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How Obama made himself look the fool courting Vladimir Putin, until Hillary lost the 2016 election.

The Democrat’s as usual are as full of stuffing as a Christmas turkey.  Since Donald Trump easily won the 2016 presidential election, they have sent out a constant stream of hysterical invective about how closely Donald Trump is associated with Vladimir Putin, how Putin compromised our  presidential election by hacking into the Democrat Party’s computers and putting out damming (but true) information on the Democrat Party, Hillary and others. How the Trump team somehow conspired with the Russians to ensure a Hillary defeat.

How Trump is going to ruin the United States ability to control and put pressure on Putin because Trump likes and admires the Russian President.  How Trump may actually be conspiring to subvert our national interests by canceling economic sanctions the U.S. has in place on Russia; how Russia somehow meddled in our election (whatever that means) and that is the reason poor old Hillary is not our president.  All of the above fabrications designed to subvert Donald Trump’s presidency.  The real America will not allow that insanity to take place.

The shock and awe of Hillary’s defeat has unhinged the Dem’s and their puppets completely.  They thought after the 2016 election, our country was going to be theirs for the taking; they now realize how ignorant they are about the real America, their dreams of living in a Soros designed America went down in flames.

As our English friends would say what a load of old cods wallop.  There is not now nor has there ever been any legitimacy attached to the left’s election mendacities. The Democrat Party, their allies in the media and Obama’s shadow 5th column buried in our government will not stop their treacherous subversion of the Trump presidency until it becomes apparent, even to political morons, Trump’s actions are vastly changing our country ethos from Obama’s failures to Trumps success.

James Clapper Director of National Intelligence for Obama was forced to confess, “There is no evidence whatsoever of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”  The CIA and even high ranking Democrats, among others, have now stated they have seen no evidence to support that Russian’s hacking had anything to do with Trump’s election as President.”  Donald Trump was not connected to any of that nonsense and now that whole malicious falsehood is beginning to come apart.

As far as the meddling charge goes, it is an absurd accusation.  Just what do the Democrat’s and their allies in our corrupt establishment media mean by meddling? Is it the Wiki Leaks information about Hillary and her partners in crime in the Democrat hierarchy; the Wiki Leaks information that turned out to be so very true and destructive to Hillary?  Is it the information that conclusively shows some in our media abandoned their 1st Amendment responsibilities and chose to assist Hillary’s presidential campaign by supplying it with information designed to damage Trump?

No one in the Democrat Party seems able to define what they mean by Russian meddling in our presidential campaign was assisted by Trump.  It is now obvious they cannot substantiate those falsehoods, so those absurd charges will not destroy Trump, they will destroy the Democrat party and put our corrupt media in even lower repute (if that is possible) that it is now.

As we have seen in the past few days, the hacking charges and the Trump collusions with Putin to defeat Hillary charges have suddenly dried up.  Now the Dem’s and our corrupt media have started to understand that the election hacking scenario was falling flat on its butt and that their investigation of the Trump campaign will become the real election scandal.

Now our country is being subjected to another barrage of nonsense about some of Trump’s cabinet having meetings with the Russian Ambassador Kisyak.  Seriously; here is a partial list of Democrats that had various meetings at various times with that very same Ambassador:

  • Senior Obama advisor John Holdren
  • Senator Clair McCaskill-She lied about the meeting.
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
  • Former Senator Mary Landrieu
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein
  • Senator Jack Reed
  • Senator
  • Bob Casey

And wait for it, the House Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi, who is on record as stating she never had a meeting with Kisyak; problem there is photographic evidence of her sitting at the same table as the Ambassador Kisyak in a meeting; Just another lie by the crazy lady from California. According to the Dem’s ethos I guess she should now resign.  Put on the Pelosi laugh track.

However it seems no one wants to turn just a few pages in time back to 2008.  Before Obama’s inauguration, Obama and the people he was picking for his administration were having conversations (no doubt policy was involved) with Iranian, Syrian, and Russian officials.  No Republican or media frenzy occurred in 2008.  No subversive and illegal Intel leaks going public either.

Folks, there is a war going on in our country between the anti-American progressive, Marxists, Soros funded left, their puppet media and our beloved traditional America.  These people despise how the Founding Fathers designed our country they cannot stand what our beloved Constitution actually stands for; they have been determined to win their war and forever change our country by transforming America into a Soros designed globalist nation for decades.

