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It is difficult to make sense of anything that has been in the news this past week; no, I correct that, this past two or three years. And add to that to the shooting death of five (5) police officers in Dallas, Texas. Such a tragic and horrific event.

I recently mentioned my questioning of the Black Community and their “poor me” attitude.  They feel oppressed. Really??? What about the Gay community? How would you (the Black community) feel if your own family turned against you. How would you feel if being Black was against the law? (as Homosexuality was in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s). How would you like to have people pass you on the street and look with a very disgusted and disapproving look? Is your family ashamed of you? I do not refer to my family here.  But I know of many that were actually disowned by their family. I know of many, many who have committed suicide because of non-acceptance, many very young people.

We are who we are. We are who God made us to be. I cannot accept the much quoted words that the Bible says differently. The Bible was written many years ago, and Jesus’ words have been interpreted, not only in the original writings, but in every new “interpretation” since. We are not seeing the actual words of Jesus, or his disciples, but rather another’s interpretation of what was said and/or meant. Interpreting the Bible is a monumental and difficult task, especially when the English language, or any other, was completely different at that time.

I am not a racist, nor do I want to be (whatever a racist actually is).  We are all bigots, discriminators, and whatever other name you wish to give to any one group that disagrees with, or does not live as, the majority. Many among us seem to take pleasure in calling names, pointing fingers, and otherwise singling out one particular sector of Society that is different from their own.

But now, things are getting violent.  Have you noticed, or realized, that most of this violence started during the last eight years.  I blame Barack Obama. He is not of the Negro race.  He is mixed, as his mother was Caucasian/White, and his father was African (Kenyan) Black. He tried to hide his mother’s race, I believe, to influence the vote from the Black community. And he was successful.  The Black community considers him to be “one of them”.

In the election process he received the vast majority of votes within the Black communities. His presence in the Oval Office gave the Black community a feeling of importance they had never known.  And it may very well have elevated their sense of self and a need to be recognized.  Whatever it instilled, I dare say that the episodes of violence and protests have seriously risen. And this always coincides with the shooting or injuring of a Black person.  The community does not wait for all evidence to be in and examined.  They portray the Police as guilty until proven innocent.  And even if proven innocent, they will not accept that. As far as they are concerned any injury or death involving a Policeman/woman, is intentionally perpetrated on the Black person.

And our esteemed President Obama, does nothing to quell the angry protests.  No; he actually appears to chime in and agree with the community.  He is also using each occurrence of gun violence to further his agenda to take ALL guns away from law abiding citizens and sportsman.  He certainly must realize that a criminal-type will always get a gun when he wants one, albeit illegally if necessary.

I would not be surprised if some outside influence was actually responsible for these protests.  After all, it has been proven that the protesters in Ferguson, MO. Were actually paid to march and protest.

Quite honestly I strongly feel that the Black community should step back and look at the whole picture.  How is it that a vast number of Blacks have achieved success and acclaim, who also have reached many high offices.  It wasn’t handed to them as they (the average Black community) expect today. They had to work for it as anyone else. America is the land of opportunity, not the land of lazy. Opportunities must be learned, worked for, and worked at.

What scares me today is the possible outcome of the upcoming election. It could, and will, make matters worse if the electorate choses the Democratic Liberalism as put forth by Obama, Clinton, and/or Sanders. It will most definitely be continued by Hillary Clinton.  But who is to stop her.  It certainly appears that she and her husband “own” or control many in a position of power today.


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