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It’s a story of people. Americans.

People who might have a different view of the world than you or I. People who have been marginalized and demonized and silenced in the land of the free and the brave. These people wanted to gather with other Americans who shared their point of view in solidarity.

By the highest law in the land these people had every right to gather peacefully as they meant to do.

But then the government stepped in. Image was more important than law. The Constitution could not be allowed to stain a city with a non PC marginalized group. Instead of being issued a permit these Americans had to fight tooth and nail to secure their rights. They did and they won.

Other people, not recognizing their fellow Americans rights came to the gathering with evil intent.

For a time the event was peaceful in part because the people who originally came to the event were well armed and in part because of police presence. But the people who came to the event came with evil intent as 2 groups BLM and Antifa each of which had a long history of violence throughout the nation and the former a history of murdering police officers. A reasonable person might think even before the event began that these two groups would be very likely to be violent given their recent history of violence.

True to form many if not most of the followers of both BLM and Antifa began threats of violence and of course the police did nothing hiding behind free speech the same free speech that their city had tried to deny the group that initially wanted to gather. Because the police did nothing when the threats began it was not long before BLM and Antifa started throwing big rocks at people, spraying people with pepper spray and even moose urine, and even attacked people with fire as the police disappearing back into the woodwork.

A reasonable person might find a situation where violence was being executed and the police were no where to be found to be extremely dangerous and life threatening. To be honest I was a little shaken just watching the videos of the event prior to the traffic incident that resulted which we will get to in a bit. I was genuinely fearful for journalist Faith Goldy when 3 or 4 large Black women started following quickly behind her just moments prior to the big event. It was also reported that another female reporter had been punched my a member of Antifa. Certainly looked like absolute chaos to me.

Let’s take a moment to talk about who these people the media labeled the “alt right” were. This was not a KKK or Neo-Nazi rally. It is true that there were members of or supporters of these 2 groups at the even but they all weren’t KKK or Neo-Nazis. And even if they were they had a right to be there, they were heavily armed, they never fired a shot or threatened anyone with their guns, nor did they throw large rocks, attack anyone with pepper spray, make threatening comments towards those trying to crash their party, threw moose or any other kind of urine at anyone, or started pepper spraying the people that were threatening them.

The initial violence came from leftists and they did all the things that the “alt-right” didn’t do and perhaps more.

And in that shitstorm of tension and violence a 20 year old kid was driving his car perhaps trying to leave (or not) in a very nice Dodge Charger which by the way may have been pelted with rocks and likely had people banging on that pretty paint job without regard for his property and that kid completely freaked out. Maybe he was mad and maybe he was scared. We’ll hear his story soon enough but a reasonable person might come to the conclusion that his actions, for whatever reason, did not represent the heavily armed people who hadn’t shot people or threw rocks at people or pissed on anyone.

Bear in mind your federal government considers a child to be anyone under the age of 26 because obviously children are not fully responsible for their own health insurance needs and kids don’t have to worry about that until they turn 27 and apparently become full grown adults. May parents had 3 kids and a house when they were that age but I digress.

The questions that have to be asked are “If BLM and Antifa not shown up at a gathering they were not welcome at would anyone have died?” Probably not. “If  Antifa and BLM had attended the event and done so peaceably, would anyone have died?” Probably not. “What if the police had done their jobs and swept in and began arresting people who were making threats and causing violence, would anyone have died?” Probably not.

With the answers to the above questions a reasonable person would conclude that what led up to the unfortunate incident in Charlottesville was the violent left and the ineffective police.

Is this the explanation you are hearing from politicians and the MSM?


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