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The method of rationalization is to postulate a case and then make up arguments that support it.  This is in contrast to developing a hypothesis, testing it for validity and reaching a conclusion based on evidence to support the conclusion.

For an example of rationalization you can examine the case for nominating and approving Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice.  First you announce the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor and then you being a campaign to explain why she is a good choice.  You ignore evidence such as her statements that “ a wise Latino woman might come to a better conclusion than a white male…” and focus on nonessentials like her background and life experiences which everybody of all races and backgrounds have for equally valid claims.  You then attack those who are naming the obvious racist comment ( committed more than once) and hope that enough opinions will drown out the fact of the meaning of the statement.

Take universal health care.  Be sure you don’t call it what it is i.e. socialized medicine and rant about the way to save money is to cut costs by way of a government imposed dictate of who gets what and how much. Don’t look at the history and failures of government run businesses and the failures of government run health care in other countries, just prattle on about how everyone should have health care as if it were a right, The government always thinks egalitarian disbursements are okay for the common folk but you notice the opulence the politico’s wallow in.  Ignoring the injustice of some paying for those who can’t afford to or are unwilling to prioritize the politicos keep up their mantra of pretense that spending is a virtue that needs no accountability.  Again we see the ugly head of rationalization rising and bobbing deliberately evading the fundamental issues.  That which can’t be paid for is not a right for anyone.  For that matter there are no rights that fall into the category of material.  No one has any right to more than they can afford.  If this were not true all would have Cadillacs and affluence would prevail.  Only the rationalism of the politicos and their academic supporters along with the biased media keeps nonsense like unpaid for government “services” cascading us into unrecoverable debt.

This method of thinking is easy to do and only requires enough imagination to justify whatever you want to postulate.  It doesn’t prove anything and it only distorts which is why it is the preferred method for those not interested in the rigors of analysis and the foundation of reality.  Global warming is another silly attempt to create political power from a base of fear.  There are many variables to weather and the importance of all of them has not been conclusively considered.  The role of the sun and its effects, the cycles of the past, the warming or cooling of the oceans, etc, etc.  The rationalists have concluded man is the culprit and of course taxation and regulation is the only way to stop whatever climate changes they predict from occurring.  They attempt to pretend science is the source of their bias but they ignore all scientists who point out their errors.  The urgency of their attempts to impose taxes and regulations shows they want to get it done before the truth becomes evident.

The culture has steadily deteriorated with the rise of rationalization.  Anything can now be proposed and rationalized.  The evidence and the truth are no longer paramount due to this mistaken notion of dominating argumentation, making excuses and endless tirades on invalid talking points.  In the name of “fair and balanced” we see opposing sides presenting unanalyzed rationalizations and screaming contests which resolve nothing.  We see a dominating viewpoint presented even though it is obviously biased.

To get away from this method of thinking one must try to understand what is the proper method of thinking.  To make up arguments to justify a position is the way of the liar.  To take up a position because you can prove by way of evidence it is valid and true is the opposite method which ties reality to your stand.  No one can point to the success of the Soviet Union and then say the evidence is on the side of socialism.  No one can point to any success of any government run business in the history of the world but anyone can make up the notion that this time a failure will work because of some non-fundamental such as a different leader withe same old worn out failed ideas.  This is the world of dreamers who want he world to be other than it is.  This is the result of Plato’s notion of the philosopher kings who see the “real” world which is not what the real world is.  The Philosophers Kings are the interpreters of the abstractions that the common folks are not acquainted with and cannot explain.  This swill has been proposed and enforced by pie eyed dreamers for eons and the jig is up.

The cowards posing as intellectuals relying on the premises of charlatans are perpetuating this nonsense of rationalization and the results of political turmoil, economic decadence and the deception of “hope.  There is no hope for the unthinking.  Setting around complaining while buying into the made up arguments of fools is not determining a positive destiny but allowing by default the very consequences abhorred.  People are admonished to wake up but in reality they do not understand what is putting them to sleep.  It is the constant mantra of rationalization.  They are arguing to substantiate a worldview that is not in sync with the way the world actually is or can be.  A world where politicians run businesses successfully is impossible.  A racist that uses racist statements cannot be excused as a non-racist.  A warning of climate change that is all man made and can be improved if only man’s productive ability and his welfare are reduced is only political scare tactics.  A health care system run by the government will only produce shortages and long lines is the reality that is being ignored by the dreamers who see a world of make believe and argue daily for its existence.  Make believe is simply another idea that rests on and requires rationalization.  That is what all the “hope and change ‘ is based on.


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