With the election of Donald Trump traditional America has won a major battle in that war, (just in time) but do not ever think the war is over.  The militant progressive left in our country is still going to avidly pursue their goals, the goals that Obama told us were, “To Fundamentally Transform America.”  We are just at the beginning of that war and it is still unclear if we are going to win it.  Sir Winston Churchill once said, after Rommel had been defeated in North Africa; “This is not the end this is not even the beginning of the end but perhaps the end of the beginning.” Pray to God it is.

On t the other hand, if we truly want to have some fun, let’s take an historical look at how, as opposed to Donald Trump, Barrack Obama and the Obama administration interfaced with Vladimir Putin during Obama’s presidential reign.  This will not be pretty but it will be entertaining.

The Russian Reset:

In 2009 we got our first look at Hillary Clinton’s ineptitude as Secretary Of State. Obama and Hillary’s first attempt at loving Putin there would be so many more..

Hillary went in front of the world in a self -described, “Brilliant Stroke” and held out a cheap looking red plastic button to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov. The Russian looked a little confused and then somewhat annoyed because the word “Reset” which had supposedly been transcribed in Russian on that stupid plastic button, actually was mistranslated and in Russian actually  meant, “Overcharged.”

How the senior cabinet officer of the Obama administration could be so disengaged as to not even check the translation on the center piece of her show and tell, that “Reset Button,” to a senior Russian official is mind numbing.   However as we saw again and again (Benghazi, E-mails, unclassified servers) Hillary was often far too involved in fund raising for the “Clinton Crime Family” to be bothered with her responsibilities as Secretary of State.

But think about it, Obama and Hillary were trying very hard to make Putin a friend of their government; Obama sent Hillary on that failed “reset mission.”  They both were on record as admiring Putin in those early days.   No lousy media coverage for them right, no Congressional speeches damming Obama or Hillary for trying to be friendly with a lousy dictator like Putin.  Isn’t life amazing?

The Polish and Czech Missile Betrayal

Obama’s initial, shameful international bowing and scraping to Vladimir Putin occurred in 2009, not even one year after Obama’s election.  Obama’s notorious flop, there would be many more, was his concession to Putin over missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic.

President Bush and NATO had decided that it was in the best interests of NATO and the West to install defensive missile sites in Poland and the Czech Republic.  A ground based midcourse missile defense (GMD).  It consisted of strategically placed ground based missiles combined with radars to enable the interception of incoming offensive missiles.

Vladimir Putin was adamantly against the installation of those defensive missile sites.  Putin raged against Bush for agreeing to it.  Putin and his Duma had made threats (empty threats) against NATO, Poland and the Czech Republic for taking preliminary action to install it. Putin believed it gave Poland and the Czech Republic leverage against Russian power.  Yes it would have been leverage against offensive Russian power, but keep in mind this was a defensive missile system.

Then Barrack Obama became president.  Putin went right to Obama with his Russian centric objections about the missile sites.  In September 2009 Obama caved and with no consultations or warnings to Poland, the Czech Republic, NATO, his Military Joint Chiefs of Staff or the American Congress, canceled the United States promise to install the defensive missile installations in those countries.

It was a massive betrayal of two key U.S. allies in Eastern and Central Europe and an indication of Obama’s weakness as president. What signal did that send to NATO and those two countries that had stood firm with America for months against Russian threats to them over agreeing to the installation of those sites?

Obama’s abysmal collapse to Putin was a shameful abandonment of America’s allies in Eastern and Central Europe and a slap in the face to those who actually believed a key agreement signed by an American President, (Bush) under Obama’s new Washington, was worth the paper it was written on.

But wait was there some tremendous deal Obama was going to receive from Putin for this internationally embarrassing betrayal of his allies?  What tremendous deal did Obama receive from Putin in return for his betrayal?  Well actually nothing.  Putin gave him nothing, oh maybe a diplomatic rude gesture after the cancelation.  I guess Obama really doesn’t know how to negotiate.

What kind of an incompetent would throw two allies under the bus, which is shameful enough, but not even negotiate some kind of reciprocal arrangement of value to the United States?  The answer of course is Barrack Obama.  Do not forget that installation was a defensive missile shield; we will visit that technology again in this essay; a dangerous sign of Obama’s weakness.  Putin among others was paying attention.

