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A statue of President Trump was unveiled! Magnificent! Majestic beyond measure! But one in the viewing crowd suddenly called out, “You forgot his hands!” The wise old Sculptor turned to the young man and said, “You, are his hands!”

Will We The People be the hands of President Donald Trump? Will they reassert and solidly re-establish America’s rightful order of authority? Will We The People be pro-active and commanding at the top – locally, statewide and federally – instead of sighing at the bottom?

Without getting too cynical, the choice is like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz saying, “You can go that way… Or you can go that way!” There is no denying America is at a major crossroads. Which way are you going?

Are you on a sunlit path, allowing you to reconstruct America along the way? The path fraught and interrupted with Republic-hating trolls? Or do you prefer the slippery slope on the left, leading into an abyss where words and, indeed, America, are dangerously deconstructed…

Reconstructing America in a positive and lasting way – with the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the guidebook – is still a highly viable option. But the time is now. Deconstructionists on the left are gaining ground every day… if we let them!

Deconstructionism was a movement popular at Yale, taught within the hearing of the globalist Skull and Bones Society ilk. Deconstructionism says that words have no meaning. The words in the Bible and Constitution have no meaning. And this belief is used, in a post-modern perspective, to deconstruct America with Soros at the helm…

We The People can now fight deconstructionism with reconstructionism! Yes, We The People can now be Trump’s hands. The alternative is to be suddenly overcome, by a threatening FEMA provisional government to negate all the American freedoms we cherish. The FEMA ploy overrides the Constitution in a crisis. Rights are out the window and the roundup of you and your family begins…

What is Public Opinion? Its Power? How is it formed? This is your last chance to find out real fast. Ideas rule the world. Draconian globalist ideas are ready to take over! To impeach if not assassinate Trump. To override the Constitution with a FEMA provisional government. To activate foreign UN troops to be the “protectorate” of America. Leftist riots and muslim civil disorder lead to such a contrived “protectorate.” If you let it!

What is Public Opinion and its Power? Ideas rule the world. Hurriedly, We The People must take a stronger footing in our intelligence and accept Constitutional ideas with a certain confidence, strongly accepting their authority! Constitutional ideas must be crystallized into Convictions! Convictions which are permanent, based on facts and supported by satisfactory evidence, resting on the bedrock of Constitutional truth!

These words have meaning! These words are not to be deconstructed. But powerfully resurrected as America is reconstructed! Deconstructing Marxism knows no Absolutes, but America is based on Judeo-Christian Absolutes! Choose! Public Opinion is the vision of reconstructing and deconstructing forces! There is a noble duty and great responsibility to awaken America! The time is now! Will you be Trump’s hands?

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