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I have submitted many articles on iPatriot concerning media agenda against the Trump administration.  I literally yell at the TV during the day in frustration.  A lot of questions concerning the left and the media keep coming to mind:

Of what are they really afraid ?

Are they trying to keep every possible controversy and distraction alive to influence the next Congressional elections?

Why does it seem the left Dems are seem to be in lock step; where are the fair, unafraid independent thinkers?

Where is the media coverage on the murder of the DNC staffer possibly associated with giving Wikileaks many files?

Why no challenge on what Hillary did for the Russians(uranium)and got back in return?

Why no outrage and legal action against Hillary on national security threatened by her e-mail shenanigans?

Why no outrage and action concerning the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting that affected Comey and the email investigation?

Why hasn’t the Trump administration filled outstanding positions in the administration and/or released Obama holdovers?

Why hasn’t there been rooting out (by whatever FBI/CIA methods)of the leaks?

As the media continues their relentless Trump attacks, are they really so bad that they can’t or won’t bring up any of the positive things Trump has done?

Finally, I wonder if it were Obama in office now with everything else exactly the same, what the media would be doing and saying? (I often wondered by the Obama fawning media what he had on them)

I only want the best for the country.  Trump is the right man for the this time.  Hopefully the ship is righted, all hands on board.

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