Then to rub some salt into the diplomatic wounds he had caused, the day Obama announced the cancellation of the missile sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, , 17 September 2009, was the same day and month 70 years prior, (September 17th 1939), in which the Russians invaded Poland and subjected that country to Russian communist servitude for almost fifty years. Obama’s announced decision on that day of infamy for Poland is either complete incompetence on Obama’s part or was there something else going on?

Does anyone think that Obama’s betrayal of two U.S. allies in order to appease Putin just might be more dishonorable for Obama’s presidency, than fake news stories about the cancelation of Russian financial sanctions by Trump, or the absurd and unproven declarations that Trump assisted the Russians hacking and that caused Hillary to lose the presidential election?

This lousy reporting, fake news, is just another portent of the panic our corrupt establishment media feels and of the disarrayed Democrat Party’s frightened quest to use anything to disenfranchise Donald Trump’s presidency.  But think back to 2009; do you remember weeks of our media ranting and calling-out Obama for his treachery in abandoning our allies and assisting Vladimir Putin’s quest for more power over them?   No I didn’t think so.

When Trump calls out “Fake News” he has every reason to do so.  How much more sedition is our media and the Democrat Party going to put forth.  They seem so lost they just do not understand in doing so they are destroying themselves with the majority of America.

However, with Vladimir Putin so much in our news recently I believe it is important to learn more about this man.  Let’s take a short look at Vladimir, just who is this guy and his recent history.

Vladimir Putin:  He is the 4th President of Russia after the collapse of the Communists Soviet Union.  Let’s review a little more of his background.

Putin’s background is the KGB.  What is the KGB?  The acronym KGB in Russian is “Komitet Gosudrstvenoy Bezopasnosti” have some fun trying to pronounce that one 10 times in succession; in English it stands for, The Committee for State Security.

The first state security organization in Russia, after their 1917 revolution, was formed in 1917 by Feliks Dzerzhinsky, a Polish revolutionary and a thoroughly evil man, working with Vladimir Lenin. It was called the “Cheka.”  That name went through several iterations as the years went by from Cheka to NKVD, to OGPU, to NKGB, to MGB, to NKVD once more and in 1954 back to KGB.  It is now FSB.

Putin served as an officer in the KGB from1975 to 1991.  He served in the KGB’s 2nd Chief Directorate (counter intelligence) which is responsible for gathering information on foreign intelligence operations; spies attempting espionage on Russia.

Putin then progressed to serve in Communist Russia’s most secret and closely guarded agency, the KGB’S 1st Chief Directorate, its foreign intelligence arm, in other words espionage, running spies in other countries to obtain political, military or other information.  In the 1st Chief Directorate he worked his way up to Colonel.  The KGB‘s 1st Chief Directorate was also involved in its “Wet Work” in other words assassinations; Putin is a thoroughly dangerous man.

Putin next served in the in the Communist East German Republic and worked directly with the Stassi (the Communist East German Ministry of State Security).  The Stassi had a reputation at least as nasty as the KGB and with Putin ran very successful espionage operations against West Germany.

That makes Putin a heavy hitter in the espionage business, wouldn’t you say? Putin believes he is a very tough guy.  He might be; Obama wasn’t.

In 1990 the Soviet Union collapses. As the KGB was being disbanded, Putin bailed out of that organization.  Putin then became the Director of the Russian FSB.  The FSB was the replacement for the KGB; same organization different name.

In mid-1999 the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, appointed Putin Prime Minister, even though Putin had never before held any high elective political office; then just a few months later, New Year’s Eve 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly stepped down as President naming Putin acting President.

Startlingly, in March 2,000, Putin was elected President of Russia.  Wow, in the space of about 10 months Putin goes from having no experience in any high political office to being appointed acting Prime Minister, then acting President and then is elected President of Russia.  Can you believe it; Putin didn’t even stop along the way to become a “Community Organizer,” man that’s impressive.

Now many questions were asked about how those political elevations took place by many people in Russia, not many answers though.

