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Hillary Clinton is not a “liberal” or a “progressive” if one wants to be accurate. She’s a radical red Commie rat with a miserable reputation of uttering flagrant and prodigious lies, who advocates class warfare, state ownership of all property and an egalitarian Utopia operated by an oligarchy, despite all her recent attempts to present herself as a centrist.

Hillary currently has the full support of the Communist Party USA, which is not surprising. She hasn’t changed her support of full blown Marxism and collapsing the capitalist system, since Bill Clinton operative Larry Nichols saw her in Arkansas, during the 1970s, wearing a medallion that read, “Proud member of the American Communist Party”. She’s as liberal as Elizabeth Warren and barely more moderate than Bernie Sanders, who is a self-avowed socialist.

Hillary has fought for the Marxist ideology and worked to ensure it infiltrated its way into the public education system from 1969 on. After she met with the radical Leftist Saul Alinsky in 1968, she subsequently wrote a positive analysis of Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ for her senior thesis at Wellesley College, titled ‘There is Only the Fight …’, and later, she became a co-chair for Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation, a “community organizing” group, from 1972 into the 1990s. She used her position as First Lady to insert Alinsky’s ideas into President Bill Clinton’s education policy.

Radical Marxist indoctrination of Americans over the past sixty years has largely been successful, and it has created an extremely ill-informed, poorly educated, group of people that includes most Democrats and some Independents and Republicans, who accept the “progressive” notion of a “living Constitution”, which functionally is not any different from not having a Constitution. This has given sway to an anything-goes mentality that allows the unlimited expansion of government, placing America on the road to ruin.

Under Obama’s guidance and policies, today’s Democratic Party has made such a huge leftward lunge that it is now nearly indistinguishable from the Communist Party, and Hillary was helping Obama every step of the way. This is not an exaggeration whatsoever, and it can be verified at the Communist Party USA’s website, where it is difficult to find much, if any, difference between the CPUSA’s and the Democratic Party’s views and solutions on the issues, from wealth distribution to [homosexual] “gay rights”, the condemnation of “racist cops”, universal healthcare, climate change and unfettered immigration.

On August 9th, 2016, Charisma News showed the tight bond between the CPUSA and the Democratic Party, reporting: “CPUSA National Chairman John Bachtel actually supported U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. But when it became obvious … that Hillary Clinton would be the Democrat nominee, he announced he would vote for her in the November election.”

Hillary is promising everything under the sun to her fellow radical red Commie rat comrades, and she is prepared to deliver results on the backs of the wealthy, the producers and job-makers, essentially stealing wealth through massive taxation. She leads a socialist war on the rich in order to fund her job-killing and nation destroying programs, such as cradle-to-grave healthcare, a radical and costly climate change agenda based on junk science, tax-subsidized abortions, free college tuition for all, new regulatory mandates on businesses and the LGBT agenda.

Even as Hillary and the Democratic Party hint at unspecified “middle class” tax relief, they propose a tax hike on families making at least $250,000 a year. Somehow they easily ignore the fact that total taxes at all levels consume up to half of many families’ incomes.

In 2015, the federal government took a record $3.18 trillion in tax dollars, and yet, with the national debt at $20 trillion, Hillary is proposing to spend even more.

Does anyone really believe Hillary’s plans for the United States are sustainable? She certainly doesn’t. But what better way to usher in the complete Socialist Economic Model and One Party Rule than by collapsing our capitalist economy, while undermining America’s Judeo-Christian principles, just as Marx and Alinsky outlined?

Among many other harmful policies, in part, Hillary will:
  • continue attacking fossil fuel production while supporting new EPA rules on fracking
  • force all states to expand Medicaid
  • oppose photo ID laws while supporting same day voter registration and universal automatic voter registration, making it easier to steal elections through voter fraud and illegal aliens casting votes for Democrats.
  • continue Common Core and expand the federal role in education while supporting access to restrooms and locker rooms based on gender identity instead of biological sex.
  • And she will limit free speech by overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that allows nonprofits, corporations and unions to have a voice in the political process while she also seeks to criminalize any criticism of Islam.
 America has witnessed Hillary’s abuse of power as Secretary of State and the enrichment of herself and her family through blatant influence selling to agents of Kazakhstan, China, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Contributions flowing into the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s speaking fees grew exponentially and by leaps and bounds under her tenure at State, and deals detrimental to U.S. interests, like Uranium One, became common place. Her corrupt approach to power was further evidenced by her illegal email scheme and the lies and cover-up that followed; Hillary Clinton also lied about Benghazi, even to grieving family members, because a terror attack was a political liability.

Just as troubling, Hillary’s Vice-Presidential pick, former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, is a known sympathizer of Islamofascist terrorists and Marxist revolutionaries. During the 1980s Kaine embraced the hardcore Cold War variety of Marxist liberation theology in Honduras, and he was known to have actively supported the left-wing gun running Jesuits, such as Father Jim Carney, and Nicaraguan Sandinistas [communists], such as Jose Reyes Mata, who served with the infamous Che Guevara in Bolivia. Fast forward to 2007 and America finds Kaine appointing Esam Omeish to Virginia’s Immigration Commission; Omeish has ties to terror financing as well as known terrorists through the Islamic Center of Passaic County (New Jersey) and other Islamic organizations. Kaine also gave out a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 to Jamal Barzinji, who was investigated by the FBI in 2003 due to his terrorist ties and associations with known islamofascist terrorist, Sami al-Arian.

I wonder if Kaine turned a blind-eye to the terrorism ties, because of the $10,000 donation Barzinji’s organization [International Institute of Islamic Thought] handed him in 2011 and the $43,000 from Barzinji-tied New Dominion PAC, or simply because Kaine is an anti-American radical red Commie rat, just like Hillary.

What will you do to fight back?

Hillary Clinton is a Communist and a tyrant, and the choice is as plain as day and night for any American patriot. Nothing will change if Clinton is elected, except America will become impoverished and freedom and liberty will become ideas tucked away in historical archives, unknown to future generations. Anyone who loves America must do their dead-level best, using everything at their disposal, to prevent Hillary from ever again entering the White House, and we must take any risk to ensure America continues in freedom with individual liberty alive and well centuries from today.


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