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With Syria being in the news and Trumps action there, it is long past time to review the decisions that Barrack Obama and John Kerry made on Syria, which they have lied about to the American people for years.

Let’s have a little fun, go back and take a look at what really took place in Syria during Obama’s presidency and Kerry’s stewardship at our State Department.

In 2013 John Kerry made an astonishing diplomatic blunder at a conference about Syrian chemical weapons in Geneva. Without much thought, Kerry made an off the cuff remark about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, maybe after sip or two of an adult beverage.

He suggested that if Assad took it upon himself to turn over his complete stockpile of chemical weapons in the next week, he could avoid an attack by Obama (an attack by Obama, what a joke). Wow, in other words our then Secretary of State suggested to the Russian Foreign Minister he was happy to have Assad take the responsibility for the removal of Assad’s chemical weapons from Assad’s Syria, with Vladimir Putin as the guarantor of that solution.

Well why not Obama’ first Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had told us Assad was a “Reformer” during her term as Secretary of State.

Within hours, after getting spanked by the State Department and members of Congress, Kerry tried to retract his foolish words by saying they were just a “rhetorical statement” and not a valid proposal, he then added that Assad “cannot be trusted to take such action”; how about our Secretary of State cannot be trusted not to open mouth and insert foot.

Of course Assad and his buddy Putin barged right through Kerry’s open door. The next day Assad, Putin and Minister Lavrov caught everyone off guard by gleefully accepting our diplomatically challenged Secretary of State’s foolish offer. Putin and Assad said it was actually workable, of course it was for them, it put those two bad actors right in the wheelhouse that gave them the freedom to steer their chemical weapons removal into whatever hidden grotto they saw fit. But as we will see Obama couldn’t turn them down.

Members of the Senate blasted Kerry’s faux pas calling the deal “morally and strategically indefensible.” “It requires a willful suspension of disbelief to see this agreement as anything other than the start of a diplomatic blind alley. The Senators went on to say, the Obama administration is being led into that blind alley by Bashar Assad and Vladimir Putin.” We have unfortunately seen how right those Senators were.

After Obama’s “Don’t cross my Red Line or there will be enormous consequences” and “If you cross my Red Line that would change my calculus” boasting and then when Assad blew that Red Line up with more chemical attacks, Obama was between a rock and a hard place. Who really believed Obama had the intention of doing anything in the way of a military attack if he could possibly get out of doing it.

Obama by that time knew he had let his alligator mouth overload his humming bird ass. After Obama pulled all American troops out of Iraq, his political base would have gone bat spit if their messiah started any military involvement in Syria. The U.S. Congress never would have wanted to let this amateur “tough guy” be in a position to put us into that conflict anyway.

As we saw during the rest of Obama’s failed presidency, he had no idea how to accomplish anything of military importance or value. But Obama demonstrated such overweening hubris about military matters that he paid little attention to his military commanders advice and made foolish decisions and statements about military issues (i.e. he told the Talban, “I will have all our troops out of Afghanistan in 2014”, the Talban said thank you – “ISIS is the J.V. team, nothing to worry about” –“I do not have a strategy to defeat ISIS”, he never did – etc.).

Obama had bragged, “I don’t have to go to Congress for permission for an attack on Syria” and then when it appeared Assad didn’t care about Obama’s attack threats, and Assad used chemical weapons once more, suddenly Obama realized he might have to back up his swaggering attack words with an actual attack, he then hurriedly reversed himself and basically told the world “I have to get permission from Congress to attack Syria”. President Obama had no passion for any military action anywhere. He was desperately hoping Congress would not give him permission for an attack (they wouldn’t have) but he wasn’t quite sure about that and then Kerry made his diplomatic goof.

Obama grabbed Kerry’s diplomatic blunder and Putin and Assad’s deceitful agreement with that blunder, like a drowning man grabbing a life preserver; and the subversion began.
The Obama/Kerry, Assad/Putin deal was ridiculous on its face. The first part of the deal was that Syria renders a full accounting of all its chemical weapons. Syria was being torn apart in a vicious civil war. Assad’s Syria was no longer in control of many areas of Syria. There were many groups, including radical Islamists fighting Assad. It was known that some of Assad’s enemy’s might have chemical weapons. Syria was expected to provide:

• A comprehensive listing, including names, types and quantities of its chemical weapons agents, types of munitions, and location and form of storage, production and research and development of facilities.
• The time table for all of that accounting was ONE WEEK!
• If Assad had actually gotten rid of his chemical weapons that would have meant his Syrian enemies might still have some. There was no deal on the table for them. Assad and Putin never intended to fulfill the Obama/Kerry deal.

