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• Divider attacking & demeaning women, Hispanics, immigrants, minorities the very groups we need in our tent

• Not trusted as fact checkers have proven he lies 85% of the time.

• Erratic inconsistent positions as he flips flops and contradicts himself as a hypocrite

• Scandalous past…fined for money laundering at Taj Mahal, cheating of wives and publically demeaning them, worked with the mob, and bought off corrupt politicians and lobbyist, over 4500 lawsuits as plaintiff and defendant, bankrupted 4 businesses, abused tax revenue grants and tax abatements.

• Scandalous present…Attacked and lies about all strong 16 candidates including their families, mocked a handicapped reporter, claimed Senator McCain was not a hero because he got caught and alienated vets, is being sued for fraud at Trump University

• Totally unprepared for the presidency with inept knowledge of government, the constitution, and our military.

• Not presidential in his temperament, language, and thin skinned retaliatory responses.

• How can he uphold the constitution when he has already made statements in violation of it? He said the 12th amendment is important to him…when there are only 7. Has Trump even read the constitution?

• Has incited violence with his rhetoric on the campaign trail with his famous comments…”I would beat the crap out of them, I would punch them in the face, they should leave the convention in stretchers.”

• He has switched parties 7 times for his own leverage. Most of those years he held liberal values. Even now he does not represent the values of the Republican Party.

• TRUMP WILL LOSE IN A LANDSLIDE, because 75% of Americans and 60% of Republicans don’t want him as President).

• Trump calls himself the king of debt, and his economic policies will bring 11 trillion to our national debt. America can’t default like his businesses.

• Trump has no plan to make changes to Medicare and Social Security which certainly will result in depletion in 10 to 20 years. Making the changes necessary are essential to the Republican Party.

• This was not a fair primary with all the open primaries. The overwhelming majority of Trump’s votes came from Democrats and Independents as strategic voters. Democrats to elect the weakest nominee for Hillary. Many others as an angry protest vote, which is why they allowed his outrageous behavior and comments.

• The liberal media bias loved seeing the weakest candidate soar, but more importantly, they liked the ratings and Trump got over 2 billion dollars’ worth of free media. The 16 strong candidates could not get their message out. When broadcasted, all questions and focus was on Trump and not their message.

• Where is the moral character of our delegates when they compromise and make excuses for someone that does not represent our values and CAN’T WIN.

America needs a strong principled constitutional conservative, who is an outsider that America wants who has walked the talk confronting the corrupt elite Washington cartel’s power. Ted consistently is the first to speak out to make them accountable to the America’s voice and needs…which can be met by strictly following the constitution and limiting Government power, give it back the states and most importantly regional citizens within those states.

Ted Cruz is the outsider change agent we need. Ted Cruz along with Carly Fiorina, will dismantle the big, bloated bureaucracy, reduce regulations, limit the Federal Governmental power and give it back to the states, as our constitution intended. I have witnessed every speech Ted gave on the Senate floor speaking for us holding the corrupt elite dysfunctional elite to account. I have read his book. I have seen his temperament when confronted by protestors, and how he can find common ground and appease them thru calm listening and educating. He is a strong voice that as Leader of the Free World needs to bring consistency and stability. Ted Cruz is a humble man from a bankrupted immigrant family, who earned his way working 3 jobs while at Princeton and Harvard. Ted is a humble man with no sense of entitlement, but a lifelong passion and respect for the constitution and the opportunities it brought him, unlike Trump who came from a wealthy family and never knew the human struggle to survive because of race and poverty.

DELEGATES>>It is about time we tap into the strong grassroots conservative movement that can propel Cruz to a win, and how this can totally disrupt and throw the Clinton campaign on its head and wasted campaign money spent on Trump. Clinton is winning the argument… but it is not too late…when we change her contender…Ted Cruz. With Ted’s debating skills and knowledge, he will prosecute Hillary and annihilate her chances.

DELEGATES>>There is a reason the strongest most influential voices in GOP won’t attend a convention with an inauthentic constitutional conservative candidate. Trump changed parties 7 times, flip-flopping positions, history of liberal values, no focus or inept knowledge of constitution (he will support 12th amendment when we only have 7), and endorsement of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and as a President only 4 years ago. Trump’s campaign is all about Trump, his power, his glory to feed his sociopathic narcissistic personality.

DELEGATES>>AMERICA DESERVES BETTER, DON’T COMPROMISE and use the argument that Hillary is worse, WHEN TRUMP CAN’T WIN. Trump will lose in a landslide because you can’t hide what he is. America and the world have reason to be scared of Trump based on his history and statements.

DELEGATES>>How can you let the proud moral party of Lincoln, become the party of Trump. That will become the end of the GOP because Trump was a toxic Trojan horse who high jacked our party.

I am a Lifelong Republican who will feel betrayed if delegates don’t stop the deeply flawed man who got to this position unfairly thru open primaries and liberal media who hyped his visibility and silenced all the other voices who do represent Republican values. What HISTORY do you as delegates want to make, that pivots our nation over the edge to FALL & FAIL WITH TRUMP OR RISE TO OUR VALUES & WIN WITH CRUZ to be the voice of integrity, freedom, and liberty scripted by our constitution as the party of Lincoln and not Trump.


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