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On my personal Blog most of my comments come via Email. I do not allow the public posting of anything that is disgusting and/or vile. Now the commentator who posted to my last article, I have allowed to be shown, to explain my thoughts of today to my readers, which I shall now share with my iPatriot readers:

…… excerpt of words from the ‘comment’ … “… you support the orange pig dictatator … strippng rights from minorities … and anyone else who does not fit the mold of rich straight white “Christian”. Wake the f…  up, read something besides right wing b…… t and learn the facts….”.

My response went as follows:

I have saved this comment, along with other from this individual, not for their intelligent use of the English language or the factual(?) content, but for future reference.

Mostly it is the usual Liberal rantings.

“ …. Again, reference is made to the “policies” of the President controlling what is going on at the Border. This fact is BLATANTLY FALSE! And has been proven by many articles and comments from others whose opinion is publicly voiced and accepted in most Social Circles. Also, from many an Attorney who is familiar with the subject. These laws and policies were written by more than one previous President. They were enacted quietly, signed quietly, without the blaring headlines as we see today.

I would venture that Pres. Trump is allowing this atrocity to be made public, to further his point of our need for a change.

One may have much vitriol against the Pres., but it is commonly accepted of he and First Lady Melania, of their compassion and concern for children.

The phrase “Babies ripped from the mothers arms … , is grossly false. Many of the pictures posted by the press are from another era. The rhetoric is dividing our Society, as many, many are very much aware of its’ lack of authenticity.

While I am at it I remind my contentious commentator that each and every President, when a vacancy comes to the Supreme Court, will exercise the right, as has been the practice for years, to nominate one who has shown to possess the same philosophies of the sitting President, and his Political Party.

Your phrase “stacking the courts” is a very old, and oft practiced philosophy, not just that of President Trump, or the Republican Party, but of all Presidents of any Party.

I would like to add that the Democratic Party, and this is well documented, has been a long-time opponent of civil rights, for the Black community. The only goal of that Party is ‘power’ and votes. The idea of ‘open’ borders is the most ignorant and misleading idea put forth in many a Century; but it will give the Democratic Socialists the power, and votes to keep the power. One wonders how the ruling party will deal with the crime and violence that will be rampant when the borders of America are open to all, regardless of background.

Now they are boosting the popularity of a little- known person in New York City, (for defeating Dem. Rep. Crowley, whose future was almost guaranteed to follow Pelosi); and now, this person, whose name is Cortez,  has little or no political experience, other than claiming to have worked for Senator Ted Kennedy. And we all know his reputation. If it weren’t for his name, he would have died in prison.

It appears the Democratic/Socialistic phenom, that has taken possession of our youth, and some of our ill-informed and ignorant older folks, will tear apart our Democratic Republic, as the Democratic/Socialistic faction fights with any weapon at their hands, any word in their mouth, any thought in their mind, to promote their way of governing.

Now they have continuously brought religion and sexuality into the fray. First let me correct the use of   words used by my commentator ” … rich, straight, white, and Christian … “. Let us not forget the poor, homosexual, bisexual, Black, Asian, mid-eastern, Jewish, Arab, and Islamic folks. The true inhabitants of the United States of America are so diversified that it is absurd to attempt to focus on any individual sect within our borders.

Much of the focus on differences between political parties is enough to separate our people today, and that also should be abandoned. Take away the aisle in the halls of Congress.
Let us go back to individual constituent representations. We have allowed the Politicians to govern our Nation for too long … It is time to return the power to the people, with the right to govern.

We must do whatever is necessary to halt the violence, and the grossly vile rhetoric. From the early days of Obama our young were indoctrinated into the Socialistic view. Many were taught to praise and adopt him and his anti-American policies. The freedom of speech within our Constitution gave many of his followers the right to deny and be-devil his opponents.

Perhaps we can target the youth, as our detractors have, and bring them back into the fold of a Democratic Republic.  We must do whatever it takes to return to a Constitutional Society … “

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