likely that many peaceful Muslims do not know their faith well (like so many Christians and Catholic Christians know not their avowed faith), but they know their faith’s rituals. Should these simple, devout, ritualistic Muslims live in the United States – witnessing enough of our secular culture, to be sickened by its appalling moral bankruptcy – and then those same simple, devout and ritualistic Muslims be apprised (apprised by clerics who have determined that the USA is sufficiently morally weakened to successfully launch an insurgency, so as to place the banner of Islam over the Whitehouse/the Nation’s Capital…) that Al Qaeda and ISIS actually reflect the authentic teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, why would those Muslims –sickened by our moral decadence – not see it their duty to us, and Allah, to rescue us from meaningless lives, devoted to vanity and vain pursuits? Some Muslims consider killing an infidel to be merciful…

6.) Islam is focused upon the afterlife, and rewards in their hereafter are more abundant for those which murder (it is not actually murder, for Muslims it is mercy…) as many infidels as they may… What appeal does our secular culture have for Muslims, other than an opportunity to proselytize for Allah? Initially, the proselytization will be peaceful, but it may eventually be at the sword’s edge…

In closing, we wish to point out that bigotry e.g., racism is a particularized form of injustice, and some may think this writer has an antipathy for Muslims, but such is not the case. This writer fears lions, tigers, and bears – even peaceful lions, tigers and bears – because they are feral animals, and may be fine with you one moment, and in the next moment they may begin to devour your entrails; I see an analogue^ amongst with Muslims, even those ostensibly Westernized. Thus, this writer hasn’t any antipathy for lions, tigers or bears, he respects that which they are, and what their nature renders them capable of doing. The Islamic religion orders the soul of its adherents whereby reason of the infidel does not, and cannot alter doctrine; doctrine trumps reason, but Islam teaches ritualized restraint until restraint is no longer thought necessary, by its clerics…

Those which may alter their conduct because they have been instructed that the alteration is necessary for the true believer; to deny that a faithful Muslim will obey a respected cleric – a cleric citing Islamic teaching, albeit teaching which may at present be arcane (i.e., know only to Muslim clerics and scholars), but which will be ubiquitously promulgated on the occasion in question as he (the cleric) indicates the need for the alteration – is to disrespect the Muslim’s devotion to their faith… The faithful Muslim obeys!

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