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The banksters and private corporate interests are in control (aren’t monopolies against the law?). They rob us to the brink of financial disaster, and then instead of bringing them to justice, we lend them money to pay back what they stole. War is big business, and these fat cats are enriching our enemies.

The Communist Chinese government is no friend to democracy, remember Tienanmen Square?

And how about communist Russia’s invasion of Hungary? And the slaughter in Georgia? How about the continuous persecution and suppression of the Russian Jew?

China is among the lowest in the human rights scale, and yet its business as usual. Practically everything sold in the US is made in China (our money is financing one of the largest and most sophisticated navel fleets in the world. Let us not forget the lesson learned at Pearl Harbor!) When we tried to intervene in the human rights issue in Tibet, we are told to mind our own business, and its business as usual.

By allowing commerce in such countries, we undermined our economic strength and allowed the development of the demise of our currency and economic system. It has been an economic war to break our backs, and they are doing a splendid job of it.

We are either freed by ideas or enslaved by them. Who is the real enemy? The one who is misled or the one who is misleading? In whose name are murders committed? Certainly not by a loving, compassionate, and benevolent God.

Radical Muslims believe their Book to be sacred and holy, and some are fanatical followers of their Prophet. They curse in His name, kidnap, rape, torture, maim and murder in the name of their Allah and Prophet. The clerics set themselves up as supreme judges and control through intimidation and fear; perpetuating a totalitarian regime. Radical Muslims hate non believers, and despise other Islamic sects.

It is written in their holy book that all who believe in the Supreme Being are acceptable to the Muslim community. It is also written in their holy Book, that even if your neighbor is not a Muslim, if that neighbor seeks your help, you as a Muslim are duty bound to aid that neighbor. And a Muslim is responsible for his deeds and actions to his community, and his community is responsible for his actions.

Radical Muslims, you call yourselves true believers, yet make yourselves blind and deaf as innocents are raped, tortured and slaughtered. By your refusal to aid and save others from unspeakable crimes in the name of your Allah; you have proven yourselves to be the followers of a false religion, born in violence, deceit, and heartless, brutal conquest. Radical Islam is not a religion, it is a hate and death cult!

What crime were the Zoroastrians guilty of that they should have been slaughtered in the name of your Allah? The followers of the Prophet Zoroaster believed in the One True God when you were nothing more than desert nomads, vagabonds, thieves, scavenging murderers and idle worshipers.

In Cyrus The Great’s province, there was no hateful discrimination, segregation or isolation. There was no totalitarian theocracy.

Your religious fanatics and radicals have turned your Allah into a merciless, brutal, butcher God! Whatever happened to Allah the merciful and compassionate? By your savage actions have you laid the groundwork for your own total destruction. By your blind shortsightedness and total lack of humanitarian intervention have you isolated yourselves from the family of man and God’s chosen. Yours is a jihad, an unholy war against all non believers

Now the shame of shames, we have the absolute worst of two combinations, a devout Muslim and a Marxist for president, hell bent on destroying all that we hold sacred.

A U.S. president that bows and kow-tows to our sworn enemies. A president that apologizes to the lowest of the lows in human rights. What a disgrace! Thousands of our young soldiers, lost their lives fighting communism, and only the Lord knows how many more lives will be lost fighting the Jihadists.

I take this pledge with a fire in my heart and soul. The unquenchable fire of freedom.

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands. One Nation under God, with liberty and justice for All.


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