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Another Sunny Saturday in the Adirondacks. Waiting for what they tell us will be a significant amount of snow. I’ll wait until I wake up Monday morning and look out the window. If the weather folks are right, then I’ll light a fire, open the wine, and find a good book. The roads will be passable in a couple days, and then I can get on with my life.

In the meantime, taking a break from my book, I will peruse the news, and try to separate the “fake” from the reality. I remember sadly, the time when we could depend on the press to keep us informed. But, realizing the competition that they now have, what with the Internet and the public media, i.e. FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and all the rest, I understand their fervor in attempting to get our attention but cannot accept the lies.

I do watch my local channels, and some of the others on the Internet, but I depend on FOX for the reality. I have watched these last few evenings, and witnessed the “thank you tour” of President-elect Trump. I have been supportive of Mr. Trump, although I do have my reservations. But the alternatives were out of the question.

He said all that we wanted to hear. He is putting a lot on his plate, although I will say he is gathering a cabinet of very responsible and trustworthy people. As he is a successful businessman, I had always expected that of him. My only hope, at this time, is that he is not a ‘micro-manager’, and allows these folks to do their job. They all seem very respectful of him, and that is a good sign.

When he has been giving his speeches on this tour, I am reminded of the High School football coach, speaking at a rally before the big game. He is inspiring and adamant about his plans for the future of our Country. He has successfully aroused our patriotism and enthusiasm. He is giving us renewed hope for the future. Not the “hope and change” we have heard in the past. Mr. Trump has outlined how he plans to lead us to a renewed America. He has been specific about the changes that must be made. He is a New York born and educated man, and I have no doubt he loves his Country. He reminds us this is OUR movement, not his sole agenda. He has heard the American people and he understands their complaints and desires.

President-elect Donald Trump is not just another Billionaire Businessman, seeking to join the Politically Correct Establishment to ensure himself a more powerful stance in his world. He is also a loving father and grandfather, who is ready to turn over his accomplishments to his children, and pursue his passion for his Country.

I am more enthused now than I was before. Previously I was just avidly against the powerful Social Democrats that were trying to advance their agenda on the USA!

Now I am hoping that the true Democrats, like the FDR’s, the TRUMAN’S, the JFK’s, and the many, many, more that came before them, and the descendants that have come after them, return to being a part of this “Movement” that Mr. Trump has inspired. We have been severely divided by the events of the past years. Many have lost their way. Let us hope and pray that we will find the “….good-ole-USA….”.



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