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There are certain protocols that are expected in polite society. These are standards of conduct and behavior and are necessary to control our activities; this is especially true when engaging in formal or business activities. And so it is often the case when people gather together to hold a business meeting, it’s usually in an office setting or on occasion it could be at the home of one of the participants involved. Privacy and discretion I believe, in an atmosphere conducive to having a successful outcome for all concerned, is of the utmost importance and tantamount to achieving a meeting of the minds.

Of course there are those who whether willfully or out of ignorance flaunt societal convention and go about their lives doing as they damn well please. Although their actions may be less that acceptable, and result in inconveniencing others, these inconsiderate people expect to be accommodated and receive the same treatment as those who follow the rules.  Without getting too bogged down or rigid in what society demands of each us, here is an example of what thoughtless people are capable of.

On Friday, April 13, in a Starbucks coffee shop in the city of Philadelphia, two black men decided they would use the establishment as their own private meeting place. Rashon Nelson and Dante Robinson, according to reports entered the Starbucks and immediately sat down at a table without ordering anything. They would later explain that they were waiting for a third party to arrive to discuss a real estate venture.

At some point, one of the men asked an employee for the key to gain access to the restroom. At that point the manager, Holly Hylton, approached the table and advised the loiterers that because they had ordered nothing they could not use the restroom and would have to leave. They refused, and that’s when the grievance industry was alerted and a national call to arms went out, and a controversy was born. The manager called 911 and asked for assistance to remove the two from the coffee shop. Shortly thereafter, the police arrived and respectfully asked the two to vacate the premises; they were arrested after refusing to leave of their own volition.

Like most businesses, specifically eatery’s, there is a policy that restrooms are accessible only to paying customers, and it appears Starbucks has this same policy. Why then, one might ask, following the incident did Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson publicly decry the actions of the manager, calling them “reprehensible”, and implying that Ms. Hylton was guilty of “subconscious racism”.

Yes folks, you read that right; this is a new supplemental to the ever expanding liberal/progressive handbook, “subconscious racism” was added as a security measure to reinforce accusations of racism where none exists consciously. It follows the chapter on ‘white guilt and white privilege’, reparations, affirmative action, and 40 acres and a mule. Starbucks has also implied that “factually” it has no policy on whom or who cannot loiter or use a restroom and that Ms. Hylton violated that policy, nonsense.

It is no secret that Starbucks hierarchy is a bastion of ideological leftist do-gooders, and CEO Johnson leads the pack. But his public statements to the media about Ms. Hylton, in the minds of many accusing her of racism, which cannot be proven, would appear to be the action of a pompous supercilious liberal who as a CEO you would think should know better.

Immediately following the incident, Johnson called for a shutdown of all Starbucks 8000 stores for one day. On May 29 all 175,000 employees will be required to report for training, this will address “implicit bias, promote conscious inclusion, prevent discrimination and ensure everyone inside a Starbucks store feels safe and welcome.” On social media Starbucks vented further “We’re taking a hard look at who we are as a company, we’re ashamed and recognize that racial bias is a problem we must address. There are countless examples of implicit bias resulting in discrimination against people of color, both in and outside our stores”.

Why not include in the retraining/ indoctrination, that each employee be given a choice, they can either take a lie detector test, or go under hypnosis, in this way we can determine whether conscientiously or sub conscientiously an employee is guilty. Punishment can then be swift, either you’re a conscientious bigot and terminated, or a sub conscientious bigot who will be placed on probation until such time that you go through psychological analysis and cured of your affliction.

In all seriousness, what did all this accomplish? Aside from attempting to pacify black people, although there were protests outside the coffee outlet and all the usual grievance industry suspects appeared on the scene, Johnson’s tempestuous outburst has legally jeopardized Starbucks, and created a good case for a major defamation of character lawsuit by the innocent manager, Holly Hylton, who was only doing her job.

This is a sad commentary, and I believe an affront to all decent hard working men and women, whose ambition is to do their jobs skillfully according to the rules and policies as set forth by their employers, but then find themselves being used as a scapegoat, accused of wrongdoing and used as an excuse, so the business, in this case Starbucks, can save face and avoid boycotts and demonstrations, which might affect their bottom line.

If one didn’t know any better, you might think this entire episode was all staged by a couple of deadbeats, trouble makers looking to create a firestorm and profit in some way from their lack of decorum and propriety. Within days of the incident, a black conservative comedian staged an encounter at a Starbucks. His intent was to poke fun at what happened and the aftermath, so he entered and approached the counter and began complaining about how the coffee house was racist, and then he demanded free coffee. Sure enough the attendant, who happened to be a female, judging by her response felt intimidated, and was more than happy to oblige. Expect more of this; we’re dealing with white liberal guilt that knows no bounds.

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