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BLM are the Democrat’s new face of their anti-America movement advocating for the rights of criminals over people and call for the reduction of police protection.  No Democrat is saying that blacks should stop being criminals, but all are saying that cops shouldn’t be stopping them with deadly force.  Instead of telling blacks to get jobs and stop stealing for a living, they say police are racists for going after black criminals and that Republicans are fueling hate and division.  This twisted propaganda of the leftist morality of Democrats is at the heart of provoking and inciting blacks to attack police.

When blacks commit 10 times more crime than anyone else, they have no one to blame for being shot by police but themselves.  There is no racism by police, there are only statistics; that black men are shot 10 times more than whites because black men commit ten times more violent crime than whites!  And it has nothing to do with poverty.  That lie died with the Great Depression when most of the country was poor and crime rates dropped despite all liberal efforts to rewrite the truth.  Asians who live in poverty in America have the lowest crime rates because they live and work together as families – not turn to crime!

Obama’s war on cops

Every time an Islamic jihadi murders people, Obama calls for restraint for the sake of Moslems and blames guns rather than the teachings of Islam.  But every time a black is killed by a white policeman he cries racism and demonizes them.  It is Obama’s own racist bigotry that is sundering this country.  Just as Rush Limbaugh predicted, the election of America’s first black president did not bring racial healing, but has brought the damnation of racial division due to the character of the man.  Obama has set America back fifty years because he is fighting for the rights that MLK won fifty years ago.

Killings statistics 2015Blacks cry, “No justice, no peace,” but they don’t know justice, not because they are treated unjustly, but because of how they act.  If they acted justly and got jobs rather than become thieves, pimps, car thieves, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, and welfare queens, then they would know peace.  If Justice were truly visited upon them then they would be in prison where they you deserve to be, but Democrats have been tearing down our legal system for decades.

Blacks cry racism when shot by white people when in the process of committing crimes against them.  Don’t cry racism by whites defending themselves when you practice racism in attacking them!  The Republican Party is proof that black Americans can prosper through acting responsibly in school rather than attacking teachers, and using their education to get good jobs.  There are far too many blacks who have risen in America – even to the presidency – to claim that the nation is keeping them beaten down through racism.

Author’s note

I have ZERO sympathy for anyone, black or white, who gets shot while attacking a cop or armed citizen.  Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown got the justice they deserved as did most every criminal that has been seen in social media.  The judgments made by Democrats are skewed by their lack of a moral compass.  Like their imperious leader, Obama, they do not weigh the facts, nor even wait to know all the facts.  They just make summary judgments based on circumstantial evidence.

In liberal world cops and citizens are guilty until proven innocent and criminals are the victims, and in virtually every case it is proven that the police are on the side of right.  Righteous citizens know that police are the deputies charged with upholding the law, but we also know they are only human and can make mistakes.  But the Left’s charge that they are racists who deliberately abuse their authority is the most heinous lie ever spoken.  Some cops may let their authority go to their heads, but those who become criminals themselves are always ferreted out.

It is Democrat propaganda of the lowliest fascists who want to create a “national police” that is a direct throwback to Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs.  They dream of being the foxes in charge of the hen house.  And these two-faced, lying fascists sit on the floor of Congress and shout “shame” at Republicans who refuse to disarm citizens.

It isn’t cops who are racists, it’s Democrats, and I cry BULLSH*T at their cries of “shame!”

Blacks justify their crimes “How else he gonna get his money?”

Giuliani – black parents should teach their children to be respectful

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