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Looking at the excerpts Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony – on Fox News Sunday (9/30/2018) – we identified what had been annoyingly gnawing the edge of my consciousness about her testimony… There has been a near-universal acknowledgment that Ms. Ford’s testimony was (seemed) believable, and then there are those that add: “She passed a lie detector test!”

Ms. Ford possesses a Ph.D. in psychology; note that modern psychology is claimed a science, and science denies moral right-and-wrong (“science” as science, cannot ascertain what is right and wrong, because right-and-wrong cannot be weighed, and they haven’t any length, width or depth; right-and-wrong cannot be quantified); those psychologists which fully embrace their discipline are then freed to create their own reality. Moreover, and another relevant fact regarding the discipline of psychology (as all the behavioral sciences), is the current dominant school-of-thought among psychologists, is that the very concept of human, and consciousness (mind), are chimeras i.e., fantasies (Note, do not expect this writer to unravel the inherent contradictions upon which the discipline – psychology – is predicated, we only report the ironic depth of irrationality to which the discipline has sunk..), and this is corollary of scientific-materialism i.e., only those things which may be weighed, measured i.e., quantified have meaning. Now since Ms. Ford is a psychologist, it is likely she subscribes to the views of her discipline, and so “truth” hasn’t any objective meaning for her – as a psychologist. She is free, to make whatever claim she identifies as advancing her interest, and those claims – for her – would be undeniably true! We opine that an individual so disposed would likely easily pass a lie detector test since they – by their principled worldview – consider reality an extension of their self.

It has been reported that Ms. Ford deleted all of her social media, before she initiated her claims against Judge Kavanaugh; that deleted media likely contains/conveys her views on life; if she is a person that subscribes to the view of those on the social-politically Left her personal views – about truth, and morality – happen to agree with those of her discipline, which is to say, truth and right is what affirms Ms. Ford, and falsity and wrong is that which frustrates Ms. Ford’s interests…

It is an undeniable fact that humans may be rationally ordered; where all their impetuses are aligned and limited to principles of morality. It is also true that humans may be sentimentally/emotionally ordered; whereby their sentiments – or feelings – can nullify objective truths; because those truths are viscerally appalling, and those same feelings may make true, those things which are false, because they are sentimentally satisfying and emotionally appealing…

A rationally ordered individual strives to “live the truth,” because he/she knows what obligations are required of a moral being (such a disposition exemplifies Plato’s “just-man” – or “just human” for the anal retentive social-political Leftists among us); such a disposition actually personifies “humility,” which may be defined, as: “The desire to order oneself to the truth, the moral law and ultimately the Will of God.”
A sentimentally (emotionally) ordered individual seeks affirmation; such a disposition is also understood as egoistic, or selfish (note: selfishness is not refusing to share one’s abundance; selfishness means to be continuously concerned about one’s importance and place in the world; the selfish person has an exaggerated view of their selves…), and thus, the sentimentally ordered individual can report falsehoods as truths, without batting-an-eye, because they will-the-lie-to-be-true, or they will-the truth-to-be-false. In some regards, such a disposition exemplifies the Nietzschean übermenschen, and the University – without intending to do so – is churning out thousands upon thousands of graduates each year possessed of such dispositions, but we digress…

Returning to the topic of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, she very likely scammed the Nation with her performance which – in part – relied upon he understanding cultural narratives related to sexual abuse, and she relied upon her understanding the human psyche and what renders it most susceptible to manipulation, and then she – with the assistance of the wicked Democrats and vile Press – went-to-town to destroy, as best she could Brett Kavanaugh!

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