Since under the Russian constitution, Putin couldn’t serve two consecutive terms as president, he stepped down for his buddy Medvedev to become president for one term in 2008.  But Putin then ran for president again and was elected as president once more in 2012.  Now Medvedev is Prime Minister, sounds like musical chairs to me.  Since the term for a Russian President is six years, 2018 should be a very interesting year in Russia.

Well what a fortunate guy, of course having that KGB background, all those intelligence/political connections and all that KGB information on Russian political people couldn’t hurt; not if a person was ruthless enough to use that information, ya think?  Vladimir Putin is a man who is intelligent, ruthless, with his KGB background very dangerous and when required, politically ultra-competent.

Now please stop and consider; if Putin is all of the above and everyone knows nothing happens politically in Russia without Putin’s approval, do we really believe Putin would authorize a hacking campaign to change the American election result; a campaign intended to defeat Hillary, as amateurish as the one the Dem’s, their allies in government and our “Fake News” media are hanging their hat’s on?

Remember when the leaks started to come out, the Democrat Party, our media and the world was proclaiming Hillary was a guaranteed winner, she was the next President of the United States period, she was going to be the victorious, no problem.  The possibility that Trump would be president was a joke.

Would Putin really want all of that nasty, but true, information about Hillary, her campaign and the Democrat Party coming out under his watch, by his people; all of that true information causing a political wall of rage between him and Hillary the next president of the U.S and her ruling party?  Bang there goes the next “reset” down the commode even without the “Red Button.”  Can we please start using common sense?  I am so tired of listening to fake news wonks on T.V. not using any.

Please keep in mind cyber hacking a foreign government’s computers is a form of espionage.  Putin’s background is all about espionage.  Does one actually believe with his background he would allow a Russian government group to hack into the U.S. election in such an easily discovered manner?  Get real folks this is just smoke and mirrors coming from the Dem’s, their media and their allies in our Intel community to try and disenfranchise the Trump election; as stated earlier, they have become unhinged.

Hillary lost the election because she was not acceptable to the majority of America and not for any other reason.  The political left wing, our media who for decades have supported political left policies and disdained the political right cannot believe the new reality; that reality is they are finally failing with the American public.  Americans are starting to figure them out, that awakening is driving the left senseless.  They are in panic mode because they are starting to understand their left wing reign is ending.  Good, the more they keep up with their post- election insanity, the sooner they will become even more meaningless to the people of our country.

Could the Russians change the outcome of an American election by cyber hacking?  No folks the truth is that neither the Russians nor anyone else can possibly do that.  That is just a message from left wing fantasy land.  Do the Russians and probably every other country (including ours) hack into other governments information, well yes they do; so what, that just means everyone has the capability to access information about other countries.  It doesn’t mean those nations can make another countries population take actions and do things that change its values.  Can we get real here?

Julian Assange the Wiki-Leaks computer hacker on steroids has promised the Russians did not give him the information on Hillary, the Dem’s and our corrupt news organizations (that true and accurate information showing how dishonorable Hillary and the Democrat’s had become).  Assange used that information to embarrass Hillary, Wasserman, Podesta, the rest of the Democrat Party, and far too many journalists and media outlets, you know those “Fake News” bastards.

Assange has never compromised people who provided him information for Wiki-Leaks, but he has also never lied about who didn’t.  So who did?  Sooner rather than later we may find out the real truth.  How about making everyone at the DNC and CNN take a lie detector test?

Missile Defense:  Years before being elected president Obama publicly told the world, “I don’t agree with missile defense systems.”  WHY, what in the world is wrong with a defense against a catastrophic missile attack?  Well maybe the below will shine a light on that question.

True to his beliefs, Obama went out of his way to cancel, weaken, and delay important parts of our missile defense systems and programs during his presidency.  Please research this, as you will see it was just what Putin wanted; and as you will see, the Democrat Party and their media didn’t seem to care.

Here is a list (could be a partial list) of the missile defense systems/programs Obama has canceled, downgraded or delayed while he was president.  Every one of these cancelations, downgrades or delays is just what Putin and the Russian military desired in order to weaken our countries missile defenses. Why would Obama try to satisfy Putin’s desire to reduce our missile defenses?  Obama was really showing some love for Putin by acceding to the Russian demands; what would have happened if Trump and done the same?