It was in the kingdom of fantasy land any of that could be accomplished in that time frame and it never was intended to happen.

But Obama and Kerry were more than relieved to turn the responsibility for the removal of Assad’s chemical weapons over to Putin, Assad and the United Nations; it threw away that rock and removed that hard place; Putin, Assad and the U.N. my goodness, what a collection of honest brokers.

Were some of those chemical weapons destroyed or removed from Syria because of that agreement, of course they were. Were they all destroyed or removed from Syria, hell no they weren’t. Putin and Assad weren’t stupid they fully understood they were in the primary power position to remove, destroy or conceal any chemical weapons in Syria; Obama and Kerry weren’t stupid either, just as usual being cunning, scheming and unscrupulous to look good. Obama and Kerry knew they had no ability to confirm the destruction and removal of all of those weapons. But it gave them a platform to tell the American public how brilliant they were. The lies and deceit began once more on Syria.

Obama and Kerry gladly surrendered the responsibility to insure the chemical weapons removal was given to Putin and Assad. Obama and Kerry couldn’t stand the political heat they knew was coming, they absolutely knew Assad would continue to launch chemical weapons attacks and any further “Red Lines” from Obama would have been tied around his neck. The Obama administration then eagerly turned its back on what was happening in Syria; what a betrayal, politically, morally and for humanity.

To put this in a little perspective, can you imagine if it had been Trump that had put Putin and Assad in charge of that chemical weapons removal in Syria? OMG.

The sideshow with the U.N. and a few U.S. observers to monitor and insure the chemical weapons removal was claptrap, Putin and Assad totally concealed whatever amount of chemical weapons they decided were required for their purposes (it is now estimated in 2017 there are still over 3 tons of chemical weapons in Syria).

Now listen once more to the bloviating lies from speeches by Obama, Kerry and Rice promising due to their political expertise, chemical weapons were no longer in Syria and they had accomplished that great deed without any military conflict. But we now know Obama did nothing to validate those promises and Kerry lied some more. As we shall see, their lies and cowardly withdrawal have led to many more cruel and dreadful deaths for the people of Syria.

Then we have had the burden of listening to the disgusting spectacle of Obama, Kerry and their liar in chief, Susan Rice telling all that due to their expert and decisive accomplishments there were no chemical weapons in Assad’s Syria . Their zero veracity lectures droned on to make sure we understood, due to their dazzling diplomacy, they accomplished everything without any need for military action. Honest folks those chemical weapons were all gone; just more misinformation, disinformation, half-truths and dammed lies from Obama and his puppets. Is everyone as tired of listening to their bullspit as I am?

And as we have seen again recently, they have once more blatantly attempted to sustain their smoke and mirrors porkies concerning their facts (lies) about Syria’s chemical weapons removal.

If we had honest and patriotic media, information subversion at this level could never take place; it is obvious we do not. Our corporately controlled corrupt media has an enormous amount of chicanery to answer for. I live in hope that someday soon they will be compelled to do just that.

From 2012 thru 2017 there have been many chemical weapons attacks in Syria. All of those chemical weapons attacks, except the April 2017 attack, occurred during Barrack Obama’s presidency. Not all of them we were done by Assad, some were done by other radical Islamists fighting Assad. However without any doubt, the great majority were Assad’s barbarous decisions. Obama ignored his responsibility as President of the United States and did nothing of significance to stop those attacks. As you read on remember that lack of responsibility.

On 4 April 2017 Bashar al-Assad conducted another chemical weapons attack on his Syrian population. To Assad it was of no consequence that Sarin gas attacks had been internationally outlawed for decades; Assad knew that Russian President Putin would back him in the April attack as he had backed him in the far too many gas attacks Assad had perpetrated on people who were against his corrupt and brutal government. Just another atrocity ho- hum.

After Obama’s embarrassing crumple on his “Red Line” threats, Putin and Assad had lost any fear of a critical U.S. response. Assad with Putin’s backing continued the use of gas weapons against Assad’s people with the United States doing nothing to stop them under the Obama presidency. The United States had no influence on their deadly attack plans. Under President Obama, “Our friendship was not valued and our enmity was not feared.”

In 2016 we had the election of a new President who was immediately under heavy fire from what is supposed to be a “Loyal Opposition” the Democrat Party (what a joke), and a corrupt media who was revealed to have cooperated with Donald Trump’s rival for the Presidency, Hillary Clinton. During her presidential campaign some of our important media had become a tool for Hillary’s campaign. I guess Putin and Assad felt they didn’t have any worries about any action toward them by President Trump, he would be far too busy defending himself; bad decision.
April 4th 2017 Assad launches a terrible Sarin gas attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun. That attack causes appalling pain and suffering to the men, women, children and even babies who were present at ground zero of that gas attack.

