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There have been instances where people have been hijacked and “brainwashed” to commit atrocities, sacrifices and violence. The organizations doing the kidnapping and the brainwashing are usually referred to as cults.  Patty Hearst claimed this distinction as have many less famous captives.  Prisoners of war have been deprogrammed after spending moths or years in enemy prisons with the purpose to bring the victims back to reality.  The same action needs to be implemented against every terrorist fanatic captured.

It is nonsense to give fantasy oriented monsters the comfort of seclusion to ponder in patience and dwell on their hope of eventual triumph achieved by killing innocents. A condition of eventual release must be an interrogation that challenges the nonsense they have absorbed and promote.  What would this interrogation look like?  Below is a possible sample:

Interrogator to terrorist: “ You are misusing your mind to destroy yourself and innocent people.  You are relying on what someone has told you you must believe.  What you have been told to believe has no basis in fact and is only a derivation of ancient delusions and prophesies that in fact are only projections of pretense.  There is no afterlife rewards for you to look forward to.  The only life you will ever have is the one you are living now.  Those who have told you otherwise are relying on your fear of death to motivate you to do their will.  If you ever want to enter society again you will be required to demonstrate you have established benevolent lifetime goals based on production and trade and abandon any notions of mythical glory in death.  You will be monitored constantly for deviations from this approach to furthering rather than destroying human life.  You will learn to judge people not on their religious preferences but their actions.  Those actions reflecting an appreciation and respect for individual rights are to be honored and any action that abrogates individual rights is to be condemned.

You will not be permitted to reinforce your beliefs by reading more propaganda contained in religious documents.  You will learn tolerance and respect from a life enhancing philosophy but you will not be exposed to those ideas that preach the contrary. For if you are to be permitted to reenter the world of the living you must recognize that living among other people requires that you respect the right to life. If you cannot or will not grasp this principle then you will not be free to destroy the lives of people you brand as enemies. You have a life sentence and that sentence will not be rescinded until you recognize and respect the value of life .  Acting as a suicidal/homicidal criminal is anti-life and will not be permitted.  Any inclination or declaration that even hints at a desire to reject the value of life will be interpreted as an absolute rejection of release and freedom.  If you wish to have freedom you must be willing to grant freedom to your fellow humans.  The cardinal rule is you may not initiate force against your fellow humans no matter how much you disagree with them and any effort to promote an anti-life belief in others will brand you as a terrorist criminal not worthy of freedom.

This message will be your daily indoctrination of reality.  Your ilk will not be permitted to destroy lives.  If you reject this code you have adapted and can demonstrate a desire to a productive life you will be given a supervised period of three weeks to show how you intend to work toward respecting life and property.  If there is any breach during this time you will have five years of indoctrination before getting another opportunity at a three week period of freedom.  This is your only way out to the real world of the living and unless you choose to enter it and act accordingly there is no other option.  Your dreams of eternity will die with you and those who have chosen life will know nothing of your abhorrent desires.

Epilogue:  There may be advocates for mercy for these prisoners.  These misguided misfits are only latent suicide bombers with misdirected notions of compassion.  The guilty is no more deserving of compassion than they are of having an honorarium conferred. Terrorists take a hard line and the response must be more rigid and uncompromising. There is no room for error when dealing with terror.


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