  • Obama cut 1.5 billion from the U. S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA).
  • Obama cut Bush’s planned U.S. ground based interceptor (GBI) units from 44 to 30.
  • Obama canceled the Defensive Missile Site Installations in Central Europe.
  • Obama canceled the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) program.
  • Obama canceled the Medium Extended Air Defense (MEAD) system.
  • Obama downgraded the Airborne Laser Program.
  • Obama refused to pursue acquisition for the space based and kinetic energy interceptor system development.
  • Obama canceled the Kinetic Energy Interceptor (KEI) program.

I am not going into the details on these programs.  However they all existed or were planned to enhance our ability to defend the United States against missile attacks and were  important to the ultimate missile defense of this country, if you want to more about them just Google them.

But ask yourselves just what the hell was Obama doing negotiating on missile defense in the first place?   The ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty, a treaty from the Cold War had died years before.  Why did Obama start those negations with Putin again and then cave to Putin on missile defense?  Our missile defense systems were superior to the Russians at that time.

Obama’s New Start Treaty:

Then Obama once more got cozy with Putin and signed a new START Treaty (Strategic Arm Reduction Treaty) with Putin at a conference in Soul Korea.  Even if a new treaty was needed, the way Obama constructed it was a strategic plus for Russia.  Russian weapons had, since the Cold War ended, deteriorated rapidly and many of their weapons systems at that time needed to be trashed anyway.  The Russians didn’t have the funds to modernize their weapons.  Putin badly needed the reduce ours.

Obama’s new START Treaty with Putin was not good for the United States.  It meant we were reducing our inventory of capable strategic arms.   At the time Obama and Putin signed their new START Treaty, our weapons were still capable of doing the roles they were designed for (in 2016 we now see how far our strategic arms capability under Obama has deteriorated because of that treaty).

Reducing their strategic arms didn’t matter to Putin and the Russians, most of the Russian strategic arms arsenal didn’t work anymore anyway; it allowed them to get rid of that junk.  The United States doing a major reduction of nuclear arms was a big plus for Putin and Russia. Putin’s Russia could not afford to modernize its strategic arms to catch up with the U.S.

The United States had an unqualified lead in technology over Russia.  Russia had been trying for over thirty years to catch up with us.  Why give any of that lead in offensive or defensive weapons away?  Was Obama actually attempting to please Putin and diminishing the U.S. lead protecting our country?  Well this exchange might give us a clue:

President Obama at the end of his meeting with the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev inadvertently spoke on an open mike and asked for “more flexibility” to deal with ongoing issues.  The actual exchange went like this:

President Obama:  “On all these issues, but particularly MISSILE DEFENSE, this can be solved but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space.”

Prime Minister Medvedev:  “Yeah I understand.  I understand your message about space for you.”

President Obama:  This is my last election.  After my election I have more FLEXIBILITY.”

Prime Minister Medvedev:  “I understand.  I will transmit this information to Vladimir Putin.”

Prime Minister Medvedev:  “I will stand with you.”

For God’s sake what was going on?  Obama sounds like someone talking to a Mafia Capo, “Hey I’ll be able to do what you want soon, just give me a break, I need more flexibility.”  What the hell is the President of the United States, the most powerful country in the dammed world, pleading and whining with some thug like Putin for?  It sounds like Putin had some kind of power over Obama.

What was going on was Obama using weasel words to hide his willingness (weakness) to cave to Putin on our missile defense; Obama had no idea that mike was hot.  No one can deny Obama and Putin were both attempting to weaken our missile defenses.  Putin to enhance Russian military power; Obama perhaps to follow an agenda he was put in office to complete.

The next essential question is why our corrupt establishment media didn’t pursue this preposterous faux pau and make it a burning question on every news channel and newspaper in our country for weeks?  Ok, Ok, we all know the answer to that.

However if Donald Trump had committed Obama’s reprehensible act in Soul Korea, the world would have fallen down upon his shoulders.  It is not hard to think about what the Democrat Party would have raged and foamed at their mouths over, and what our corrupt establishment media would have avidly published; treason, coward, treachery, and they would have been correct, but since it was Barrack Obama, the silence was only disturbed by the crickets.