What is Sarin Gas

Sarin gas is a colorless, odorless liquid used in chemical weapons due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It generally considered a weapon of mass destruction. Death can occur within with-in one to ten minutes after direct inhalation of a lethal dose due to suffocation from lung muscle paralysis. Even those who absorb a non-lethal dose will suffer long-lasting health problems, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Initial symptoms following exposure to Sarin are a runny nose, tightness in the chest and constriction of the pupils. Soon after, the person will have difficulty breathing and they will experience nausea and drooling. As they continue to lose control of bodily functions, they may vomit, defecate and urinate. This phase is followed by twitching and jerking. Ultimately, the person becomes comatose and suffocates in a series of convulsive spasms.

There are three classes of weapons of mass destruction, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical. Assad had no problem using the chemical weapon of mass destruction Sarin against some of his population.

Assad is beyond a monster for his continued use of this ghastly weapon. Let us never forget Obama knew Assad was using this weapon and did nothing to stop Assad, let us also never forget Putin backed Assad.

It is beyond my imagination and I firmly believe beyond the imagination of anyone I know to understand how any human could subject people and especially babies to the torture, the extremely violent and painful deaths described above. And yet the world just watched this wretchedness.

Babies chocking to death on their own vomit, their lungs disintegrating, the unimaginable pain, parents watching their children die in agony and they dying themselves. Never forget Obama had the resources to stop these gas attacks, he did nothing but lie, telling the world his (Obama’s) strategy had rid Syria of any Chemical weapons.

The President of the United States of America, Barrack Husain Obama, who controlled the most powerful nation in the world with the mightiest military in the world, after his failed “Do Not Cross My Red Line” threats, became a joke to the world.

Incredibly Obama just watched the horror of those chemical attacks continue. He and his Secretary of State, John Kerry wallowed in their increasingly and obvious false avowal that the chemical weapons in Syria were no longer there; they continued to take no action to prevent further barbarity. How could any human ignore the abominable suffering those chemical attacks were causing, having the resources to stop them, and yet do nothing but lie?

On 6 April2017, just two days after Assad’s inhumane, brutal chemical attack on men, women, children and babies President Trump launched 60 Tomahawk missiles on the Syrian airfield responsible for that attack. Please notice it was two days, not two months or six months or a year later, after a long Congressional conference that Assad was punished and there were no tedious “Red Line” scams.

We now have a President who has shown he will use the power available to the most powerful nation in the world with the mightiest military in the world to stop barbarity against the weakest in the world. No more waffling, no more hand wringing liberal nonsense when the required action isn’t taken to stop the slaughter, no more lies; thank you God.

So why did President Trump act so decisively and rapidly?

President Trump was shown photos of children suffering severely from the chemical attack. Donald Trump was especially horrified by two images; young children being splashed with water to unsuccessfully wash the Sarin gas from their agonized flesh and also an anguished father holding his twin babies swathed in soft white linen, his babies poisoned with the Sarin gas, having died an excruciating death. President Trump was given the actuality of what happens to a human- being suffering a Sarin gas attack.

Our President immediately knew that type of atrocious barbarity had to be stopped and punished swiftly, with severity and further backed up with the ominous power of the United States to insure the maniac who used that horrific substance would think long and hard before using it again, if he was reckless enough to ever do so.

Immediately President Trump put the Pentagon on alert. He wanted his military advisors to let him know what their punishment solution for this appalling attack could be. The Pentagon was very happy, they were no longer being told what to do by some know nothing bureaucrat, they were being asked for their expertise by the new President to find a solution. Our military leaders found a solid mission solution for this problem.

The President was told that “T-LAMS (Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles) were available on U.S. Naval ships in the Mediterranean; those missiles were more than capable of completing that mission. Trump than pulled the trigger; two days later 22 Syrian aircraft, some of which had bombed that town using Sarin gas were just smoking ruins, lying on the tarmac of the Syrian Shatrat AFB. Those 22 aircraft comprised a significant portion of the Syrian air force. Without question that got Putin and Assad’s attention.

That is what happens when there is “Leadership” in our country. What we and the world observed during the eight years of Obama’s presidency was weakness, excuses, and a distinct lack of “Leadership.”

If there is any retribution for sinister acts, treachery, a drought of compassion and the absence of meaningful regret by President Obama, it is past time for it to take place.

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