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I wrote and posted this on my personal blog site a few weeks ago. Based on recent events it seems appropriate to post it here now.

Recently I heard a Fox News contributor, while talking about the current national mood regarding politics say, “we are seeing a quiet revolution”.  Regarding it being “quiet”, I can only assume she meant that it was not being done with guns (up to this point?) like previous revolutions.

As I thought about what she said it seemed to be the perfect phrase to describe what is happening in America today and how long it has been building up to “revolution” status. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, libertarians and people who simply were not involved in politics at all are so tired of “politics as usual” that they are literally taking action to “throw the bums out”. They are mad at liberal Democrats, rino Republicans and almost everyone in between. I have personally heard people say, “I have never registered or voted but I am going to in this election”.

For several days after I heard her say that I thought about the significance of what is happening in America now and how far back the roots of this movement go.  The more I thought about it the more convinced I am that it has been a long time coming and that it is clearly happening in America at an accelerating rate.

I have always been an avid reader. I grew up reading “Field and Stream”, “Progressive Farmer”, Louis L’Amour books and W.E.B Griffin books. First everything written by L’Amour and then I discovered Griffin. What was unique about these two writers is that their work was fiction but was so well researched and written that they seemed to be actual history books. Many of the books were a continuation of a previous book. Over time I actually read every book written by these two authors. In my early thirties I began to develop an increased interest in history and current events and began reading nonfiction books exclusively. The following analysis of the “quiet revolution” is based on this background and my personal life experiences.

As I studied and thought about this it seemed clear to me that this “quiet revolution” began in the sixties with President Kennedy’s assassination and Johnson becoming president. He was one of the most “political” presidents in our history. He was a smart, manipulating, coercive, intimidating, and win at any cost politician. With him everything was political. During the fifty years since the sixties we now have a president who appears to be the same but is in fact totally different. With President Obama everything is totally about himself. With him the political system is merely a way for him to continually stoke his insatiable ego. His administration did not create the “quiet revolution” but they did bring it to a boiling point.

It began with President Johnson’s “war on poverty” and the escalation of the Vietnam War. The government has spent trillions of our dollars in its effort to fight poverty but people in the lower income levels of our society are worse off than they were in the sixties. So we now have several generations of people who have a lifetime of anger built up. Regarding the Vietnam War, we spent trillions and over 50,000 American lives and left a disaster behind us. This created the “give peace a chance” and “free love” generation.

Next up we had President Nixon, otherwise known as “Tricky Dickie”. He was a very paranoid, conniving, manipulative man who was literally run out of the White House in utter shame.

Next we had President Ford who was the only president in our history who became President, for lack of a better term, by accident. He was Speaker of the House of Representatives and became Vice President when VP Agnew had to resign because of financial improprieties in his past. It was so bad that he had to agree to a plea bargain where he resigned, paid a $10,000 fine, served three years’ probation and was disbarred. Ford then became President less than a year later when Nixon had to resign. He was a good man whose most memorable act was to pardon Nixon, which I firmly believe was the right thing to do at the time.

Next we had President Carter. A whole lot of things went bad under this president. Gas shortage resulting in long lines at the pumps and rationing, the ill-conceived wheat embargo, the Iranian hostage crisis that lasted 441 days, increased business failures throughout the nation and increased regional polarization. History has proven that he is a small little man who “wears his religion on his sleeve” and has been as bad a past president as he was president. His meddling in the world since he lost the presidency has been unprecedented. Many people believed that history would be more kind to him as time passed due to his work with Habitat for Humanity but this is not proving to be true. It is the opinion of many that the constant stream of failures in the Obama administration are the only things that will take some of the focus off of Carter’s failed presidency. He added  a whole new group of people who have deeply rooted and justified anger issues and made the people who were already angry even more angry.

Next, a welcome breathe of fresh air, President Reagan. We actually had eight years where people were less angry and more proud to be American than they had been in a long time. Can you imagine what it would have been like if he had not been suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease during his second term?

Next we had President Bush (41). He was a good man who served his country honorably throughout his entire life. Among other things he was the youngest pilot ever commissioned to fly in combat. Unfortunately for him he had to follow one of the greatest presidents in our history, who he served with as Vice President, was up against history regarding a party keeping the White House for an extended period of time and faced a new breed of politician in Bill Clinton.

And then we had President Clinton, otherwise known as “Slick Willy”, with good reason. There have been many books written about him and his wife, otherwise known as the “devil” by many people. Neither of these people ever really held a job in the private sector for any period of time. Regarding Bill I will try to summarize his eight years with just a few important points. He and the RINO Republicans brag about how they balanced the budget and moved the economy forward in huge leaps by working together. The facts prove that to not be exactly true. Anyone remember the Clinton recession otherwise known as the “dot com bubble bust”? I do because I lost 45% of my retirement funds during the latter part of his second term. How about the housing crisis that almost destroyed America and the world?  Do you know who created that? Bill Clinton did using Janet Reno to force banks to take subprime loans by threatening them with federal prosecution for unfair lending practices using absurd and unrealistic standards. He then magnified the potential economic devastation of the u.S. economy in 1995 by authorizing the “securitization”of these sub-prime loans and their sale as investment securities. Democrats and  RINO Republicans helped by supporting Fannie and Freddy’s role in the sub-prime loan business and then sending his budget director, Franklin Raines over to run Fannie to complete the circle. For the record Raines took a $92,000,000 parachute and left Fannie just before the crash. The result of this was the total destruction of the private banking system in America, the worst recession since the great depression and the longest running recession in American history. He also refused to take Bin Laden when he had the chance, totally mismanaged the “Black Hawk Down” situation, and with the help of the Democrats and RINO Republicans in congress he gutted our military and practically eliminated our intelligence services. He also made sure the US Department of Justice was staffed with a lot of new ideologically driven liberal lawyers. Not to mention he should have been impeached and taken out of office for lying under oath which is a Federal crime (he was charged but not actually impeached thanks to the Democrats and RINO Republicans in congress). This could go on to be book length but I think this is enough for now.

Next we had President Bush (43), a man who led an interesting life and tried to serve his country honorably as its 43rd president. Obama and his fans love to blame this man for everything but the facts paint a different story. First he inherited a demoralized and devastated military and a non- existent intelligence service. 9/11 happened less than 8 months after he took office, with no intelligence boots on the ground. In addition to having to deal with all this he worked with congress and was on the verge of getting compromise legislation passed to fix the immigration crisis and was working on trying to stop the housing/banking meltdown. Then the Democrats got a veto proof majority in congress led by the new senator Obama and shut everything down for purely political reasons.

And then we got Obama and a democratically controlled US House of Representatives and Senate. What did America get out of that? Nothing but Obamacare, which has devastated jobs in America. Yes I can document that and will in another post.

So now we have the “quiet revolution” which is not so quiet and gaining in volume every day. This is what Trump has tapped into and the movement  is now moving toward supporting Cruz. The party leaders (I use that term loosely) in both parties had better pay attention, especially the RINO Republicans! Anyone remember Eric Cantor?



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