At this point I am not going to go into any more  of the weak policy decisions Obama paraded over his presidency that favored Putin’s aspirations; Syria, Iran, Libya, Israel and more; I have already written over 3,500 words.  But it is still necessary to go into one more, the Ukraine and Crimea

The Ukraine and Crimea:

On 18 March 2014 the Russian Army invaded the Ukraine’s Crimea.  The Russians conducted a “referendum” in Crimea to justify that invasion.  Their referendum was held at the point of ten thousand Russian troop’s bayonets, guess what the conclusion was?

The burning question was why Putin would approve that invasion of a sovereign nation and think there would be no powerful international penalties imposed upon Russia?

The answer of course is the Presidency of Barrack Obama.  From the beginning of his presidency in 2009, Obama with his apologizing for America tour of the Middle East, projected weakness.

Obama’s continued show of acquiescence to so many of Putin’s demands crowned with Obama’s further capitulations; Obama’s catastrophic pull out of all American military forces in Iraq (hello ISIS), Obama’s display of weakness in Syria, “Don’t Cross My Red Lines or their will be enormous consequences” and Obama’s momentous gaffe, “I will have more flexibility after the election” which should have caused his impeachment.

By then Putin considered Obama a geo-political babe in diapers with not a strong political bone in his body regarding international policy.  His invasion of the Ukraine and Crimea happened because Putin knew that Obama was too politically weak to do anything of consequence to forestall him.  Putin would not have attempted that invasion if a Trump, Regan or maybe even a Bush had been the American President.

And then of course Obama fell back on his usual power play his “sanctions” (otherwise known as CYA).  Obama thundered that he was going to freeze all of the funds Russian Oligarchs, who supported Putin, had in the U.S.  Well he did, but it took close to a month for that to happen.  I mean any “Russian Oligarch” who still had his funds in the U.S. by that time was a pretty stupid Oligarch wouldn’t you say, and of course Obama had to know that.

The inconsequential financial sanctions Obama applied to Putin’s Russia over the Crimea and the Ukraine were as usual not nearly strong enough to deter Putin from carrying on with his illegal power play.  Evidence:  three years later Putin is still there.  Folks Russia’s economy is not strong.  In order for the Russian economy to function and grow, oil has to be selling at over $ 100 a barrel.  It is now selling and has been for a few years, for just over $ 50 a barrel or lower.  If Obama had really wanted to punish Putin’s Russia, those sanctions would have had some teeth, they would have bitten and hurt.  They did not.  Putin won again against Obama.  We will see how Putin fares against Trump.

But since Obama told the U.S. and the world he was all in a lather about the Russian Invasion, what assistance did Obama provide to the Ukrainian government to help it combat the Russian invasion and occupation of the Crimea and the invasion of the eastern Ukraine?

Well by God Obama did provide some assistance, of a sort.  Obama provided helmets and Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s), for the Ukraine military.  Are you kidding us Obama?  The Ukrainian government’s military badly needed small arms, artillery, tanks and training they had helmet’s and they probably threw the MRE’s away.  And even with those paltry and insulting items, Obama would not allow them to be delivered by U.S. forces.  Those items had to be delivered to Poland and the Poles then trucked them into the Ukraine.  What a geo-political disaster President Obama has been.

It was very obvious Obama didn’t want to piss Putin off, not even a little bit.  The question has always been why?  I don’t know if we will ever find out the answer, well at least not with the faux journalists that currently inhabit our media who only have the ability to suck up the “Fake News” that is given to them to print.

Obama is no longer president but Obama will unequivocally continue to scheme and lie, to do everything he can to disrupt the Trump presidency.  As Obama told us, to “Fundamentally Transform America,” which as all should now know was just code for him to do as much damage to Traditional American and our values as possible while he had the power to do so.

However I believe in the next few months Trump’s plan of action for success will become apparent to the majority of Americans.  With that obvious success working , the Dem’s and our corrupt media will not stop their attacks, but as time goes on they will become more and more irrelevant, to the point that the Democrat Party will have to change or become a thing of the past.  The media is already going through a basic shift.

More and more national newspapers are becoming inconsequential, who reads them except the media slaves?  Social media is the future, T.V news programs will continue but already they are nothing like as important as say the 1970’s, and 80’s (Walter Cronkite etc.).

My hope is that in the 8 years of Donald Trump’s presidency our country will once more be that shining city on the hill that it should be for the world; that it will again be the foremost nation ensuring peace and caring for world prosperity; once more encouraging our population to shout out “God Bless America.”


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